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I wish I could give this place a solid 3.5, but I’ll be nice and round up lol.

Manny and I had a reservation here the night before Valentine’s Day at 7pm, and we were seated right away. Mexican drink recipes for kids The ambiance was candlelit and romantic with red and pink balloons everywhere. Mexican drink recipes So cute! I’m not sure what the restaurant looks like on a regular night, but I was feelin’ the Valentine’s Day vibes.

We had a LivingSocial deal – good for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert.

We got a special appetizer of the night – the appetizer sampler consisting of papa rellena (fried mashed potato stuffed with chopped steak and egg served with salsa criolla), huancaina (crisp yuca topped with huancaina sauce made from cheese, yellow pepper, and Peruvian spices), and coconut shrimp. Chinese side dishes recipes Manny and I thought the coconut shrimp was really tasty and I loved the papa rellena, but we both thought the huancaina was okay. Indian side dishes recipes It lacked flavor.

We both got the churrasco (another special of the night; not on the menu) – mine was cooked medium, his was medium rare. Italian side dishes recipes I liked my steak and plantains, but he thought his entree was nothing special and we both didn’t like the white rice and pinto beans that came with our meal.

Tres leches was our dessert of choice, and that obviously didn’t disappoint. Chinese main dishes recipes Tres leches NEVER disappoints!

The service was great though! Our server was so sweet and someone was always around to refill our water glasses without having to ask. Indian main dishes recipes Next time, we’ll come back and try what they’re known for – their ceviche!

I read the reviews on Yelp before trying out the restaurant, but I thought, “Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt” despite the low reviews. Italian pasta salad recipes with pictures For two people, our total was close to $70. Indian fish dishes recipes Nathaly was right, the Huancaina sauce’s color and taste was off. Italian fish dishes recipes And the Papa Rellena missed the mark as well. Mexican fish dishes recipes In addition, both entrees were on the tasteless side. Chinese fish dishes recipes The cooks in the back follow the recipes the owner creates, but those recipes need tweaking. Italian recipes with chicken breast Steve Irwin from Restaurant Impossible would agree. Chinese food dishes recipes For all who are thinking about trying this restaurant, go for lunch instead. Indian food dishes recipes At least you aren’t paying city prices for taste that will most likely disappoint.

I would give 3.5 stars if we were able to do so. Italian food dishes recipes This was my first trip to Sabor Peru and it had been bookmarked on my yelp for some time.

The ambience and service were great. Easy italian pasta recipes with pictures Service was more than attentive and welcoming. Chinese chicken dishes recipes Here’s my reasoning behind the 3.5 stars… Italian chicken dishes recipes My sister and I ordered an appetizer special that set us back about $16… Indian chicken dishes recipes It included 3 medium sized over cooked coconut shrimp, a papa rellena which unfortunately was cold in the middle, Huancaina, which was covered in cheese whiz, not exactly what was described on the menu…

Our entrees were the highlight of our meal! They were beautifully plated! My sister had the beef saltado and I oped for the taste of Peru. Mexican chicken dishes recipes The food was flavorful with just the right amount of seasoning. Italian recipes with chicken thighs The portion sizes were generous and both of us had leftovers for lunch (which reheated great!)

Overall I will return to try some other dishes they offer, but not rushing back tomorrow.

I brought my wife to this restaurant for dinner last night. Best recipes with chicken thighs I have to honestly say that the food was “horrible”. Chinese recipes with chicken thighs The ceviche I ordered got not taste at all. Indian vegetarian recipes with quinoa The corn that came with it was old and impossible to eat. Easy mexican pasta recipes The Yuca a la Huancaina sauce tasted like nothing, and to top it all up, the shrimp with coconut was over cook. Mexican soup recipes with chicken and rice Moreover, the onion salad that came with the papa rellena was not even seasoned. Best recipes with quinoa I was so disappointed. Indian cooking recipes videos Again, I will never go back to this restaurant. Healthy mexican side dish recipes I rather eat at McDonalds than here.

Definitely expected better based on the reviews but I blame myself. Authentic mexican side dish recipes The people rating this restaurant as “excellent” don’t know about traditional peruvian food. Low carb mexican side dish recipes I tasted the papa rellena, lomo saltado, papa la huancaina and the ceviche de pescado (picante) and all were off. Mexican cake recipes I did like the aji verde (spicy green sauce), but other than that if you want a taste of real peruvian food, I do not recommend this restaurant.

I absolutely love this place I have been going consistently this past year and it never fails me. Mexican cake recipes tres leches I love that it’s byob and I love the people who work here. Easy chinese side dish recipes They always know what I want and suggest some pretty great specials.. Chinese vegetable side dish recipes They are celebrating their anniversary so go and grab there 20% off cards and bring a group when you do. Chinese food side dish recipes The lomo is outstanding and being peruvian I have had my fair share of all types from.different restaurants. Indian food recipes potatoes I highly recommend Sabor Peru!

Added note: Went here this past Sunday and they have a special called Sangria Sundays which is FREE sangria all day! For our appetizer we ordered the papa rellena again because it was really good the first time (there’s this sauce that is super spicy but so tasty). Indian food recipes desserts Also ordered a dish that we shared and it was called the Taste of Lima. Italian food recipes desserts This dish consisted of Lomo Saltado, Chaufa, and a peruvian beef lo mein. Mexican food recipes desserts Absolutely amazing. Chinese food recipes desserts You can order this for yourself alone, but unless you’re a heavy weight eater I highly doubt you can eat this without help or taking it home.

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