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I sleep well knowing that I live in a world where I get to have my food cooked however the fuck I want and the worst thing someone can do is judge me on the internet.

EDIT: Thought I’d elaborate a little bit since some people seem to think that well-done is “ruining” the meat. Beef steak marinade jamie oliver Just because you don’t prefer it that way doesn’t make it objectively terrible. What to make with leftover grilled steak Opinions and tastes differ, that’s what makes being human so great.

This is just my opinion, feel free to burn me at the metaphorical stake for it:

Medium and medium-rare are tolerable. What to make with leftover flank steak I just don’t like the way undercooked beef tastes and feels in my mouth. What to make with leftover steak fajitas I do appreciate the tenderness of it, but it’s not what I prefer.

Medium-well is what I order at restaurants. Beef loin flap meat steak marinade Mainly because I get less weird looks and it leaves a bigger margin for error. Flank steak tacos marinade If they overcook a medium-well steak it’s just well-done. How to cut flank steak for tacos If they overcook a well-done steak it runs the risk being burned or taking on the consistency of chewing gum.

Well-done is my favorite if done correctly. Best steak to buy in supermarket The flavor is fantastic and it’s really not that chewy. Best steak cuts to buy If you’ve tried a well-done steak and found it to be unbearably chewy, it was probably a low-quality steak or simply not cooked right.

When I was pregnant but not yet showing, I once asked for a medium well steak. Best steak to buy I hadn’t announced my pregnancy because I wasn’t at 12 weeks yet and I wasn’t about to tell some random waiter. Best steak to buy at walmart But I really wanted steak–I was underweight before getting pregnant and needed the meat and I also would get morning sickness when I didn’t get enough protein.

I received a steak hockey puck and ate it miserably. Best steak to buy for grilling Never returned to that restaurant.

I often wonder if that cook took a lot of joy in what he did that day. Best steak to buy at grocery store I bet he got a lot of satisfaction out of judging me and thinking about how unhappy I was.

It was a nice restaurant, which was why we chose it. Lump crab meat sauce for steak I’d been there before. Crab meat sauce for steak There was no way that the cook could not cook a decent steak.

But why didn’t you ask the waiter for them to remake it? I would’ve done that if I were you

They would have just said “you said well done, is this not well done?”. Ground beef philly cheese steak sandwich Remember, I didn’t want to tell my colleagues I was pregnant. Best beef cut for steak sandwich What would I have said, “Oh no, not that well done.” Come on.

Don’t worry–they lost my business for life. Beef chuck steak recipes food network They eventually closed, though that’s just as likely the restaurant cycle as bad customer service.

It’s not my job to educate a cook when I go out to eat. Recipes beef chuck shoulder steak I expect them to respect my preferences within reasonable boundaries (cooking meat fully is one). Beef chuck steak recipes grill If they can’t do that, I’m not going to go back.

Holy shit balls tone it down a notch bud. Beef chuck steak recipes stove top This is clearly a comical thread. Beef chuck steak recipes oven Your life must be a nightmare if a comment like that set you off that bad.

I’ve seen that way too much. Beef chuck steak recipes slow cooker Literally the only thing on here that annoys me still, but that was obviously not a joke. Best steaks for grilling marinades I’ve seen countless people on here say that completely serious

Thing is, if you’re ordering their steaks well-done for them, you’re probably wasting money on buying them steak. Best steak for grilling recipes Chicken tenders and macaroni will be just as good in their eyes.

In his case, when I say very very sensitive I mean that if there is even a tiny amount of questionable bacteria (like the kind that most of us can handle) he is stuck in the bathroom for a long time. Best steak for grilling at home We frequently get back from restaurants (really nice ones even) and he has to rush to a bathroom. Best steak for grilling kabobs I have learnt to change my cooking tools around 3 times each time I cook and sterilize the counters and stove WHILE I am cooking, just in case..

My parent was a USDA meat inspector. Best philly cheesesteak recipe ever Meat was never, ever pink or eggs runny in our house. Meat for philly steak sandwich The cycle continues.

Actually I just don’t really like steak at all, but I actually have a fondness for the tougher, drier version. What to make with leftover cooked steak I like the mouthfeel and having something with body to chew. Best steak meat for shish kabobs It’s like juicy jerky.

Well pretty damn well actually. Beef steak marinade pinoy Anytime I’ve had a steak that hasn’t been well done I’ve gotten sick. Beef steak marinade tenderizer Spending the evening with my face in the toilet is not something I enjoy.

I’ve never heard of it. Beef steak marinade bbq Quick google says it’s basically in between medium rare and rare?

Looks like most restaurants just give you medium rare though.. Beef tenderloin steak recipes skillet seems a bit snooty to bother with.

That is a perfectly legit reason to get your steak cooked incorrectly. Beef tenderloin steak recipes easy You do not like steak, so you cook the meat flavor out of it and then use it to scoop up steak sauce.

The only people that deserve any flack are the ones that say they love steak and then get it well done and poor steak sauce on it. Beef tenderloin steak recipes oven Clearly you DO NOT like steak there buddy because that’s not steak

It’s one way to consume a steak and enjoy A1 sauce. Beef tenderloin steak recipes broiled It is not one of the ways to enjoy steak. Best cut of steak to buy at grocery store Steak is meat flavored. Beef loin flap steak marinades If you burn it up, it is no longer meat flavored. Sirloin steak marinade easy If you cover it in A1 sauce, it no longer tastes of meat. Beef chuck blade steak boneless recipes To taste what meat tastes like, you should stick to medium rare at most and then you are enjoying a nice meat flavored steak that is warm and delicious. Beef chuck steak boneless recipe grill No steak sauce

I used to be opposed to eating meat just like OP, I wondered how meat eaters could sleep at night. Boneless beef chuck steak recipes slow cooker But then I was assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled.

I actually think it’s fucking hilarious that there’s probably an actual person out there eating a shitty, well-done steak with ketchup because he thinks it will piss off liberals.

If well-done means “well done my friend” as in showing the flame to the steak just long enough for it to stop bleeding, I sleep very comfortably. Beef chuck shoulder steak boneless recipes (I have only gotten food poisoning from unrewashed spinach)

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