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SHARON — the eponymous porchlight at the newest bar in town remains an outside brass coach lamp with a warm amber incandescent light, hung on the sprawling porch of a white victorian house.

The light is a signal of sorts to serious wine connoisseurs in the region, much like the fictional jay gatsby’s illumination to daisy buchanan in the novel “the great gatsby” (sans the star-crossed conclusion).

Since the bar’s opening in september 2017, customers have enjoyed glasses of wine, beer, and small plates at the porchlight wine bar at 19 west main street, thursdays through sundays. Visitors range from elderly pillars of the community to nose-ringed twenty-somethings with punk haircuts. A new age healer may be speaking in french with an acclaimed avant-garde writer. Locals and new yorkers mix together. They are all united by a love of good wine, and the porchlight has an extensive menu of just that ingredient.

Server theresa sheremeta, who is always at the ready to recommend the right wine for the occasion, agreed that there was always a wide array of customers.Abut said that sunday afternoon, sheremeta poured glasses of a 2014 tomàs cusiné llebre tempranillo for the owners to taste.

Ms. Abut said an expansion will be happening in the future. The right-most wall will be knocked down to expand into a room of the large house that contains a fireplace.

Currently the porchlight’s décor sports a subdued, dimly-lit, tasteful air, contributed to by dark polo-blue walls, glossy gray ceilings, painted walnut wood floors, and an intimate salon-like décor. Eight compact and orderly modern-looking walnut tables and scoop-back wegman-style chairs adorn either side of the bar as one enters the bar. One is walking on what resembles an antique indian amritsar runner rug. Tables’ candles contribute to the quiet, hallowed atmosphere. A large antique map of connecticut and long island sound from 1815 hangs on the left wall while two gilded oval mirrors hang on the right wall.

Farther inside the room, a vase with an explosion of wildflowers greets one’s view at the end of a reverse-L-shaped carrera marble bar, with the same aforementioned shade of polo-blue base and cushions atop five gunmetal-finish metal bar stools.Abut works hooks adorn the front of each seat, so that one can hang one’s purse, scarf, or jacket.

Past a smaller purplish indian rug, another small table and chairs is found with a small beige lamp and beneath a rectangular, panoramic, near-impressionistic photograph of a solitary rower by theo coulombe, a local artist new to the area (his gallery standard space resides around the corner at 147 main street) and who is a regular patron at the bar (coulombe also periodically bartends there).

Mr. Abut added: “and the customers are such an array of people. They are so much fun. We get people from lakeville and from millerton (new york). We still have people who don’t know yet about us but we are currently not advertising.”

The abuts said the lack of advertising is due to the name of the bar likely being changed in the near future. This is due to a cease-and-desist letter received recently from a new york city hospitality company that alleges that the abut’s bar’s name infringes on the company’s previously possessed same name.Abut works mr. Abut said that they wish to keep the tone of the name intact, with its call to bring visitors home to a welcoming place. The abuts have batted around various possibilities, and ms. Abut said the bar may hold an instagram-based contest to select a new name. Mr. Abut, however, said the name will likely become the brass porchlight.

Mr. Abut explained that prior to opening the porchlight, they had done an extensive trademark search. “apparently the searches are separated by states,” he added.

But the abuts are not worried about this temporary bump in the road. “it is just one of those growing pains of a business,” ms. Abut shrugged.

Mr. Abut explained that the motif of the porchlight comes from his childhood in long island. His family would hang a light at the front of their house and it wouldn’t be extinguished until every family member arrived home. “they kept it on until the last kid came home,” said mr. Abut. “that is why I want to keep some form of the name.”

abut works

Advertising or not, business at the bar remains steady, with 30 to 40 customers per night. Libations at the bar range from $9 to $16 per glass, and $32 to $60 per bottle. Coulombe and sheremeta present discriminating wine menus that include such white-wine vintages as a 2016 leigenfeld, huber grüner veltliner from austria and a 2015 domaine vigneau-chevreau, vouvray chenin blanc from france. Reds include a 2013 macrostie winery and vineyards, pinot noir from california; a 2016 terres d’avignon, cypress cuvée côte de rhône rouge blend from france; and, of course, the afore-mentioned tempranillo sampled by the abuts.

The abuts moved to sharon in july 2016, keeping an apartment in the upper west side of manhattan. During the week, ms. Abut works in human resources at ondeck, an online small-business lending company; mr. Abut works in blackberry mobile phone sales for the banking and private-equity industries. He had also worked in the restaurant industry in his 20s and 30s, planting the seed for his future business endeavor.Abut explained

“we got tired of summers in new york,” explained ms. Abut about their move to the northwest corner, adding later, “we took vacations in april and in october. We originally looked at opening a restaurant in new york but the cost was prohibitive. We looked at dutchess county at first. And then we saw that connecticut’s taxes were so cheaper and the region so much prettier.”

In the sprawling house that used to be a doctor’s office, the porchlight shares the address with a hair salon in the back and an active airbnb online-vacation-rental space upstairs.

Ms. Abut said she loves the personable quality of the region: “we have met more people here in one year than in all of our many years in our new york apartment building.”

When asked how the abuts handle dividing their time between new york city and sharon, ms. Abut said, “we have the best of both worlds. We are working seven days a week, but we have a great and dedicated staff.”

The wine menu also includes selections of rosés and sparkling wines.Abut said there is also a smaller selection of bottled and canned beers, including shiner bock from texas (a nod to where ms. Abut originally hails from); two roads lil’ heaven IPA, stratford; big elm gerry dog stout from sheffield, mass.; and others. Non-alcoholic beer includes clausthaler from germany.

The ever-changing menu of small plates includes “not-so-deviled eggs,” which features halved eggs with dijonnaise mustard and radish, and “devils-on-horsebacks” with dates stuffed with bacon. A generously-sized meat-and-cheese board, as well as a flatbread that sports mozzarella, blue cheese, and pears glazed with balsamic vinegar, make subtle companions to the offered wines.

In warmer months, the bar’s porch offers outdoor seating with tasteful cookout tables and white wide-rattan chairs. The overall feel of the place is that you have been invited to an exclusive cocktail party where the conversation is deliciously hushed but always interesting.

The abuts said they plan on holding more wine-related events this spring.Abut works A class discussing biodynamic organic wine from an oregon winemaker will take place at the end of march. Previously in january, the porchlight hosted a class with winemaker maria alfonso of finca volvoreta, a vineyard in zamora, spain.

“we will also be taking a vacation in mid-march to california that will include seminars at brumaire, oakland’s natural wine fair, and visiting santa barbara wineries,” ms. Abut said.

The porchlight wine bar’s hours are thursday, 5 p.M. To 10 p.M.; friday and saturday, 5 p.M. To 11 p.M.; and sunday, 3 p.M. To 7 p.M. The telephone number is 860-397-5259. Www.Porchlightsharon.Com/