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Latin name of the genus and species of the plant claimed: Malus domestica Borkh.

Variety denomination: ‘Westfresh’. Apple fiber content BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

The present invention relates to a new and distinct variety of red delicious apple tree named ‘Westfresh’. Apple fiber count The new tree resulted from the discovery in the early ’90s, by one of the inventors of a limb sport mutation on an ‘Oregon Spur II’ (expired U.S. Apple fiber powder Plant Pat. Apple fruit nutrition No. Apple juice nutrition facts 4,819) growing in a cultivated area of an orchard in East Wenatchee, Wash. Apple juice nutrition label BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION

The ‘Westfresh’ variety is distinguished from other apple varieties due to the following unique combination of characteristics:

A large, very elongated Red Delicious; very dark red in color with dark stripes.

Apple muffins ‘Westfresh’ Red Delicious exhibits excellent long-term storage evidenced by high pack-out rates. Apple muffins healthy Pack-out refers to the percentage of apples that are of a high quality following long-term cold storage. Apple muffins with applesauce After 10 months of storage in a controlled atmosphere environment (33 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and with oxygen in the environment replaced by nitrogen), eighty percent or more of the apples are of high quality in that there has been an insignificant reduction in pressure and sugars in the apples. Apple nutrition Thus, if twenty five boxes of apples from trees of my new variety are placed into cold storage, enough high quality apples remain following long-term cold storage to fill twenty or more (often 22 or more) boxes.

The ‘Westfresh’ Red Delicious apple tree is also very resistant to scab, powdery mildew and fireblight.

Asexual reproduction of this new variety was performed by grafting in Rock Island, Wash. Apple nutrition carbs onto M III (unpatented) rootstock and has shown that the foregoing characteristics come true to type.

The following detailed description is based upon observations of the original limb sport, approximately 18 years old, and five-year-old asexually propagated progeny.

The original limb sport and progeny have been observed in a cultivated orchard in East Wenatchee and Rock Island, Wash. Apple nutrition chart Certain characteristics of this variety, such as growth and color, may change with changing environmental conditions (e.g., light, temperature, moisture, nutrient availability, or other factors). Apple nutrition data Color descriptions and other terminology are used in accordance with their ordinary dictionary descriptions, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Apple nutrition facts Color designations are made with reference to Munsell Book of Color, Kollmorgen Instruments Corp. Apple nutrition facts and benefits 405 Little Britain Road, New Windsor, N.Y. Apple nutrition facts and health benefits 12553. Apple nutrition label BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS

FIG. Apple nutrition oconomowoc 1 is a photograph of apples from trees of the ‘Westfresh’ variety taken on Sep. Apple nutritional benefits 17, 2012. Apple nutritional content The apples were grown on 5-year-old trees in Rock Island, Wash.

FIG. Apple nutritional value 2 is a photograph of cross-sections of representative apples from trees of the ‘Westfresh’ variety taken at the same time as the photograph of FIG. Apple peel nutrition 1.

FIG. Apple pie nutrition facts 3 is a photograph of a limb of a 5-year-old ‘Westfresh’ tree with flowers.

The colors of an illustration of this type may vary with lighting and other conditions and, therefore, color characteristics of this new variety should be determined with reference to the observations described herein, rather than from these illustrations alone. Apple protein DETAILED DESCRIPTION

The following detailed description of the ‘Westfresh’ variety is based on observations of a 5-year-old tree of my new variety and of the original limb sport. Apple protein content The observed progeny were growing on M 111 rootstock in an orchard in Rock Island, Wash.

• Trunk.—Diameter of 5-year-old trees is 7 inches measured at 12 inches above graft union.

• Branch length.—One-year-old branches: Typically: 18-24?; diameter ?? to ??.

• Crotch angle of branches.—Typically: 60°, but increases when branches are loaded with fruit.

• Branch color.—One-year-old branches are Reddish Brown (2.5 YR 3/4).

• Branch pubescence.—Light at base, increasing in density towards the tip.

• Branch lenticels.—Density approximately 15 per square inch; on 1-year-old branch, typical lenticels are mostly long oval, and measured about 1/64? in diameter and 1/32? long.

• Internode length.—Typical internode length is about ?? to 1?? on one-year-old branches.

• Winter hardiness.—Hardy in Rock Island, Wash.; hardiness Zone 4.

• Leaves: Measurements were obtained from ten typical leaves picked Jul. Apple protein shake 25, 2012 in Rock Island, Wash.

• Sheen.—Upper surface dull to slightly glossy; lower surface dull.

• Length.—About 2? inches to about 3? inches, averaging about 2? inches.

• Petiole.—About 1 to 1? inches long; and about 1/16 of an inch in diameter; color; Light Green (5 GY 7/4).

• Stipules.—Mostly lacking, except at branch tip; opposite in arrangement; Light Green (5 GY 8/4) in color; shape is very narrow; length is about 5/16 of an inch long; width is about 1/16 of an inch.

• Color.—Tight bud: Deep Rose (7.5 RP 4/10), fully open flower: Very Light Pink (7.5 RP 9/2) to pure white with more Medium Rose (7.5 RP 6/8) along veins of petals.

• Pedicel.—Light Gray Green (5 GY 7/4); size about 1 inch long by 1/16 inch in diameter.

• Petals.—5 petals per flower; petal size about 1 inch long by ? an inch wide; arrangement: overlapping slightly.

• Sepals.—Quantity per flower: 5; shape: somewhat recurving; overall shape is deltoid, the tip is acuminate, the base is tapering in shape; length is ? inch; width is about 3/16?; color is Medium Green (5 GY 7/4).

• Anthers.—Quantity per flower: 10-12: renal shaped; width about 1/16 inch, length about 3/32 inch; pollen color: Bright Yellow (5 Y 8/12).

• Styles.—Number: 5; form: joined at base; average length about ? inch; color: Cream (7.5 Y 9/4).

• Ovary.—Length: 3/16 inch; color: Light Green (5GY 7/4), pubescent.

• Stigma.—Shape: clubbed; color: Medium Brownish Yellow (2.5 Y 6/10).

• Peduncle.—Length about ?? to ??; color: Dull Green (5 GY 7/4); finely pubescent; short, identical to pubescence on petiole.

• Pollination requirement.—Expected to be diploid, self-sterile.

• Bloom season: Initial bloom was observed on Apr. Apple skin nutrition 30, 2012 in Rock Island, Wash.

• Fruit: Observations from a limited number of typical fruit in the laboratory. Apple tablet price Maturity when described: Sep. Apple tablet price in dubai 17, 2012, at Rock Island, Wash.

• Size.—Medium-large, 3 to 3? inches long and from 2? to 2? inches diameter at the widest point.

• Stem.—Medium thickness; 1 inch long and 1/18 inch in diameter, stem color: Reddish Brown (2.5 R 3/4).

• Sepals at eye basin.—Surface texture: Downy; color: Dark Gray Green (2.5 Y 3/4).

• Eye basin.—About ? inch deep and about 1? inches wide; pubescence observed as present. Apple tablet price in india Shape of eyebasin: Strongly furrowed, with 5 prominent points.

• Skin.—Intensity of color is dark and prominently striped, bloom of skin is present. Apple tablet price in pakistan Greasiness is absent.

• Skin lenticels.—Generally prominent; numbers are about 15 per square inch appearing at the stem end of the fruit, and about 30 per square inch appearing at the calyx end of the fruit; surface texture: perfectly smooth; Cream color (10 Y 8/4). Apple tablet price in saudi arabia Size of lenticels is variable from 1/128 of an inch to 1/32 of an inch.

• Core.—Generally average in size, from ? to 1 inch in diameter, 1 inch in length. Apple tablet price philippines Core position is basal clasping.

• Locules.—Narrow, partially open; size of locule: ? of an inch in length by ? of an inch in width.

• Seed.—Number: Generally 6, occasionally 10; shape — Acuminate; length about 5/16 of an inch; width about 3/16 of an inch. Apple tablet with keyboard Color is Dark Brown (5 YR 2/4).

• Fruit flesh.—Generally firm, crisp and juicy. Apple tablets at walmart Color is Light Cream (7.5 Y 9/2).

• Starch.—Generally about 4 out of 6 starch level in iodine (at prime maturity). Apple tablets on sale Acids are 0.4%.

• Skin color.—Overall dark red with deep red pronounced stripe. Applebee’s nutrition 2016 Overcolor of Skin: Deep Purplish Red (10 RP 3/6) over about 90 to 100% of the surface. Applebees nutrition facts Ground color of the skin: Reddish Yellow (5 R 6/8). Applesauce nutrition facts Color of stripe: Deep Red (7.5 R 3/8). Best apples Russetting: Absent.

• Fruit weight.—Average weight of representative apples is about one-half pound.

• Productivity.—In Rock Island, Wash.; approximately 1680 bushels per acre.

• Cold storage.—Good condition when in cold storage for 100+ days at 31° F.; it will keep much longer in a controlled atmosphere (33 to 34° F., oxygen replaced with nitrogen).

• Harvest date.—October 23 rd to 31 st in Rock Island, Wash. Best apples for apple crisp in 2012.

• Winter hardiness.—Observed in Rock Island, Wash.; hardiness zone 7a. Best apples for apple pie Range of winter hardiness zones unknown.

• Drought/heat tolerance.—Not observed except that drought and heat tolerance in Rock Island, Wash. Best apples for apple pie martha stewart appears to be like that of other red delicious varieties growing in Rock Island, Wash.

‘Westfresh’ differs from ‘Oregon Spur II’, in that ‘Westfresh’ has apples with very dark red color with dark stripes and by their excellent long term storage in a controlled environment.

‘Westfresh’ apples are a darker red than apples of the ‘Burchinal Red Delicious’ variety (U.S. Best apples for baking Plant Pat. Best apples for cider No. Best apples for cooking 14,757). Best apples for juicing In addition, ‘Westfresh’ apples have a deep dark stripe.

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