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JUSTIN Westhoff is a humanitarian with a deep social conscience who also happens to play football for Port Adelaide – and he’s bringing food with thought to the streets.

Westhoff and childhood mate Scott Rogasch, two Tanunda men who have known each other since they were little 10-year-old tackers playing football in the Barossa Valley, has formed the Forage Supply Co and it is evolving at such a pace it is now a fulltime gig for Rogasch. Restaurants and fast food near me Port Adelaide’s Justin Westhoff and co-founder Scott Rogasch with their Forage Supply Co. What fast food restaurants are open today food truck . What fast food restaurants are open right now Picture: Calum Robertson

Westhoff is a quietly spoken type — his first nickname at Alberton was “Humphrey” (B Bear) because of his reluctance to waste words — but when he speaks about his life and ambitions away from the game there’s a weight of conviction behind his words.

Westhoff and Rogasch first got their heads together to do something that reflected their roots in country SA.

“The idea was to start up our own wine label and that was pretty much it,” Westhoff says.

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“We wanted to use the vineyard up there and make some quality wine to share among family evolved.

“It kind of evolved into to what we really wanted to achieve in that, whether it was just to make really good wine or if we wanted to have a bit of a point of difference and if wanted to sell it in the long run.

(Most wines are not vegan because of finishing products that include milk protein, egg whites and animal proteins.)

“That’s the path we went down and we found a trend throughout the world (towards sustainability), in Europe, which way people were going, how we could promote it and make it spread the word.

“That’s how the van came about. List of fast food restaurants near me It stared with the wine but has taken off into where we’ve partnered up with the Hutt St Centre (for the homeless in Adelaides’ east end) and are doing a lot of work with them.

“Our philosophy is to have the most sustainable practice as possible.

“With our food, it’s locally produced, locally sourced. Chinese food restaurants around me Just making small changes in your lifetime to benefit the environment.

“Even to think that we buy bottled water when you can have a drink bottle and fill up from rain water; it’s just ridiculous.

“That’s sort of the vibe we’re going to. Food restaurants that deliver We’re just trying to educate people in certain ways that you can reduce certain things in your life.

“If you can have one plant-based meal a week you’re saving X amount of water. Restaurant food waste We’re saying you can’t eat meat, but just trying to bridge a gap.” Westhoff and Rogasch with his Forage Supply Co. Fast food restaurants open christmas day food truck. Chinese food restaurants that deliver near me Photo: Calum Robertson

Westhoff speaks about the vast offerings from the region, which goes beyond the obvious — wine and small goods.

Sourcing local food is also central to the Forage Supply Co’s vision; to leave less of a footprint on the environment while dishing up high-quality food.

“We still want to promote where we’re from and we’re from the Barossa,” Westhoff says. Fast food restaurant coupons “Even though it’s predominantly known for smallgoods there’s some amazing produce that people don’t know about.

Westhoff has the beard of a hipster and a down-to-earth approach to life, raising his family in a quiet part of the Adelaide Hills.

He still studies architecture, but admits that his passion is closer to what he and Rogasch had begun.

In particular the bit about helping those who have landed on their knees.

During the Fringe festival, their company hired 12 people from the Hutt St Centre who are trying to climb out of homelessness and Westhoff could not speak more highly about their contributions.

“Giving those guys an opportunity and vouch for them for future jobs, to help them to actually find fulltime jobs, which they find really difficult to do,” Westhoff says.

“Also a big part of us is to donate food back to the homeless. Healthy food restaurants near me Just providing people who are doing it tough with a healthy option.

“Every avenue we’re going down, the food and the wine, it’s about helping.

“It’s definitely a passion of mine. Restaurants that deliver food near me I’ve been an ambassador for Hutt St for eight or 10 years now.

“It’d be easy for us to go out there and hire people looking for work and there’s a stigma attached to certain things.

“People tend to stay away from the guys who are coming out of a homeless background.

“But realistically they can do the same things. Food restaurants that deliver near me One of our clients used to be a German teacher who came on some hard times and found himself in that position, being out of a home.

“Others might have gone through a mental breakdown and find it hard to get back in the work force, what they did before doesn’t suit them where they are at now.

“Some businesses tend to find that hard to deal with but to us … Chinese food restaurants that deliver these guys are that keen to work and they’ve just been amazing ambassadors for us even though we haven’t asked them to do that.

“If we can change that stigma for certain people, that certain demographic, then that’s the road we want to go down.

“The people that you meet … Fast food restaurants open late near me the experience of the whole project opens up your eyes.

“As a footy player you tend to live in this bubble, this wheel of what it is to be an AFL footballer.

“Doing a few shifts at Hutt St opened my eyes to how easy it can be to help people out and help change their lives in a certain way.”

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