Personal attacks towards esther mcvey were softened by phillip davies says adam helliker adam helliker columnists comment how long to cook bacon in microwave oven

Some have noted that it was worse for merseysideborn miss mcvey as she had no marital partner to whom she could turn for support in the face of such antipathy.

But that is about to change… Esther, 50, has been discussing marriage with philip davies, 46, the tory MP for shipley, west yorkshire, with whom she has had an on-off relationship for five years.

"Yes, it is something that probably will happen, when we get round to it," esther told me at a party hosted by jonathan shalit to launch his intertalent showbusiness agency.

The blonde former GMTV presenter acknowledges that knowing she had philip’s solid support when she was being publicly barracked brought the pair closer together.

"Having someone you can rely on when things are down, as well as being there for you when things are good, makes you really appreciate them."

As for setting a wedding date, when I ask philip – a politician known for his stance against political correctness – he nods in esther’s direction, murmuring meekly: "it will be up to the boss to decide."

Adam helliker

This actor was, she giggled, the chap who knew her "inside out" and the one with whom she liked to snuggle up watching "junk brit TV programmes".

Nicholas was then still living with his parents in wokingham, berkshire, but moved to los angeles to be with jennifer, and the two were a couple for four years.

Since then the kentucky-born actor, 27, has been out with another englishman, coldplay’s chris martin and, until recently, the US director darren aronofsky.

Now there is chatter that she has once again been snuggling up with nicholas, 28, whose career took off after playing the beast in the X-men films (alongside jennifer herself).

If the pair are an item again, it would be a case of better the devil you know for jen, not least because she admitted, in a rather frank exchange last week, that she hasn’t had sex for "a very long time" because she’s terrified of catching diseases.

She explained: "I’m all bark and no bite.Adam helliker I talk about sex but I don’t really do it. I’m a germaphobe so all of my boyfriends had to be checked out by a doctor beforehand so I don’t catch anything. I would like to have a relationship but it’s hard out there."

"Rather than looking back and thinking something has to last for ever, I appreciate it for what it was at the time," muses the former countdown presenter, 57.

"I call the different parts of my life ‘chapters’ and you have to make the most of every one. Some are shorter and others longer but just because one chapter comes to an end it doesn’t negate what you did in it."

Carol’s first marriage, at 24 to naval officer chris mather, ended after just a year. She later wed patrick king, with whom she had her two children katie, 25, and cameron, 20.

The inequality of women’s pay is something that continues to bug writer kathy lette, 59, who notes: "we still don’t have equal pay in britain and get concussion hitting our heads on the glass ceiling…Ocado customers and we’re expected to clean it while we’re up there."

"He’s the worst roommate," reveals lee mears, a hooker who often shared a berth with tindall (that’s a hooker in rugby, rather than a lady of the night).

It’s not snoring or excessive wind that made tindall, 39, such an annoying bedfellow on rugby tours but his obsession with his favourite plaything: online gaming.

"He loves gadgets and got me hooked on a video game, world of warcraft, which is so addictive," says lee, also 39. "After one tour my missus finally drew the line when I got into bed with her and then got out to play a game with mike online."

She observes: "several women ocado customers cancelled their account in disgust when they discovered that tim steiner, its boss, had attended.

"There was no evidence he had been caught behaving badly. However, two years ago, the very same tim steiner left his wife and four children and took up with a polish lingerie model.Ocado customers no ocado customers were reported to have objected.

"David walliams was at the same dinner and there was a move to get his children’s books banned. How long before women need proof of clean living from any man they see on television or hear on radio, or whose company they give business to?"

"There was a time, after I’d been in joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat at the palladium in the 90s, that I couldn’t get back on TV. That taught me to never take anything for granted. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, no one is irreplaceable.

"I throw everything away," declares the old hip-wriggler. "I buy a lot of shirts and I went into my cupboard the other day and thought, ‘I just can’t get any more in there’.

"I’d dearly love to think there was life after death," says the 84-year-old star. "And I think that I have all bases covered. My dad was a catholic, mum was a protestant, I was educated by jews and I married a muslim."

Ocado customers

Has the queen morphed into a corporate CEO? Her majesty is looking for a works manager at windsor castle, advertising the post as: "A vital interface, working closely with colleagues and contractors, you’ll ensure your projects consider the needs of a diverse range of internal stakeholders."

He has happy memories of murray’s club in soho but prince philip won’t be revisiting the louche watering hole where he spent languid hours in the sixties amid some dubious company.

Philip’s fondness for the cabaret club, where patrons were served by scantily-clad waitresses (who at one time included christine keeler and mandy rice-davies) prompted rumours of problems in his marriage to the queen.

Now the prince, 96, has been invited by vintage art dealer charlie jeffreys to an exhibition of club memorabilia, including illustrations of the burlesque outfits which so amused the royal eye.

"I got a lovely letter back from buckingham palace saying that, sadly, the duke is out of london on march 22 but sends us his very best wishes," says charlie. "We shall raise a glass to him on the night."