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y 6, 1 953 c. Chicken crock pot easy meals J. Chicken breast easy meals ZURLO 2,639,691 I ANTIPICKING DEVICE Filed May 51, 1949 Inventor CHRL J. Chicken tikka masala slow cooker recipe Z 01am (Ittomeg Patented May 26, 1953 UNITED STATE ANTIPICKING DEVICE Carl J. Chicken and rice easy casserole Zurlo, Marysville, Wash. Chicken masala recipe in marathi language Application May 21, 1949, Serial No. Chicken masala recipe easy 96,221

This invention relates to improvements in antipicking devices to be applied to chickens and other fowl.

Chicken masala recipe kerala style More particularly, the invention has reference to a device to be applied to the forward end of the beak of a chicken to prevent its injuring other fowls by picking and to prevent what is commonly referred to as cannibalism.

It is the principal object of this invention to provide an anti-picking device for the purposes above stated, that is simple both in its structure and manner of its application, and when applied, is extremely effective in producing the desired results, namely, preventing injury to chickens from picking and cannibalism;

Another object of this invention is to provide a device which is neither injurious when properly applied to the chicken, nor does it affect the chickens feeding or other normal habits of living.

Yet another object of this invention is to provide an anti-picking device which is not subject to being easily removed except by a person doing so intentionally.

A further object of this invention is to provide an efficient and effective device which is relatively inexpensive.

Other objects of this invention reside in the specific form or shape of the device and in its mode of application to a chickens beak, as will hereinafter be fully described.

In accomplishing the above mentioned and other objects of the invention, I have provided the improved details of construction, the preferred forms of which are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. Chicken masala recipe italian 1 is a perspective view of a chickens head, showing the device embodied by the present invention, functionally applied to the end of the beak.

Fig. Chicken masala recipe indian 2 is a perspective view of a blank of metal or other suitable material, from which the device of this invention is formed.

Fig. Chicken marsala tyler florence 3 is a perspective view of the blank after being cut to the specified shape, and before being bent to form.

Fig. Chicken marsala crock pot recipe 4 is a perspective view of the formed blank after being bent to a form ready for application to a chickens beak.

Fig. Chicken marsala casserole 5 is a top view of a part of a chickens head, with the present device applied to the beak.

Fig. Chicken marsala sauce 6 is a cross-section of the device as functionally secured to the upper mandible of a chickens beak and illustrating the manner of applying a pointed end portion thereof to the mucous membrane of the mandible.

Fig. Chicken marsala slow cooker recipe 7 is a perspective view of the device, as seen from the forward side.

and applied to chickens to prevent what is known as pick-out and cannibalism, which occurs especially when chickens are placed in pens or laying cages. Chicken marsala recipe olive garden One type of device is a plate suspended across the vent typified. Chicken marsala recipe by the ,patent to Gawiler, #2,086,6l2. Chicken marsala emeril Another type of device is in the nature of blinders or goggles, as shown in U. Chicken marsala olive garden S. Chicken tikka masala in slow cooker Patent No. Eye of the chicken 2,079,107, which are applied to the beak so that the chicken fitted therewith is unable to see as is required for pickingor fighting. Easy chicken tikka masala curry recipe These devices and various others have helped substantially in reducing the-injury to chickens and other fowl and in improving the laying production. Indian chicken tikka masala curry recipe However, ,such devices have certain inherent drawbacks and are therefore’not en tirely satisfactory.

The device of the present invention, designed to overcome previous disadvantages, is extremely simple in construction and manner of its application and has proven to be very satisfactory in preventing pick-out and cannibalism, without affecting the feeding or other activities of the chicken.

In Fig. Chicken tikka masala recipe crock pot 2, I have illustrated a blank of material, designated by numeral I, from which the device is cut and formed. Chicken tikka masala calories restaurant It is preferre that this blank be made from approximately 32 gauge aluminum;

however, if desired, it may be made from stainless steel, Monel metal, and various other materials of like character. Chicken tikka masala calories The preferred dimensions of the blank for use on ordinary chickens are %t of an inch in length and 1% of an inch in width. Chicken tikka masala recipe indian These dimensions and the thickness of the blank may be altered as may be desired or required without departing from my invention.

In Fig. Chicken marsala recipe with mushrooms 3, I have illustrated the rectangular blank after being cut to the desired shape, but before bending. Chicken marsala recipe rachael ray The opposite side edges are parallel and the end portions are out and shaped in a manner to provide a V-shaped point 4 at one end, and two laterally spaced V-points 5 and 6 at its other end. Chicken marsala recipe martha stewart Between the points 4 and 5 is a V-shaped recess or notch ‘i. Chicken marsala recipe carrabba’s All points are formed in the shape of outwardly extending isooeles triangles. Chicken marsala recipe food network The blank, after being so formed with points, is then bent, as along the lines 8 and 9 in Fig. Chicken marsala recipe emeril lagasse 3, to that form in which it is shown best in Fig. Chicken marsala recipe easy 4, which shows opposite end portions of the blank to be bent to the same side of the body portion, with the points 5 and 6 directed downward toward the point 4, which is directed upward, leaving an open space between the upper and lower points for ease of application of the device to the end of a chickens beak,.

3 The body portion of the plate is given a gradual outward curve between the opposite end portions, as shown best in Fig. Chicken marsala recipe slow cooker 5; this part being designated by numeral l 0.

With the device shaped and formed as hereinbefore described, it may easily and quickly be applied to the chickens beak 20, as is illustrated in Figs. Chicken marsala casserole paula deen 1 and 5. Chicken marsala casserole rachael ray For its application, the device is grasped lengthwise, between the tongs .or g aws f a p i :of p iersorsi p :09 as iri ig tfld in Fig. Chicken marsala casserole recipe 6, with the points 4, 5 and 6 extending outward therefrom and with the points 5 and -,6 above the point 4 for application to the chickens beak. Chicken breast easy crock pot recipes With the chicken held securely, .the :device is applied over the nd of the upper mandible, designated in Fig. Chicken tikka masala in a slow cooker 6 by reference numeral 28a. Chicken marsala sauce in a jar Then by application of pressure, the points above and below the beak are pressed toward each other, causing the points 6 and 6 to engage the exterior top surface of the beak at opposite sides and the point 4 to penetrate upward’ly within the mucous membrane, 201), on the inside or under surface of the mandible. Chicken marsala sauce recipe When so applied and secured to the beak, the exterior or forward surface of the plate angularly or cylindrically curved, as best illustrated in Fig. Chicken marsala sauce without wine 6 or 7, to form a blunt guard or shield over the end of the beak. Chicken marsala sauce packet “The blunt exterior surface of the plate prevent the chicken from injuring other chickens with the sharp point of its beak. Chicken marsala sauce easy The, device may be readily removed if desired by bending the pron-ged upper end portion upwardly and away from the lower portion, to free the points 5 and -6, but it cannot be removed or become loose due to the normal activities of the chicken.

The device as herein described is illustrated in its preferred form and manner of application. Chicken marsala sauce with mushrooms However, it is not my intention to limit the invention to the specific details or shape shown, but rather that it may be formed in various sizes and shapes, and applied in other ways without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I g a a n w th a des re to ec y Lette Eaten” i An anti-picking device for application to the end of a chickens upper beak comprising a metal plate, the length of which is substantially twice the width and formed with a medial, rounded body portion, one end portion thereof disposed inwardly and tapered to a single M-shaped point and the other end portion dis- D’osed inwardly and formed with two laterally spaced, V-shaped points; said inwardly disposed pointed end portions being adapted to holdingly engage the chickens beak.

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