Our bread recipe _ the fresh loaf

The first time we tried our bread recipe we added the ? teaspoon of sugar to the basic recipe we were given, because we found the yeast needs sugar to work. Bread machine recipes sweet dough The yeast uses the sugar to perform alcoholic fermentation, a form of anaerobic respiration. Whole wheat bread machine recipe 2lb From this process, the yeast releases carbon dioxide which makes bubbles of air, and causes the bread to rise. Best bread maker gluten free This is important for fluffy bread.

Best bread machine gluten free We added this in the first step when we combined the dry ingredients which were ? cup of flour, ? teaspoon of sugar, ? teaspoon of yeast and a pinch of salt.

The next step was to add 4 tablespoons of water, which we heated up to exactly 120 °F – 130 °F, so it is hot enough to activate the yeast, but not too hot to kill it.

The next step is shown in this picture, where we mixed it together and let the yeast activate for 10 minutes.

Once we let it sit, we added another ? cup of flour and kneaded it into a ball.

Then we placed the dough under the lamps for 30 minutes to allow the bread to rise. 125 best gluten free bread machine recipes After this trial day, we realized our bread did not rise a lot. 125 best gluten free bread machine recipes pdf So for the second day we decided to add more sugar, we used a ? tablespoon the next time. Best bread machine recipes white bread We decided this because it may not have risen because the yeast didn’t have enough sugar to make the carbon dioxide the bread needed to rise more.

Baking bread is a prime example of cellular respiration both aerobic and anaerobic. Best bread machine recipes ever Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria of the cell which is all known as the powerhouse of the cell .One thing that you realize when doing this lab is that cellular respiration actually isn’t important in bread making .The more important process is known as alcoholic fermentation which is why the dough and bread rises.The ingredients in bread and how you prepare the dough is critical in order for you to make good bread. Best bread machine recipes whole grain The main process that is required to make bread is cellular respiration and this is the reason why the dough rises. Kalamata olive bread machine recipe When you put combine the hot water with yeast it activates the yeast without killing it. Bread making recipes uk This makes the yeast go through the process of cellular respiration but it lacks one major ingredient which is oxygen. Bread machine whole wheat flour Without oxygen it must undergo anaerobic respiration and this doesn’t produce nearly as much energy and it gives off other products. Bread machine recipes whole wheat oatmeal bread These products are critical in making the best bread recipe though. Bread machine recipes with honey Since it is yeast it undergoes a specific anaerobic which is known as alcoholic fermentation. Sweet potato bread machine recipe The products of alcoholic fermentation are ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Potato rolls bread machine recipe The important product is the carbon dioxide that is given off. Potato bread machine recipe real potatoes This causes the dough to rise and when there is more carbon dioxide present the more the dough is going to rise. Potato flour bread machine recipe If the dough rises a lot then when you bake it the bread will come out light and fluffy due to the presence of carbon dioxide when baked. Mashed potato bread machine recipe The reason it will come out light and fluffy is because the carbon dioxide gets trapped in the dough so when baked it leaves small pockets and that is what makes the bread fluffy. Panasonic bread maker recipes gluten free There are also scientific reasons behind us adding certain ingredients to the recipe. Breville bread maker recipes gluten free One of the ingredients we added was sugar and this was to provide the yeast with food so more carbon dioxide could be produced. Cuisinart bread maker recipes gluten free Another ingredient we added was salt even though salt slows down the rising process because yeast doesn’t like salt but we added a small amount to give taste. Best 100 whole wheat bread machine recipe There are many other ingredients we could have added but we felt that it was too many variables to control. Bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls We realized with this lab that baking bread actually has a lot to do with science and the process of anaerobic respiration.

Salt, sugar, water, flour, and yeast; The key ingredients when it comes to making the perfect bread. Bread machine recipes cinnamon raisin swirl Precision is key during the breadmaking process. Sweet bread machine recipes raisin cinnamon If any of the measurements are off the whole process is compromised. Bread machine recipes cinnamon raisin To make bread you need to use flour, yeast, and water, but there are many different ingredients you can add to improve the bread. Bread machine recipes cinnamon swirl To improve our bread recipe we added sugar and salt, ? teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. Sourdough bread machine recipe no yeast We added sugar to improve taste, and salt to help with the shape of the bread

This is our second attempt, the things we changed were adding a little less salt, and instead of only a ? teaspoon of sugar, we used a ? tablespoon so it could rise more.

Our bread turned out well. Spelt bread machine recipe no yeast It rose the appropriate amount and was fluffy. Bread machine sweet roll dough It also tasted good. Gluten free bread machine recipes all purpose flour This means we put enough yeast and sugar in for the yeast to release enough carbon dioxide to make bubbles so it rises and is fluffy inside. Olive oil rosemary bread machine recipe Next time, we might add cinnamon or another flavor to it, to make it have an even better taste.

in fact, that do not have any added sugar in the ingredient list. West bend bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls Bread is flour, eater, salt and yeast. Sunbeam bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls The reason no sugar is required is that flour is basically starch. Oster bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls Flour also has amylase enzymes in it too. Best bread maker pizza dough recipe When flour gets hydrated with water, these enzymes go to work as catalysts to promote the the breaking if the protein bonds in the starch. Olive bread machine recipe This turns the starch into the sugar the yeast can metabolize to make CO2 and ethanol. Bread machine sweet potato rolls So no extra sugar is required for the yeast.

Just make the sane recipe without the sugar and you will see that it works fine.


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