Peanut butter cream doughnuts – crazy for crust

Is there anything better than peanut butter for breakfast? Oh yeah, there is.

Doughnuts. One banana banana bread Peanut Butter Cream Doughnuts with chocolate glaze. Banana bread 3 bananas That would be better.

Bridal shower games that make the bride-to-be cry should not be allowed. Banana bread recipe with milk And, let’s face it. Banana bread recipe with butter Those games are kind of boring anyway.

Who wants to make a toilet paper wedding dress? No thank you.

Who wants to walk around with clothespins clipped to every hem totally afraid to say a word? I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I am forbidden to say something that is all that wants to come out.

Me: “…. Banana bread without brown sugar LOVE. Banana bread with two bananas LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Banana bread with butter Now here, take my damn clothespins.”

Who wants to cry at their bridal shower because they have to do a “how well do you know the groom” questionnaire and you get all the wrong answers because your bridal party gave your fiance approximately 30 seconds to answer the questions so he answered them all wrong and then you fail and then you get teased all day about how wrong you are for each other?

You know what’s fun at bridal showers? Besides the family, friends, and the silky neglige you watch your BFF open in front of her grandma?

I think doughnuts are the perfect addition to any bridal shower. Best banana nut bread recipe ever Especially peanut butter cream filled doughnuts that are topped with sprinkles.

And those would be an especially good item on the menu if the bride-to-be is in love with (1) sprinkles and (2) peanut butter. How long to cook banana bread Like, maybe, my friend Sally, from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Awesome banana bread Today is her virtual bridal shower!

I know that Sally would love these almost as much as we did. Banana bread przepis These doughnuts (or donuts?) blew my mind. Banana bread 4 bananas They’re fried, which honestly, makes the doughnut, and they’re filled with peanut butter. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas There’s not much better than that!

I made these doughnuts the easy way using Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits. Banana bread recipe baking powder I always have a can in my refrigerator for doughnut (or monkey bread) emergencies!

These do need to be fried, but rest assured. Banana cake bread Frying is easier than you think! You need a heavy bottomed pot (I use a Le Creuset Soup Pot), oil, and the most important thing: a candy thermometer.

Please don’t skip the thermometer, unless you’re a pro at frying. Banana bread with 3 bananas There are all sorts of tips out there for how you can tell if oil is ready, but if you’re not a pro you run the risk of (1) turning the outside of your doughnuts black or (2) hurting yourself. Best homemade banana bread A thermometer is cheap and they sell them pretty much anywhere. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas Pick one up the next time you’re at any grocery store, drugstore, or Target.

I like to use a whole 48 ounce bottle of vegetable oil when I fry. Banana bread plain flour That fills my pan up about 2? with oil. Banana bread resepti It’s probably overkill, but it works for me. Banana bread origin Save the bottle, and once the oil cools, pour it back in to either save for future frying or for easy disposal.

Once your oil is at 350°F, your’e ready to fry your doughnuts.

Now, if you’ve ever fried anything, you’ll know it’s hard to keep a consistent temperature. Rezept banana bread I still have trouble with that but I find that it helps to use the heavy bottomed pot (regular thin sauce pots will let the oil heat too much too fast and can burn your food). Banana bread with plain flour I also constantly play with the burner temperature. How long is banana bread good for I start out at medium, sometimes I’ll have to turn it up a little or down a little to help regulate.

I add 2 biscuits at a time so as not to crowd my pan. Banana bread recipe with two bananas Cook until they’re golden on one side, then flip and finish cooking. 2 banana banana bread It takes a minute or two.

Then I remove them from the oil using a slotted spoon and place them on a cookie sheet covered in paper towels to drain. Banana and bread Let them cool and then add the best part: the peanut butter cream filling!

The filling is made with creamy peanut butter (Skippy Naturals is my favorite brand). Banana bread recipe without nuts I gave it volume by adding Greek Yogurt and some milk, and sweetened it with powdered sugar.

I use a Wilton filling tip (#230) to fill the doughnuts. What is banana bread Usually I use ziploc bags for piping, but it’s much easier to use an actual piping bag with that tip. Banana bread cooking time You can also use a squeeze bottle, if you have one. How long do you bake banana bread Just squeeze in the filling, made of peanut butter and butter and all things good.

You know you’ve added enough when you remove the tip and it spills out all over the cookie sheet. Banana bread with 1 banana I won’t tell what you do with the extra filling if you won’t! ??

Then you dip them in a simple chocolate glaze made of cocoa and powdered sugar and milk. Baking powder banana bread Note: the thicker the milk you use, the thicker the glaze. Banana bread with 4 bananas Nonfat milk will yield a thin glaze, regular milk thicker, and half and half or whipping cream will be an even thicker one. How long do you cook banana bread Use your favorite!

Happy Bridal Shower Sally! My family and I wish you all the best and we’re so excited to see pictures from your wedding! You’ll be instagraming from the nuptials, right? ??

Scroll down to see all the other bridal shower attendees today!

• Place vegetable oil in a heavy bottom pot and heat until it reaches 350°F. How many bananas for banana bread I like to leave my candy thermometer in the pot during frying so I can regulate the heat up or down if it gets to hot or cold. Banana bread baking time A heavy bottomed pot is best for frying, it’s easier to regulate the heat that way than with a thinner pot. Banana bread bananas (I use a Le Cruset soup pot.) You really should use a thermometer!

• Drop 2-3 biscuits in your pot (depending on the size of your pot). Banana bread temperature Cook about 3 minutes until they are a deep golden, flipping halfway. Banana bread muffins easy Remove from oil using a slotted spoon and place the cooked donuts on a cookie sheet topped with two layers of paper towels. Pictures of banana bread Let cool before filling and glazing.

• Make the Peanut Butter Filling: Whisk all ingredients except milk until smooth. Moist banana bread recipie Add 2 tablespoons of milk, whisk. How many bananas in banana bread The end product should be the consistency of pudding. Banana nut bread with sour cream Depending on the brand of Greek Yogurt you use, it may need up to 4 tablespoons of milk. Banana nut bread muffins (I used Yoplait Greek and used 4 tablespoons.)

• Place the filling in a pastry bag fitted with the Wilton 230 tip (or similar). Healthy banana bread with applesauce (Normally I use a ziploc bag for frosting, but you really need a pastry bag for that tip. Healthy banana bread pudding You can also use a squeeze bottle.) Press the tip into the center of each doughnut and fill. The best banana bread ever You can also turn the doughnut 90° and fill again to make sure you’re getting enough in. Recipe for banana bread with sour cream You’ll know you added too much when you remove the tip and it squirts out.

• Make the Chocolate Glaze: whisk powdered sugar, cocoa, extract, and milk in a medium bowl. Recipe for banana bread pudding If glaze is too thick to dip, you can add up to 1 tablespoon more glaze. Best banana bread recipe with sour cream Dip tops of the doughnuts in glaze. Easy banana bread muffins Place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and sprinkles with sprinkles. Easy banana bread healthy Let dry completely, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

© Crazy for Crust. Easy banana bread pudding All images & content are copyright protected. Banana chocolate chip bread pudding Please do not use my images without prior permission. Banana bread recipe betty crocker If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.

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Dorothy, you know me too well! Peanut butter and sprinkles are the way to my heart. Banana bread easy healthy And my heart is pounding right now because I am just so excited to see this amazing virtual baby shower today! All of you gals are seriously the BEST and I couldn’t be luckier to have such wonderful blogging friends. Moist banana bread recipe with oil Actually, you’re just all my friends anyway. Moist banana bread recipe sour cream Not only my blogging buds. Best banana bread maui These donuts! Heck, I could eat a plate of them right now. Moist banana bread with sour cream And I said a huge N-O to any bridal shower games at my real life shower They are always so boring. Homemade banana bread calories And the toilet paper dress? seriously!

The heavy bottomed pan!! That’s where I’ve been going all wrong! Okay, good to know. How to make banana bread more moist And I think I need to be better about regulating the temp too. How to make banana bread muffins The problem is that my outside gets crisp and my inside is still goo :/ But I’m also excited to know that I can use the biscuits and fill them, because that’s what I wanna do. Bread banana pudding What good is a donut if it isn’t stuffed to the brim with deliciousness??

RIGHT? My thoughts exactly. Banana nut bread muffins recipe And when I tested recipes for the book I fried stuff like 20 times (well, maybe 5) and the pan made a huge difference. Eggless banana bread recipe And easing the heat up or down to keep it as close as possible to 350!

My first job was frying doughnuts for our local grocery store and the peanut butter filled ones were the store’s specialty. Best ever banana nut bread For years, I had no desire to even see a doughnut, but these bring back the craving. Best banana bread pudding recipe The crispy crust you get from frying as compared to baking can’t be beat! Love it!

I need these donuts ( and maybe more importantly just the filling) right now! Oh man, I love the idea of using Pillsbury biscuits for the body of the donuts! That’s such an awesome trick. Easy banana bread muffins recipe Sally’s one of my favorite food bloggers, and I’ve been enjoying all these shower recipes! I’ve never heard of the clothespin game, but it sounds dreadful. Banana nut bread recipe with buttermilk What happened to just spending time with friends, eating good food, and opening shower gifts!?!? Sounds like a much better time for all involved (the guests don’t like the games any more than the bride-to-be ?? ).

Aww, how fun! I can’t wait to see the photos from her wedding too! I’m sure it’ll be sprinkle-filled and colorful like these doughnuts! They look amazing! I haven’t ever fried anything but your directions make me want to try it! ??

This is the perfect recipe to celebrate with Sally! And these doughnuts are amazing enough with all the sprinkles and chocolate but with a peanut butter filling? Just perfection Dorothy! Totally loving these! Pinned ??

BAHAHAAHHA I love how you acknowledge that it is totally the groom’s fault for not knowing the answers to his favorite things. Peanut butter banana bread recipe And, for the record, my hubs got my shoe size wrong! He insisted I was a 9 and my MOH tried to delicately tell him that I was, and had been since she met me, a size 7.5. Banana nut bread recipe with sour cream ??

And these donuts! For the love of all that is holy and pb filled!!! Sign me up! Love the sprinkles for Sally…so sweet!

Lol – those games are worse than boring! The donuts look great! Best wishes to Sally – she looks really sweet in her photo. Easy healthy banana bread recipe btw, the Instagram photos of Jordan on this blog page really show her sense of style and color.

eeeeep!!! I hope none of those things happen at any of my bridal showers (I’m having at least 3….yepp lol)

I’m so excited for Sally and love that you guys all threw her this virtual shower!! These donuts look absolutely amazing-whenever pb and chocolate are involved I am a happy camper!

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