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A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

Pies are defined by their crusts. Apple crumble tart recipe A filled pie (also single-crust or bottom-crust), has pastry lining the baking dish, and the filling is placed on top of the pastry but left open.

Easy apple crumble cake recipe A top-crust pie has the filling in the bottom of the dish and is covered with a pastry or other covering before baking. Apple crumb tart recipe A two-crust pie has the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell. Homemade apple crisp pie recipe Shortcrust pastry is a typical kind of pastry used for pie crusts, but many things can be used, including baking powder biscuits, mashed potatoes, and crumbs.

Pies can be a variety of sizes, ranging from bite-size to ones designed for multiple servings.

A 19th-century pie crimper made of ivory, in the collection of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The need for nutritious, easy-to-store, easy-to-carry, and long-lasting foods on long journeys, in particular at sea, was initially solved by taking live food along with a butcher or cook. Recipe apple crisp pie However, this took up additional space on what were either horse-powered treks or small ships, reducing the time of travel before additional food was required. Recipe apple streusel pie This resulted in early armies adopting the style of hunter- foraging.

The introduction of the baking of processed cereals including the creation of flour, provided a more reliable source of food. Apple crisp pie recipe with oatmeal Egyptian sailors carried a flat brittle bread loaf of millet bread called dhourra cake, while the Romans had a biscuit called buccellum. Easy apple crumble pie with oats [1 ]

During the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age period, the use of stone tools shaped by polishing or grinding, the domestication of plants and animals, the establishment of permanent villages, and the practice of crafts such as pottery and weaving became common. Apple pie crumb topping easy Early pies were in the form of flat, round or freeform crusty cakes called galettes consisting of a crust of ground oats, wheat, rye, or barley containing honey as a treat inside. Apple cranberry crumb pie easy These galettes developed into a form of early sweet pastry or desserts, evidence of which can be found on the tomb walls of the Pharaoh Ramesses II, who ruled from 1304 to 1237 BC, located in the Valley of the Kings. Apple pie crumb topping recipe oatmeal [2 ] Sometime before 2000 BC, a recipe for chicken pie was written on a tablet in Sumer. Apple crumble pie from scratch [3 ]

Ancient Greeks are believed to have originated pie pastry. Apple pie recipe with streusel topping In the plays of Aristophanes (5th century BC) there are mentions of sweetmeats including small pastries filled with fruit. Apple crisp pie recipe crumb topping Nothing is known of the actual pastry used, but the Greeks certainly recognized the trade of pastry-cook as distinct from that of baker. Apple pie w crumb topping recipe (When fat is added to a flour-water paste it becomes a pastry.) The Romans made a plain pastry of flour, oil, and water to cover meats and fowls which were baked, thus keeping in the juices. Easy apple crumb pie topping (The covering was not meant to be eaten; it filled the role of what was later called puff paste’) A richer pastry, intended to be eaten, was used to make small pasties containing eggs or little birds which were among the minor items served at banquets. Apple streusel pie recipe [4 ]

The 1st century Roman cookbook Apicius makes various mentions of recipes which involve a pie case. Apple pie recipe with crumb topping from scratch [5 ] By 160 BC, Roman statesman Marcus Porcius Cato (234-149 BC) who wrote De Agri Cultura, notes the recipe for the most popular pie/cake called Placenta. Apple pie recipe with crumb topping paula deen Also called libum by the Romans, it was more like a modern day cheesecake on a pastry base, often used as an offering to the gods. Simple apple pie recipe crumb topping With the development of the Roman Empire and its efficient road transport, pie cooking spread throughout Europe. Apple pie recipe crumb topping oatmeal [2 ]

Pies remained as a staple of traveling and working peoples in the colder northern European countries, with regional variations based on both the locally grown and available meats, as well as the locally farmed cereal crop. Dutch apple pie recipe crumb topping The Cornish pasty is an excellent adaptation of the pie to a working man’s daily food needs. Apple pie topping recipe [2 ]

Medieval cooks had restricted access to ovens due to their costs of construction and need for abundant supplies of fuel. Apple pie topping recipe brown sugar Pies could be easily cooked over an open fire, while partnering with a baker allowed them to cook the filling inside their own locally defined casing. Streusel apple pie recipe The earliest pie-like recipes refer to coffyns (the word actually used for a basket or box), with straight sealed sides and a top; open top pies were referred to as traps. Dutch apple pie recipe oatmeal crumb topping This may also be the reason why early recipes focus on the filling over the surrounding case, with the partnership development leading to the use of reusable earthenware pie cases which reduced the use of expensive flour. Easy apple pie recipe with streusel topping [6 ]

The first reference to “pyes” as food items appeared in England (in a Latin context) as early as the 12th century, but no unequivocal reference to the item with which the article is concerned is attested until the 14th century ( Oxford English Dictionary sb pie). Simple apple pie recipe with crumb topping [2 ]

Song birds at the time were a fine delicacy, and protected by Royal Law. Dutch apple pie with streusel topping recipe At the coronation of eight-year-old English King Henry VI (1422–1461) in 1429, “Partryche and Pecock enhackyll” pie was served, consisting of cooked peacock mounted in its skin on a peacock filled pie. Apple crisp pie crust recipe Cooked birds were frequently placed by European royal cooks on top of a large pie to identify its contents, leading to its later adaptation in pre-Victorian times as a porcelain ornament to release of steam and identify a good pie. Cinnamon roll apple pie recipe [2 ]

The Pilgrim fathers and early settlers brought their pie recipes with them to America, adapting to the ingredients and techniques available to them in the New World. Apple crisp pie recipe with oats Their first pies were based on berries and fruits pointed out to them by the Native North Americans. Best apple pie recipe food network [2 ] Pies allowed colonial cooks to stretch ingredients and also used round shallow pans to literally “cut corners,” and create a regional variation of shallow pie. Best apple pie recipe from scratch [7 ] Regional variations

Meat pies with fillings such as steak, cheese, steak and kidney, minced beef, or chicken and mushroom are popular in the United Kingdom, [8 ] Australia, South Africa and New Zealand as take-away snacks. Best apple pie recipe nigella They are also served with chips as an alternative to fish and chips at British chip shops.

Pot pies with a flaky crust and bottom are also a popular American dish, typically with a filling of meat (particularly beef, chicken, or turkey), gravy, and mixed vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and peas). Best apple pie recipe Frozen pot pies are often sold in individual serving size.

Fruit pies may be served with a scoop of ice cream, a style known in North America as pie a la mode. Best apple pie recipe martha stewart Many sweet pies are served this way. Best apple pie recipe paula deen Apple pie is a traditional choice, though any pie with sweet fillings may be served a la mode. Best apple pie recipe uk This combination, and possibly the name as well, is thought to have been popularized in the mid-1890s in the United States. Zucchini apple pie recipe crumb crust [9 ] Pie throwing

Cream filled or topped pies are favorite props for humor. Oatmeal crumble top apple pie recipe Throwing a pie in a person’s face has been a staple of film comedy since Ben Turpin received one in Mr. Crunch top apple pie recipe Flip in 1909. Apple crisp pie recipe with crumb topping [10 ] More recently, pieing has also become a political act. Apple crisp pie recipe paula deen Types

Some of these pies are pies in name only, such as the Boston cream pie, which is a cake. Best honey crisp apple pie recipe Many fruit and berry pies are very similar, varying only the fruit used in filling. Easy recipe for apple pie with crumb topping Fillings for sweet or fruity are often mixed, such as strawberry rhubarb pie.

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