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In case you have been wondering why I have been missing in action since my last post, here is the ‘why’. Coconut flour banana bread M y daughter has been having her exams so I was busy helping her with her studies. Spelt flour banana bread Besides that, I have been busy trying to make my macaroons work. Coconut flour banana bread vegan After four failed attempts I finally managed to make nearly perfect (I guess they are nearly there J ) eggless macaroons.

If you remember, I had mentioned in one of my previous post about my macaroon fiasco. Oat flour banana bread They had gone all mushy and burnt. Almond meal banana bread Since then, I have been trying to work on them off and on. Baking soda substitute for banana bread My daughter had given up on me and told me to stop dreaming about them day and night. Banana muffins without baking powder I have this tendency that if something doesn’t work out for me in the kitchen, I stubbornly pursue it till I am able to achieve the desired results. Banana bread with cream cheese frosting So, now I know four ways how not to make/bake a macaroon!! ??

Note: I baked the macaroons on the top most rack of the oven using only the lower coil for heating and once they were done, I shifted the baking tray to second bottom shelf and used the upper coil to give a little goldenish touch to the macaroon tops.

Suggestion: Some people do not like the aroma/taste of condensed milk, for those you can use a few drops of vanilla essence or perhaps green cardamom powder.

Suggestion: Bake a single macaroon and if it comes out well, go ahead with the rest of the batch (updated on 25th Jan 12?)

Thanks for all the effort in trying to perfect these. Banana bread cookies It looks like all the work paid off, these look amazing. How to keep banana bread fresh I have never made them before and this post is very inspiring. No egg banana bread recipe Also, delicious idea with the nutella drizzle. Banana bread cookies recipe Delicious post! Reply

Fantastic recipe – LOVELY flavors – a really special treat I’m looking forward to tasting!

Thanks for popping by my blog!! I of course had to stop by yours to see what yours looked like:-) and the pictures on your blog are amazing! Those little macaroons looks delicious! I have never baked macaroons, but I have to try very soon:-) Reply

They look nicely baked. Banana bread with pecans I have never tried with condensed milk but the egg whites one with no flour does get little brown colour. Low sugar banana bread recipe Reply

What perseverance, and it looks like it really paid off. Icing for banana bread They look delicious and love the nutella drizzle. Banana and walnut bread recipe Reply

What a great recipe!! I like that they are egg-less. Banana bread bread maker I use a condense milk with dessicated coconut to make something we call coconut toffee (similar to barfi) made on the stove top. No baking soda banana bread I like that you baked these and made them a little crispy around the edges. Famous banana bread recipe Well done and hope your daughter’s exams go well. Resep banana cake breadtalk ~ Ramona Reply

Thanks so much for the kind comment and follow. Banana bread in bundt pan I love your blog, also. Jamaican banana bread recipe These macaroons, in particular, look lovely and are one of my favorites. Is banana bread good for you I have not tried these but think I will have to do so soon. One egg banana bread I’m looking forward to seeing your other recipes. Is banana bread healthy Reply

YUMMY! It has been ages since I last had coconut macaroons! Thanks for reminding me of these delightful treats! Reply

Wow! Looks delicious & nice presentation too. Is banana bread bad for you Thanks for visiting me and for your nice words ?? Reply

I hope your daughter’s exams went well!! These look so fabulous – worth all the effort! Reply

These look great, and so much easier to make than traditional. Bread maker banana bread I love macaroons but, like you have had some mishaps so i’ll have to give your recipe a try! Reply

I am so glad you were stubborn in your pursuit of the perfect macaroon! These look scrumptious! I am a huge coconut fan…and I especially love these drizzled with chocolate! : ) Reply

I don’t think I have ever made this version of a macaroon before! They look so tasty, and so cute! Can’t wait to make some soon! Reply

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful thoughts. Banana bread whole wheat flour They are appreciated each time from the bottom of my heart ?? Reply

Thank you for posting the egg less recipe of macaroons. Banana loaf cake recipe I will try it and tell you my result. Banana and walnut loaf recipe Reply

Simply amazing! My sister is always asking me to find eggless recipes, so I’m definitely gonna try your lovely macaroons! I hope the exam session was successful for your daughter! ?? Reply

An egg-less macaroons…now that’s something really special. Banana and walnut cake recipe Reply

These look delicious! I don’t think I can make a macaroon let alone an eggless one!! Reply

Macaroons have come out perfectly! Looks so tempting too! Hoping to see your participation for my ”Valentine’s Day Event” ?? Reply

I love coconut macaroons! Yours look perfectly baked! Yum!! Reply

I’m a big fan of coconut. Banana bread with bread flour I’ll bet these would be great with a cup of coffee! Reply

i love coconut macaroons.. Homemade banana nut bread i think i can make this with some creamy cashew cream! love that top shot and the colors! Reply

What a great idea Richa! Looking forward to your version coconut macaroons ?? Reply

Oh no! You got me started to crave coconut macaroons! You know I don’t bake…so I usually get these delicious coconut macaroons from this bakery…and I just passed by today wondering if I should get some, but I told myself I’m good and just skipped. Banana muffins with coconut flour Now I’m not sure anymore… I need to go back and get some. Banana cake with plain flour Yours definitely look delicious. Banana bread with coconut milk I need coffee and this for the weekend! I love your macaroons! Reply

I love these little treats and I have a whole bag of coconut left from the holidays with which to make them. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk Love it when that happens! Reply

even im that way, wont give up unless i get the recipe right! i dint know u could make macaroons without eggs, this looks great ?? Reply

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