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The disclosure relates to a method of making a cane juice beverage wherein cane juice is filtered and pasteurized and then fermented aerobically with agitation to provide a liquor an alcohol content of from about 11 to about 12% by weight. Sugar cane honey The fermented can juice is altered by the addition thereto of… How to plant sugar cane Patent US4784859 – Process for producing an alcoholic sugar cane juice beverage

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This invention relates to a cane juice beverage and, more specifically, to naturally sweetened and fermented cane juice beverage having an appreciable shelf life.

Beverages which have the juice of sugar cane as a component thereof have been known in the prior art. Is cane sugar bad for you One such prior art beverage is a sorghum wine which is discussed in the U.S. Cane sugar vs white sugar Pat. Beet sugar vs cane sugar No. Red sugar cane Myers 37,421 wherein a concentrated syrup of cane sugar is fermented, colored with carmelized sugar and aged under anaerobic conditions at two different temperatures to develop a characteristic flavor which is comparable to a Madeira wine. Where is sugar cane grown Other prior art which is exemplary, wherein cane sugar is used in the formation of a beverage other than as a sweetener per se are Coates (U.S. Sugar cane industry Pat. What is sugar cane used for No. Is cane sugar healthy 3,093,548), Pilla (U.S. Cane sugar vs brown sugar Pat. Is cane sugar good for you No. Cane sugar vs sugar 4,178,389). Maui sugar cane These and other prior art cane sugar beverages have been plagued by short shelf life as well as having flavors which, to date, have not been well received by the public at large. Is cane sugar bad It is the desire, especially in view of the large amount of sugar cane being produced, to provide a beverage which utilizes the cane sugar, which has a universally desirable flavor and which has a relatively long shelf life. What is evaporated cane sugar SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a beverage having a sugar cane juice base which fulfils the above noted requirements.

Briefly, sugar cane juice is expressed from the cane by crushing the cane and expressing the liquid sugar cane juice therefrom. Cane sugar vs beet sugar This juice is then filtered to remove solids and then pasteurized at a temperature in the range of 90 degrees C. Brown sugar vs cane sugar from 1 minute to 75 degrees C. Sugar beet vs sugar cane for 5 minutes and preferably 85 degrees C. What is pure cane sugar for three minutes. Calories in cane sugar The preferred treatment time and temperature avoids problems of foaming or boil over and provides adequate lethality. Cane vs beet sugar The filtered cane juice is the innoculated with an alcohol tolerant yeast. How is sugar cane grown A preferred such yeast is ATCC 9763. How is sugar cane processed The innoculated cane juice is then fermented with agitation aerobically at from 19 to 35 degrees C. Organic cane sugar vs white sugar with a preferred temperature of 27 degrees C. How to make sugar cane for up to 6 days or until an alcohol content of from 11 to 12% by weight is measured.

After fermentation, a Brix in the range of 9 to 10 is obtained by the addition of further cane extract, flavoring and carbonation if necessary, this bringing the alcohol content down to a level of 4 to 6% by weight. Cane sugar vs refined sugar The cane juice is then clarified by filtration and centrifugation, pasteurized in the range of 75 degrees C. Benefits of cane sugar for 5 minutes in a batch process of 85 degrees C. How to use sugar cane for 15 seconds in a high temperature, short time process to avoid flashing of too much alcohol. Difference between cane sugar and white sugar The cane juice is then mixed with pasteurized fruit juice to provide desired fruit flavor as well as fruit flavorings and/or other natural flavor extracts to obtain a pH of 4.5 or less. Sugar cane history The acidic pH is obtained because the fruit flavorings and/or other natural flovor extracts available are generally acidic liquids which are used as both flavorings and acidulants. Is cane sugar refined This final product is now at the proper pH to have relatively long shelf life and has been flavored with natural flavorings to provide a real fruit juice flavor. Cane sugar vs granulated sugar The final product is then packaged, preferably in glass bottles, though other types of containers can be used, such as, for example, plastic, steel or aluminum cans, PET bottles, etc., with carbonation to provide the final beverage. Sugar cane harvest season This beverage has natural fruit or other natural taste and relatively long shelf life. What does sugar cane look like DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT

Sugar cane stalks were chopped up to lengths of about one foot and then placed in a crusher wherein the expressed cane liquid was caught in a container for later use. White sugar vs cane sugar The liquid sugar cane juice was then filtered using a filter press or asymmetric ceramic microfilters to remove all sugar cane solids, such as fibers, stalk fragments etc., and the filtered juice was heated for three minutes to a temperature of 85 degrees C. Pure cane sugar vs granulated sugar The pasteurized juice was placed in a glass or stainless steel container and then innoculated with ATCC 9763 yeast in the amount of 1?10 6 to 1?10 8 cells per ml and was added at a rate of 0.5 to 1.0 ml per 400 ml of pasteurized juice. Cane sugar calories The innoculated liquor was then fermented in the container with agitation by continuous shaking at 200 to 250 revolutions per minute aerobically at 24 to 26 degrees C. Is cane sugar brown sugar for five to six days at which time the alcohol content was 11.5% by weight. Cane sugar vs regular sugar Pasteurized cane juice was added to this fermented juice in a quantity to bring the alcohol content down to 5% by weight and provide a Brix of 9.5 degrees.

The juice was then clarified by filtration wherein loosely packed cotton wool was used to remove gross yeast cells not removed by prior centrifugation for up to 30 minutes at 6000 to 9000 rpm. What is a sugar cane A second filtration series of steps was then run in three steps using filter paper going in the first step from fast ashless to medium hardened in the second step and then to slow hardened and ashless in the third step. Sugar vs cane sugar This removes solids responsible for dark color and yields a translucent yellow-brown liquid. How long does it take to grow sugar cane The filtration steps can be assisted by pulling a vacuum of 500 to 6900 mm Hg to assist in attaining good flow rate. Granulated sugar vs cane sugar Alternatively, filtration may be carried out using a filter press with filter press pads of the quality mentioned above or by using an asymmetric ceramic microfilter system.

Centrifugation and then pasteurization were provided by heating to 85 degrees C. Cane sugar ?? for 15 seconds on a HTST plate heat exchanger. Is cane sugar the same as brown sugar The pasteurized juice was then mixed with pasteurized pineapple, sorrel, passion fruit and/or other juices/flavoring extracts in an amount to bring the pH down to 4.5. Sugar cane vs sugar beet The juice was then placed in glass bottles while adding carbonation thereto to provide the final product.

Though the invention has been described with respect to a specific preferred embodiment thereof, many variations and modifications will immediately become apparent to those skilled in the art. Cane sugar meaning It is therefore the intention that the appended claims be interpreted as broadly as possible in view of the prior art to include all such variation and modification.

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Process for preparing ready-to-drink shelf stable sugarcane juice beverage

Process for preparing ready-to-drink shelf stable sugarcane juice beverage

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