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The Study specializes in contemporary American and Asian cuisine. Classic menudo recipe Its chef seeks to serve innovative dishes such as its edible rocks and coconut dessert with a glass ceiling. Champagne cocktails crossword Other items on the menu include veal ragu pasta, mussels, pork shank and pickled bok choy.

Wine cocktails crossword Each dish also comes on stylish plates with garnishments, culinary foam or tasty sauces to enhance its presentation.

Along with fine dining, The Study has a full-service bar. Vermouth brands Its bar menu serves beers, wines and sherries as well as a variety of trendy cocktails such as coffee milk punch, marshmallow shots and a pineapple cocktail. Drinks made with vermouth The Study offers a serene ambience making it ideal for a romantic date or business meeting.

Our sister restaurant Ames St. Gin cocktails crossword clue Deli offers catering including savory and sweet pastries, pies and cakes, and sandwiches and salads.

We offer partial validated parking after 6 pm. Yellow dresses for juniors Visit the lot across the street from Study, and bring in your ticket. Yellow dresses for women Additionally, metered street parking is available.

We are located within a 2-minute walk from the Kendall Square/MIT stop on the Red Line.

Our Private Dining Room is located in the loft above the main dining room. Yellow dresses for girls We would be glad to host your next cocktail and/or dinner reception. Red drinks for valentine’s day We have hosted events from 10 to 125 guests.

Banquet, Bar/Lounge, Beer, Cafe, Farm to Table, Full Bar, Gluten-free Menu, Non-Smoking, Private Room, Wheelchair Access, Wine

Had a great time at the first night of the new more casual space, Study at Ames, and was sad there were so few diners to experience it. Red drinks alcohol The food was great, we had the rib eye, the hake, and the crab soup. Red dresses for women over 40 Crab soup and rib eye were the clear favorites, fish was slightly under seasoned but well cooked. Red dresses for girls Prices are competitive with the other casual fine dining in the area, for example Oleana. Red dresses for women Will definitely return!

this is my favorite restaurant. Red dresses for juniors that is saying a lot because i like quite a few restaurants. Zurich classic wikipedia the food is sublime. Vh1 classic wikipedia always a uniquely wonderful experience. Ipod classic wikipedia the service is superb. Red and green cocktails for christmas thank you for being in this world STUDY.

hip and happening restaurant with a great range of small plates as well as some large portion dishes for sharing. Best sweet vermouth brands the wine selection is commendable and the cheese dessert is a cool idea. French vermouth brands finally the rock morsels are a delicious surprise at the end

The food tasted excellent. Popular vermouth brands The service was very good. Italian vermouth brands However, this is not a place to go if you are hungry, or even mildly hungry. Best vermouth brands The portions allowed one bite per person, but with the cost of a full plate. Dry vermouth brands Not worth the money.

8 dishes shared between two people, every single dishes were excellent. Spanish vermouth brands All of which had a great balance between flavor, texture, amora, and temperature along with exquisite presentation.

Arctic Char: fresh and well-prepared with snap peas and roe, wonderful pairing.

Pici Pasta: perfect al dente, hearty duck heart ragu + sea urchin, altogether a delicious surprise.

Cavatelli: stunning & satisfying dish, egg yolk gorgeously tied everything together.

Cauliflower: lovely combination of roasted cauliflower, candied tofu, black garlic + mushroom.

Lobster: perfectly cooked lobster, more potatoes would be nice, cabbage felt out of place.

Venison: beautifully cooked and moist, charmingly paired with endive.

Walnut: delightful sweet treat, perfect end to a fantastic meal.

The way the check was presented is brilliant, which turned out to be about $100 per person (worth every penny).

Loved study! Great cocktails from next door. Black and white cocktail dresses plus size Very accommodating menu to vegetarian/pescetarian diners. Yellow dresses for weddings Amazing presentation, amazing flavors. Yellow cocktail dresses for women Highlights included the lobster, the pasta dishes, mushrooms. Yellow cocktail dresses with sleeves Can’t wait to come back.

This is the typical new restaurant – fancy-ish food, interesting combinations of ingredients. Yellow cocktail dresses for sale But Study is a lot more show than taste. Yellow cocktail dresses for weddings The complicated assemblies of ingredients were either boring or just unpleasant. Cheap yellow dresses for juniors They expect you to order at least 3 dishes for a meal, because they are all tiny. Cute yellow dresses for juniors We shared four dishes total and then left to go finish our meal down the street at Commonwealth.

Trendy, Kendell Sq small-plates restaurant with excellent cocktails, decent reasonably priced wine list and a relatively small array of small plates offerings comprising interesting, unexpected combinations. Vodka cocktails crossword clue The food was good but not particularly memorable and the portions were small for the price. Drinks with whiskey and vermouth I’d rate it overall as a 3 1/2 stars if I could.

The menu items were incredibly creative, with unusual combinations and stylish presentations. Cocktail with whiskey and vermouth Small plates allowed us to sample several items, and we left feeling very satisfied but not bloated. Best cocktails new orleans The service was wonderful, as well. Yellow bridesmaid dresses images We were pleased to be able to thank the chef, who came to our table. Yellow bridesmaid dresses with sleeves We can’t wait to go back.

The food is inventive, beautiful, and very delicious, but served in ridiculously small bites. Yellow dresses for sale Care to share a pasta dish between 4-5 people? Congratulations, you each get a single small noodle (albeit a tasty one)! The most “substantial” dish according to the server? The venison. Red drinks for christmas Fast forward: venison the size of a small clementine arrives. Red drinks for kids Again, delicious, but comically small. Red dresses for girls age 11 (Actually, the most substantial dish is supposedly the chicken, but that was sold out—any wonder why?)

This means that you need to order multiple dishes (between $12-28 each) and the bill runs high. Red dresses for girls 7 16 Would it hurt the presentation that much to modestly increase the portion size? They do offer a tasting menu for $110 per person. Cute red dresses for valentine’s day That may be the way to go if you can afford it.

The other wrinkle the owners need to work out is training the servers. Cheap red dresses for valentine’s day They simply have no idea what they’re doing. Long red dresses for valentine’s day Pouring still water in glasses meant for sparkling, awkwardly trying to describe the food (with little success), apologizing that an ordered dish is no longer available, only to bring out said dish two minutes later, etc. Red dresses for sale When you’re paying so much for the food and experience, you expect the service to be at a certain level as well. Cheap red dresses plus size It currently feels like a bunch of hipster amateurs with no idea what they’re doing.

Tiny plates you that you are suppose to share. Formal red dresses plus size No problem with that part, but when you get one sunchoke to “share” it is offensive. Little red dresses for juniors Waiter was fine, but when he did ‘t mention that a dish was spicy there was no apologies or accommodations. Cheap red dresses for juniors Yes, the food was excellent, but one would have to order every item on the menu to get a full meal. Short red dresses for juniors Top prices combined with ungenerous doesn’t make me want to return.

I love good food, am willing to pay for it but when told I will need at least 2-3 dishes/person ranging from $10-30 – it’s hard to leave Study spending less than $75/PP and feeling satiated. Formal red dresses for juniors More ironic is dishes are deemed good to share. Charlie wikipedia Not really, when you consider sharing one bite per person. Green dresses for juniors While there are some dishes that are more substantial, they are still small. Green dresses to wear to a wedding I don’t need over-sized portions but I would enjoy savoring my meal with just a few bites more. Green dresses for women Also disappointed with the dessert options – all three choices were ice cream. Advocare wikipedia What happens if you are lactose intolerant or in the middle of winter don’t want an ice cold dessert?!?! Lastly the music was hateful and VERY loud. Ipod classic wikipedia page I dont find it relaxing having delicate food as is served here and listening to hard/acid rock music. Apple ipod classic wikipedia It may be great for the bar but it ruins the talent from the kitchen.

I enjoyed Study kitchen even though it was extremely expensive. White dresses boutique huntsville al I was not sure that I got my money’s worth from the restaurant: the menus were tattered, the waiters were at times slightly sarcastic, and we only had 3 glasses of wine.

Unusual format which is fine and fun, but not well presented by staff. White dresses boutique nashville They were awkward describing most of the plates. Red dresses for women with sleeves When asked what is (this) OxTail (dish) the reply was “a tail of an ox”. Red dresses for women cheap When asked what does Potato ice cream taste like the reply was “potato”. Red dresses for women plus size Flat and without imagination to tempt the diner.

Some dishes were excellent: the amuse bouche, the arctic chard, the mussels. Best cocktails in new orleans Others were disappointing: especially the OxTail that was very very fatty and overloaded with a very rich and heavy sauce.

One of my favorite restaurants in the city. Drinks made with dry vermouth My wife and I have been there several times and we keep coming back.

Study is more affordable than Journeyman but run by the same people.

Their drinks come from Ames St Deli, next door and never disappoint.

We typically get the chef’s tasting menu with pairing. Drinks made with sweet vermouth That way you get a nice progression of textures and flavors.

My friend and I went out to dinner to check out Study, which has an interesting menu and has gotten lots of positive reviews. Gin and lime cocktails crossword clue Study deserves the good press – it is indeed fun and very interesting.

We ordered three small dishes, wine by the glass, and then a cheese course. Wild cocktails from the midnight apothecary Some of the dishes we ordered were delicious, others were good. Wild cocktails Everything was creative. Wild cocktails mobile bar The wines available by the glass are very good (not the usual boring stuff). Sparkling cocktails I tasted two different red wines before picking the one I would have for my dinner (both were very good, but the one I picked was really very very good). Holiday champagne cocktails recipes The cheese course is a selection of cheeses from their interesting array of (I think) about 15 different cheeses, of different types. Hot tea cocktails recipes You get to choose which cheeses, and they explain them all to you. Wild cocktails mobile bar hosting It’s worth going to Study just for the cheese course.

One thing I can say is you don’t need to order nearly as much as they recommend — and yet you can have a lovely and interesting meal. Wild philippines This is a plus – not everyone wants to eat that much for dinner.

The noise level is not too high, so it’s still possible to have a conversation. Wild wine berries However, the space between the tables is small, so there’s not much privacy. Wild wines little rock zoo (As an example, the people sitting on one side of us seemed quite interested in what we were talking about!) The servers are professional, informed, and sufficiently attentive without being intrusive.

All to say, definitely a kitchen worth going to, and perhaps going to over and over. Wild wine We’ll be back!

It was a quiet Halloween night. Wild wine detroit zoo We decided to try a new restaurant, and stumbled upon Study, with no idea as to what we were walking into.

Study is small, and I would guess, moderately noisy when full. Sips sparkling cocktails But the food is incredibly creative: combinations such as lion’s mane mushroom with kale and seaweed; tofu with a sugary crust combined with roasted cauliflower; and my favorite — sunchokes stuffed with caramelized onion puree, an egg yolk and lemon. Summer sparkling cocktails Yum. Easy sparkling cocktails We were also served three amazing little bites with the bill: a fruit gelee, coconut coated chocolate truffle and the best macarons (praline) I’ve ever tasted. Welch’s sparkling cocktails The service was discreet but friendly, and very helpful.

Had a great late night meal at Study. Non alcoholic sparkling cocktails We stuck to the small plates and shared 3 small plates and 2 appitizers between two adults. Christmas sparkling cocktails Finished with a good cheese plate. Wild margarita recipe Overall, were out for $100 (before tip) for 2 cocktails and the aforementioned food, very good value.

The food consists mainly of very creative, beautiful, extremely tasty small plates. Long red dresses for weddings The service was attentive and fast. Black and red dresses for weddings It was quiet enough to talk easily. Champagne cocktails for brunch The decor is nothing to remark on, but who cares. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve For me it is all in the food and the food was some of the best I have had. Champagne cocktails with vodka There are a lot of restaurants in Cambridge and this one stands out for the remarkable food.

Study has to be the most interesting thing happening to food in the metro Boston area right now. Champagne cocktails for christmas The nouvelle dishes are brilliantly inventive and elaborate — shaved foie gras with oysters; rosemary and roasted peaches with lobster; marinated, roasted cauliflower with tofu — and flawlessly executed. White lillet cocktails The wine list is full of interesting, eclectic and very affordable gems for wine lovers not looking to break the bank. Lillet red cocktails Tse Wei Lim and his staff are wonderfully hospitable and professional and the service is consistently outstanding. Lillet wine cocktails The upstairs event space is also stylish and a great spot for a professional or social event. Lillet rouge cocktails Don’t miss Study.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or Lillet blanc cocktails Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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