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(2. Chicken garam masala recipe easy PAGE July 26, 1960 SUPPORTING MEANS FOR CAGE SERIES IN CHICKEN HOUSES 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Nov. Chicken tikka masala recipe with coconut milk ’29., 1957 INVENTOR.

SUPPORTING MEANS FOR CAGE SERIES IN CHICKEN HOUSES Filed Nov. Stuffed chicken marsala recipe olive garden 29, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR.

BY ‘mm WW ATTOR/VIYS United States Patent SUPPORTING IVIEANS FOR CAGE SERIES IN CHICKEN HOUSES Clarence Page, South’field, Mich., assignor to Page and Cox, Detroit, Mich., a copartnershlp Filed Nov. Best chicken marsala recipe olive garden 29, 1957, Ser. Chicken calories and protein No. Chicken tikka masala recipe indian style 699,672

4 Claims.

How to make chicken tikka masala indian style (Cl. Chicken marsala recipe tyler florence 119-22) The invention relates to chicken houses of that type in which the fowl are retained in open wire mesh cages so designed that eggs laid therein will automatically roll into a trough at the front and outside of the cage. Food network chicken marsala tyler florence These cages are arranged in longitudinal series and in a plurality of tiers, one above another. What part of the chicken is gizzards They are usually supported by suspension wires depending from the roof or ceiling and arranged at suitable intervals along the front and back of the series. Healthy chicken easy recipes However, these wires form an obstruction to the cleaning of the house and more particularly to the lower tiers. Chicken easy recipes for dinner It will be understood that the droppings from the fowl in the upper tier cages would fall upon the lower tier and therefore a platform is placed therebetween which may be periodically cleaned. Slow cooker chicken easy recipes The suspension wires interfere with this cleaning, requiring each section therebetween to be individually cleansed.

It is the object of the invention to provide supporting means for each series or tier of cages which will avoid any obstruction to the space therebetween for the Whole length thereof. Ground chicken easy recipes This will permit the use of a single scraper which may be continuously advanced along the platform from one end to the other thereof. Breast chicken easy recipes Such scraper may be mounted on a power driven carriage which also holds a receptacle for the material removed. Canned chicken easy recipes The invention therefore consists in the construction and arrangement of such supporting means as hereinafter set forth.

Fig. Baked chicken easy recipes 1 is a perspective view of series of cages in a plurality of tiers and the supporting means therefor.

Fig. Pictures of chicken gizzards 3 is a perspective view showing the carriage, the track therefor and scrapers for the platforms.

The number of cages in a single series or tier of course depends upon the size of the building. Chicken gizzard recipe There may be as many as one hundred or more in a single series if space therefor is available. Gizzard chicken Also there may be in a single tier a pair of series with the cages thereof arranged back to back and at least two tiers in vertical alignment. Fried chicken gizzard recipe The supporting means comprises vertical members A, such as channel bars, arranged between the backs of said series at suitable intervals in the length thereof. Chicken gizzard nutrition Each of these bars has a cross member B, such as an angle bar, centrally attached thereto and projecting oppositely therefrom for supporting the cages of the two series in one tier. Chicken gizzard recipe chinese A similar bar B is connected to the bar A for a second tier. Best chicken gizzard recipe The bars A may be suspended from a roof or ceiling beam C and attached thereto by a T-head D and bolts E. Chicken gizzard soup As shown the head D is formed of an angle bar welded to the upper end of the bar A and the bars B are also attached by welding or bolting to the bars A.

The individual cages F are as above stated formed of open mesh wire fabric and are of rectangular form. Chicken gizzard stew They may be attached to each other by any suitable means to form a series of the desired length. Chicken liver and gizzard recipe They are then engaged with the bars B which are small enough in cross section to pass through mesh openings in back and front and beneath the top of a cage. Gizzard of chicken The whole series may thus be simultaneously engaged with all of the bars B being slipped thereon from the front and moved back against the vertical bars A. Gizzard chicken recipe In each lower tier a plank or platform G is placed over the top of the cages to extend the entire length of the series.

As shown in Fig. Chicken liver and gizzard 3, a carriage H is supported on a track I between two series of cages and has scrapers extending over the platforms of said series. Boiled chicken gizzard recipe This carriage also transports one or more receptacles K for the matter removed from the platforms. Pickled chicken gizzard recipe Feed troughs L are supported on the cages at the front thereof to extend the length of the series and are accessible to the fowl within said cages. Chicken gizzard recipes tenderizing There are also water trough M at the rear of the cages extending the length of the series.

To avoid interference with the supporting hangers A the web portions of the latter are cut away at N to form apertures for the passage of the trough therethrough. Chicken gizzard indian recipe The trough is also vertically adjustable within these apertures to raise one end higher than the other so that water supplied by a conduit 0 will constantly flow the whole length of the trough. Spicy chicken gizzard recipe This will supply fresh water accessible to the fowl in each of the cages.

1. Recipe for chicken liver and gizzard Supporting means for a longitudinal series of cages and chicken houses comprising vertically extending members adjacent to the rear face of and at longitudinally spaced points along the series of cages, and lateral members secured to andextending outwardly from said vertical members for directly supporting the cages, leaving a space thereabove open at the front and unobstructed for the length of the series, a plurality of spaced vertically aligned lateral members for supporting tiers of cage series, a platform on a lower tier for receiving the droppings from the fowl in an upper tier, the space between tiers having an unobstructed opening to the front throughout the length thereof, a carriage for traveling the length of the series adjacent said lower tier, a scraper mounted on said carriage extending over said platform and adapted to remove the deposits thereon during continuous travel of said carriage, a receptacle on said carriage for receiving the removed matter, said receptacle being beneath and laterally placed from said lower tier, and said arm laterally and forwardly extending from said carriage and said receptacle and overlying said receptcle so that the removed matter will travel rearwardly along said scraper until it reaches the end of the tire at which time it will drop into the underlying receptacle.

2. Chicken gizzard salad The construction as in claim 1 wherein there is a second series of spaced vertically aligned lateral members supported by a series of vertical members which has a lower tier laterally aligned with said first lower tier, a second scraper being mounted to said carriage and extending forwardly and laterally therefrom to engage the second lower tier, said receptacle being of sufiicient lateral dimension to underlie the edges of said laterally spaced lower tiers whereby advancement of the carriage in a forward direction between said lower tiers will cause the scraping of said lower tiers and the depositing of the remo’ved matter into said common receptacle.

3. Chicken gizzard soup recipe A cleaning and scraping unit for the surfaces underlying the fowl or other cages, comprising a carriage movable in a forward direction adjacent the surface to be scraped, a carriage attached scraping member inclined forwardly and disposed laterally over the surface to be scraped, a receptacle disposed laterally and downwardly from the surface to be scraped underlying a portion of said scraping member and co’nnected to said carriage, whereby movement of said carriage longitudinally of the surface to be scraped will cause the scraping member to move along and clean the surface and direct the removed material rearwardly to said receptacle.

4. Gizzard of a chicken The construction as in claim 3 wherein a second arm is disposed laterally from said carriage in an opposite direction from said first arm and is inclined forwardly, said second arm being connected to said carriage and having a portion overlying said receptacle whereby movement of said receptacle in a forward direction will cause both of said scraper members ,to move along the surfaces to clean the surfaces and deposit the removed material into the receptacle.

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