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Breakfast is a special occasion with this Orange Cardamom braided challah served with a sweet Orange Honey Compound Butter. Orange juice concentrate chicken recipe Get your citrus fix before the season ends!

As citrus season winds down, I am trying to get my fix of Meyer lemons, blood oranges and all my favorite sunny, wintertime Vitamin C powerhouses before they go away. Orange juice chicken marinade recipe Recently Limoneria, one of the world’s largest growers and distributors of lemons, sent me some beautiful oranges to try — yes, a lemon grower also grows oranges — including blood oranges (my favorite) and Cara Cara navel oranges.

The Cara Cara oranges were quickly consumed by my husband, who firmly believes that an orange a day keeps the doctor away.

Sangria recipe white wine orange juice But I cleverly hid the blood oranges so I would have a chance to play with them before someone ate them.

By now, everyone knows I am cuckoo for blood oranges, right? I’ve used them for winter bread salad; I’ve used them for orange curd; I’ve even used them for cocktails. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe from mcdonalds What else could I possibly do with blood oranges?

But you see, I’ve never made a breakfast recipe using blood oranges. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe with yogurt As I lay in bed the other night dreaming about what I could make with my blood oranges from Limoneria, I thought about what I might want to eat for breakfast the next day. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe And what I wanted was a rich, sweet, orange-scented challah.

But that was not enough. Pineapple coconut smoothie recipe Oh no! I also wanted something sweet to spread on my challah. Mango strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt Only an orange honey compound butter would satisfy my craving for the perfect orange breakfast spread.

Compound butter, also known as hotel butter in restaurant parlance, is butter that has been combined with flavorings, such as aromatics, herbs, spices, and even sweeteners. Mango banana smoothie recipe without yogurt These flavored butters are sometimes served at restaurants as an accompaniment to the bread basket. Carrot apple ginger juice recipe Beyond their use as a spread, compound butters are often used to flavor grilled meats, seafood, and steamed vegetables or added to sauces.

Compound butter is incredibly easy to make and you can be as creative as you wish with the flavors. Passover sponge cake recipe orange juice Experiment with different herbs, spices, citrus zest, and sweeteners. Recipes using frozen orange juice concentrate This compound butter is made with orange zest and a dab of honey to be a bright and sunny addition to your breakfast table.

I have been making challah for years always using water as the liquid. Orange sherbet punch recipe with pineapple juice But when I contemplated making an orange-flavored challah, I knew I didn’t want to add just the orange zest for a light hint of orange. Carrot celery juice recipe I wanted to really infuse the bread with orange flavor throughout. Mango carrot juice recipe So I wondered, could I replace the water in my standard challah recipe with orange juice?

I researched the question and found that, indeed, I was not the first cook to think of using orange juice in challah. Punch recipes non alcoholic for baby shower My good friend Melissa Clark of the New York Times — seriously, I recently spent three hours with her in a workshop on writing recipe headnotes, so we are basically besties — has a recipe for challah made with orange juice and olive oil.

My usual challah recipe calls for 1 cup of warm water. Punch recipes non alcoholic ginger ale You can replace all or some fraction of that with orange juice, as you please. Punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry It is important, however, to warm up the liquid before adding it to the yeast and flour. Grilled chicken marinade recipe orange juice If you juice the oranges straight from the refrigerator, the liquid will be too cold and the dough will take forever to rise, if it rises at all. Carrot cake recipe with orange juice So whatever liquid you use, do warm it up on the stove or in the microwave.

Because there is sugar in the orange juice, I reduced the amount of sweetener in my usual challah recipe and because I was experimenting, I added a teaspoon of cardamom, a warm, earthy spice that is more frequently associated with Scandinavian baking than Jewish. Orange julius recipe with orange juice not concentrate But you know, I am part Swedish and part Jewish, so this orange-cardamom challah strikes me as just right. Non alcoholic blue punch recipes for baby shower The result was just what I had dreamed off.

Before it is too late, my friends, I beg you: find yourself some special oranges, be they ruby-red blood oranges, or pink Cara Caras, and make this dreamy breakfast spread of orange-cardamom challah and orange-honey compound butter. Party punch recipes non alcoholic baby shower Soon spring will be here and citrus season will be gone for another year. Carrot cake with mango juice recipe You don’t want to have any regrets, now do you?

• In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the flour, yeast and orange juice. Jamaican mango carrot juice recipe Stir to combine.

• Add two of the eggs, oil, sugar, orange zest, salt and cardamom.

• Mix the dough with the dough hook until a smooth dough emerges, about five minutes.

• Turn the dough out onto a well-floured board and knead by hand for an additional five minutes. Australian punch recipes non alcoholic The dough should be smooth and elastic. Carrot beet celery juice recipe It may be slightly tacky to the touch.

• Place the dough in a bowl that has been oiled on all sides. Apple carrot celery juice recipe Cover the dough with a clean cloth and allow it to rise in a warm place for two hours or until doubled in size.

• Roll each piece into a thin strand. Blood orange e juice recipe Pinch the strands together at the top and then weave them as follows: take the strand on the left and weave it over the next strand, under the third strand and over the fourth strand. Carrot apple juice recipe Repeat with the strand that is now the left following the same over-under-over pattern. Beet carrot apple ginger juice recipe Repeat until you reach the ends of the dough.

• Take the ends and pinch them closed and tuck the under the loaf.

• Carefully transfer the braided loaf to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

• Cover the loaf with a clean tea towel and allow to rise for an additional 30 minutes to one hour, until doubled in size.

• Beat the remaining egg with a tablespoon of water in a small bowl. Carrot apple juice recipe blender Brush the egg wash on the challah, making sure to get in the crevices of the braids.

• To make the compound butter, combine the softened butter, honey and orange zest in a mixing bowl and beat with a handheld beater until combined. Strawberry orange banana smoothie recipe Roll into a log and cover with wax or parchment paper. Beet carrot apple celery juice recipe Refrigerate until firm.

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