Popiah goreng 10 crispy deep-fried vegetable spring rolls, served with bijan chili sauce – pdf

1 A P P E T I S E R S Popiah Goreng 10 Crispy deep-fried vegetable spring rolls, served with Bijan chili sauce Pegedil 12 Fried potato patties filled with minced chicken, served with Bijan chili sauce Cucur Udang 14 Golden fritters of deep-fried prawns & vegetable strips, served with Bijan chili sauce Cucur Bijan 12 Crisp-fried vegetable fritters of tofu, sweet potato & tempeh matchsticks with bean sprouts & spring onions. Healthy brown rice and shrimp recipe Served with Bijan s homemade peanut & chili sauce Daging Bungkus Kukus 13 Delicate parcels of steamed minced meat, herbs & coconut gravy wrapped within a layer of thin pancake Otak-Otak 13 Steamed seafood mousse in kaduk leaf served with toasted Hailam bread Satay 21 Half dozen skewered chicken & beef fillets, marinated in spiced honey & grilled over charcoal fire Aneka Pembuka Selera 36 A selection of Bijan s starters; cucur udang, popiah goreng, daging bungkus kukus & pegedil

2 M E A T Rendang Tok 40 Traditional slow-cooked caramelised beef in aromatic spices & coconut milk Daging Panggang 50 Slices of chargrilled marinated Australian sirloin served with a spicy tamarind dip & sambal belacan Gulai Lemak Daging Salai dengan Jantung Pisang 55 Banana flower simmered in thick turmeric gravy topped with chargrilled marinated Australian sirloin slices Rusuk Panggang 75 Sticky, chargrilled marinated Australian short ribs, served with pegedil, sweet soy sauce & sambal belacan Opor Rusuk 75 Australian beef ribs slow-cooked in a thick gravy of aromatic spices, toasted coconut, palm sugar & coconut milk Gulai Daging dengan Batang Keladi 45 Australian sirloin braised with yam stems in spiced aromatic curry Kambing Berempah Sambal Dendeng 58 Baked Australian lamb loin marinated in turmeric, lemongrass, ginger & spices

3 P O U L T R Y Ayam Masak Kuzi 30 Tender chicken pieces, fresh tomatoes, almond & raisins simmered in spiced coconut milk gravy Ayam Masak Merah 30 Fried chicken pieces simmered in a sweet & spicy sauce of chilies, tomatoes & spices Ayam Ketumbar Sambal Tomato 30 Crisp-fried chicken pieces served with a spicy tomato sambal Ayam Kampung Limau Purut 40 Free-range village chicken simmered in a spicy gravy of chilies, turmeric, kaffir lime & coconut milk Rendang Itik Bijan 60 Juicy & tender deep-fried marinated duck breast & leg topped with our aromatic rendang sauce

4 SEAFOOD Sotong Hitam Manis 35 Squid cooked with chili paste, lemongrass & squid ink Sotong Sambal Hijau 33 Marinated squid cooked with spicy green chili sambal Gulai Lemak Ikan Siakap 45 Seabass fillets simmered in a thick turmeric curry with fresh tomatoes & sour carambola* *young mango is used as seasonal replacement Ikan Siakap Sos Asam 75 Deep-fried seabass served with a tangy blend of peanut & tamarind sauce, slices of raw four angled bean, red onions & red chilies Masak Lemak Ikan Kurau dengan Pisang Kapas 48 Threadfin fillets cooked in lightly spiced coconut milk with young banana Masak Lemak Udang dengan Nenas 50 Prawns & pineapple chunks cooked in lightly spiced turmeric & coconut curry Masak Lemak Udang Tempoyak 50 Prawns sauteed in a creamy fermented durian sauce with kaffir lime leaf & onions Rendang Udang Nogori 55 Prawns cooked in an aromatic infusion of spices, herbs & spicy bird s eye chilies with coconut milk Kari Udang Galah (seasonal price) King prawns cooked in a rich curry of spices with coconut milk Udang Galah Panggang (seasonal price) Chargrilled marinated king prawns. Vermicelli and shrimp recipe Served with spicy tamarind dip & sambal belacan

5 VEGETABLE Terong Goreng Bercili 12 Fried eggplant sauteed with spicy chili paste & shallots Kerabu Mangga 15 Spicy & sour young mango salad tossed in lime & chili dressing with torch ginger flower, ginger & roasted peanuts Kacang Buncis Goreng dengan Udang 20 Crisp baby french beans stir-fried with prawns & garlic Asparagus Goreng Belacan 20 Asparagus stir-fried with spicy prawn paste Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak 23 Wild fern stir-fried with chili, caramelised coconut & shrimp Kerabu Nangka 18 Roasted young jackfruit & herb salad tossed in a spicy & tangy coconut milk dressing Kerabu Pucuk Paku Daging Salai 26 Wild fern salad with chargrilled beef slices tossed in a lime, torch ginger & shallot dressing Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku dengan Cendawan Sisir 23 Wild fern, prawns & wild mushroom cooked in spicy turmeric & coconut curry Masak Lemak Cendawan Tiram dengan Udang 20 Oyster mushroom & prawns cooked in a rich & spicy curry of turmeric & coconut milk

6 R I C E Nasi Putih 4 Steamed white rice Nasi Lemak 8 Rice cooked in coconut milk & served with deep fried anchovies, peanut & sambal Nasi Minyak 8 Spiced fragrant rice served with acar & fruit relish Nasi Goreng Kunyit 25 Fried rice with prawns, sambal tumis & turmeric leaves, served with chicken satay & fish crackers

7 D E S S E R T Homemade Ice Cream 7 Bijan s homemade ice cream; durian, pandan, coconut, bandung & spiced teh tarik Pandan Cendol Ice Cream 9 Pandan ice cream topped with cendol pieces & palm sugar syrup Pandan Pudding 10 Cream pudding infused with fragrant pandan leaves & palm sugar syrup Sago Gula Melaka 10 A true Malaysian classic! Chilled sago served with coconut milk & palm sugar syrup Corn Creme Brulee 12 The classic French dessert infused with the much-loved local flavour of sweet corn Coconut Creme Caramel 12 Cream pudding of coconut milk with caramel syrup Banana Fritters with Coconut Ice Cream 15 Banana fritters laced with palm sugar syrup, sesame seeds & served with a scoop of coconut ice cream Gula Melaka Cake 15 Steamed palm sugar sponge cake served warm with a shot of caramelised palm sugar sauce & coconut ice cream Chocolate Durian Cake 18 Creamy durian sandwiched between moist chocolate cake & coated in chocolate ganache Durian Cheesecake 18 A rich cheesecake of mascarpone, cream cheese & generous portions of creamy durian on a chocolate biscuit base Mango Cheesecake 15 A rich cheesecake of cream cheese & mangoes on a cream cracker base

lemongrass MODERN THAI CUISINE appetizers 1 Fresh Garden Roll (4) Fresh veggies wrapped in rice paper, served with hoisin sauce with crushed peanuts. Brown rice shrimp avocado recipe 2 Crispy Spring Roll (3) 5.95 4.95 Veggie rolls deep-fried

Thai Square – Trafalgar Square Vegetarian menu Starter A selection of several vegetarian starters Vegetable spring rolls, crispy seaweed, vegetable golden sack, vegetable steam bun and vegetable balls.

Spring Rolls (3 pcs) Crispy spring rolls with cabbage, carrots and clear noodles in rice wrappers. Goya yellow rice and shrimp recipe Served with homemade sweetchili

APPITIZERS Fresh Rolls (2 Pcs) Fresh avocado and Tofu or shrimp or Mango wrapped in delicate rice paper with vegetables, fresh basil leaves, carrots and rice noodles $5.95 Spring Rolls (3 pcs) Crispy spring

Bringing you the best of the Far East Sampans restaurant brings you the very best Pan-Asian cuisine with a collection of dishes to suit all tastes. Baked shrimp and rice recipes We also have a great selection of desserts and teas that

Zheng. Chicken recipes with rice and tomatoes the dining experience second to none! Management of Zheng

m e n u Welcome to Zheng the dining experience second to none! Fleet Admiral and diplomat, Zheng He, was one of the most famous explorers in the history of China. Pasta and shrimp recipes easy Born in the late 14th Century, Zheng was


MSG-FREE MENU MSG-FREE MENU All dishes at Four Sisters Restaurant are prepared to order. Chicken and rice recipes for dinner Our normal kitchen operations may involve shared cooking and preparation areas. Chicken and rice soup recipes from scratch Please be advised that food prepared

Westwood Retirement Resort II 09/21/2014-09/27/2014. Red beans rice and shrimp recipes Westwood Retirement Resort II Sunday, September 21, 2014. Chicken and rice recipes easy Spice Cake

Sunday, September 21, 2014 Five-Bean Soup Cranberry Wine Salad % Baked Sole Almondine Fillet of sole baked with onion, garlic, lemon and slivered almonds. Chicken and rice recipes easy for dinner Beef Tips Tender beef tips simmered in a mushroom

Monkey & Me Starter 01. Chinese shrimp and rice recipes Monkey Mixed Starter (for 2 people) 10.95 A selection of spring roll, chicken satay, prawn toast, fish cake and crispy wonton. Simple rice and shrimp recipes 02. Chicken breast and rice recipes easy Me Mixed Starter (for 2 people) 10.95 A selection

Specials. Skillet chicken and rice recipes easy Breast Breaded or grilled natural chicken breast Pan Fried or Grilled Pork Chops. Baked chicken and rice recipes easy One Half Fried Chicken.

Monday s Dinner Features Whipped Potatoes Green Beans Yams Buttered Corn Baked Potato (served after 3 p.m.) Soup of the Day California Mix Fried Apples Fruit Gelatin Coleslaw Combo Salad Noodles Macaroni

8.20 Tom Yum king prawn or chicken or vegetables made with fresh chilli, lime juice, lime leaves, mushrooms, tomatoes, galangal & lemon grass

T H A I M E N U AVAILABLE FROM 12 NOON S T A R T E R S Thai Sticky Ribs Sweet Chilli Ribs 2.75 Vegetable Spring Rolls (2) served with plum sauce Crab Spring Roll (2) 6.50 King Prawn Filo (6) 5.20 Thai

DINNER MENU We highly recommend doing family style at Fang Restaurant. Baked chicken breast and rice recipes easy Create a nice selection of appetizers, entrees and veggie side dishes and eat like most Asian Families at home or out. Easy chicken and rice recipes for dinner If you can’t

Appetizers. Chicken and wild rice recipes easy (Dumpling with Napa cabbage, carrot, & onion, then pan-fry perfection) (Dumpling with pork & napa cabbage, then pan-fry perfection)

At Chopsticks House you ll find a variety of Chinese favorites prepared with the utmost pride. Chicken and wild rice recipes baked There is absolutely NO MSG used in any of our cooking! We use the freshest vegetables, finest seafood and

hakka cuisine is an elegant fusion of unique hakka chinese recipes with distinct indian spices and flavours. Chicken and rice recipes healthy over 100 years ago the original recipe

hakka cuisine is an elegant fusion of unique hakka chinese recipes with distinct indian spices and flavours. Chicken and brown rice recipes healthy over 100 years ago the original recipe traveled from mei zhou, china to india with the hakka

Starters 1. Baked chicken and rice recipes healthy Pu Ja Mixed Starters – 5.25 per person A selection of authentic Thai starters with various sauces. Chicken and rice dinner recipes 1a. Easy chicken and rice dinner recipes Popia Tod Jay – 5.25 Thai spring rolls, crispy wrappers surrounding a mix of stir fried

To fully appreciate the depth and breadth of our unique offering, we would encourage you to share dishes with your fellow diners.

Quilon prides itself on offering the very best in south west coastal Indian. Easy chicken and rice recipes healthy Here you will find an exquisite range of contemporary and healthy dishes that are created with flair, style and a deep respect

Eggrolls. Chicken and jasmine rice recipes rolls) (4) Ground pork, carrots, taro & rice noodles marinated and wrapped in crispy rice paper, served with a sweet chili sauce.

A1. Ground beef and jasmine rice recipes Nime Chow (Fresh Spring Rolls) (2)… Chicken breast and jasmine rice recipes $2.95 Choice of Pork, Chicken, Tofu or Shrimp Fresh rice paper hand rolled with lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, & rice noodles served w. Chicken and rice dish recipes peanut sauce or hoisin (oil

stellar cuisine and warm, intuitive service is the hallmark of luxe catering services. Chicken and rice hot dish recipes Buffet Offers

luxe brings culinary expertise and personalized service to your next special occasion, from corporate functions and lunches to private meals or cocktail receptions. Easy chicken and white rice recipes with experienced staffs that include

Welcome to. Shrimp and rice recipes easy China Palace. Rice and shrimp recipes Oriental Restaurant. Easy shrimp and rice recipes Opening Times. Shrimp and white rice recipes Monday to Saturday 5.00pm to 11.00pm

Welcome to China Palace Oriental Restaurant Opening Times Monday to Saturday 5.00pm to 11.00pm Sunday Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm Sunday Evening 5.00pm to 11.00pm Main Street, Brandesburton East Yorkshire YO25

THE BEACH RESTAURANT Open Daily 19:00 22:00hr A true feast for the senses, the fine dining concept at The Beach will mesmerize you with its signature dishes using nothing but the freshest of ingredients.

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions. Rice and shrimp recipes easy Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dear Guest, Christmas parties should be festive and fun – with plenty of great food, great service and great times. Healthy shrimp and rice recipes At Red Spoon Thai, we ll make sure your Christmas function is an unforgettable celebration!

BRUSCHETTA 7.90 Tomato, basil, spanish onion, oregano and garlic, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil on lightly toasted bread

STARTER PIZZAS GARLIC CHEESE PIZZA 12.90 Garlic, mozzarella cheese and parsley BRUSCHETTA PIZZA 14.90 Garlic, tomato, fresh basil, spanish onion, olive oil and oregano MEDITERRANEAN PIZZA 16.90 Cherry

Montagu Bar Menu. Easy shrimp and rice recipes for dinner 11am until 6pm. Shrimp and rice dish recipes Soup and Sandwiches. Shrimp and rice recipes for dinner Soup of the Day. Simple shrimp and rice recipes Homemade Soup of the Day, Warm Bread, Ivy House Farm Butter.

Montagu Bar Menu 11am until 6pm Soup and Sandwiches Soup of the Day Homemade Soup of the Day, Warm Bread, Ivy House Farm Butter 8 Croque Monsieur Classic Toasted Ham, Gruyere and Dijon Mustard Sandwich

Japanese fried dumpling with chicken and vegetables. Shrimp and brown rice recipes Deep fried tofu served with a dashi based sauce with scallions and bonito flakes.

Appetizers Edamame… Shrimp and rice recipes healthy 4.95 Lightly salted, boiled green soybeans Gyoza… Quick and easy shrimp and rice recipes 7.95 Japanese fried dumpling with chicken and vegetables Agedashi Tofu… Shrimp and rice dinner recipes 8.95 Deep fried tofu served with a dashi based sauce

Leigh Golf Club Wedding Pack 2016 1 Leigh Golf Club What can we do? Here at Leigh Golf Club we know planning a wedding reception can be a daunting task, so we strive to help make your perfect dream become

Hors d oeuvres Menu. Quick shrimp and rice recipes Our featured platters make an elegant addition to any Special Event. Shrimp and wild rice recipes Small serves 10 to 15 Large serves 15-20

Hors d oeuvres Menu Our featured platters make an elegant addition to any Special Event Small serves 10 to 15 Large serves 15-20 Cold Appetizers Shrimp Cocktail Steamed succulent 16/20 count shrimp with

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