Questionable pies and other flint-area restaurant violations how to cook perfect bacon in oven

Below is a list of genesee county restaurants that had "priority" or "priority foundation" violations, according to health department reports.

According to michigan food law and code, "priority items are a measurable action that directly eliminates or reduces a hazard associated with foodborne illness prevention. Priority foundation items are specific actions to support or enable priority items. For example, you need soap for effective hand washing. Other examples might be equipment or personnel training."

Priority item: corrected during inspection. Food is obtained from an unapproved source. Several desserts on premise were home prepared. Receipts provided for cakes that were prepared by the cookie jar bakery, a licensed facility. The following items were not listed on the receipts provided and no other proof of purchase was produced: seven slices of coconut cake, two whole pound cakes, one banana pudding cheesecake, one whole sweet potato pie, ten square pieces of pecan pie and three slices of german chocolate cake.Action taken

discard foods from unapproved source. Discontinue serving home prepared foods. Action taken: all of the above items were discarded.

Priority item: corrected during inspection. Food is obtained from an unapproved source. This writer witnessed two large foil pans of corn bread dressing made in a private home being delivered to the restaurant. There were an additional two pans on the food prep table, in addition to a half pan in the front service area steam table. Discard foods and discontinue serving food from an unapproved source. Action taken: the dressing was discarded by the person in charge.

Priority item repeat: A direct connection exists between the sewage system and a drain from the food prep sink in the back and the dough food prep sink in the front. The drain lines from both sinks are down in the floor drains or are not at least one inch up out of the floor drains. Design the sewage system in a manner that would preclude a direct connection between the sewage system and the drain from which food/ice is placed.Priority item raise up and/or cut off these lines so that there is a clear air gap of at least one inch between them and the floor drain. This is to protect the food in the event of a back-up.

Priority foundation item repeat: corrected during inspection. Observed some temperature control for safety foods with eight-day date marking system. Two out of six items were in disposition. Discard cheese sauce and baked beans. Adjust method or procedures so that all ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods are date marked with a date not to exceed seven days. Action taken: certified food manager properly date marked items that were not in disposition and discarded two items that were in disposition.

Priority item repeat: corrected during inspection. Observed container of cheese sauce with eight-day date marking system past day of disposition, baked beans with discard date of march 9 and canned baked beans with cooked bacon added. Discard potentially contaminated or unsafe foods.Action taken action taken: certified food manager discarded beans and cheese.

Priority item: corrected during inspection. Meat slicer observed with dried on meat. Clean food contact surfaces any time contamination has occurred. Action taken: staff disassembled slicer and machine washed, rinsed and sanitized parts.

Priority item repeat: corrected during inspection. It appeared that home canned salsa and spaghetti sauce were in a delfield cold top reach-in cooler. No home prepared or home canned foods are allowed, even for employee consumption. Discard foods from unapproved sources. Action taken: home canned food was opened and disposed.

Priority foundation item: A test kit for chlorine is not available. Provide a test kit (litmus paper) to set up and monitor your wiping cloth and ware wash solutions.

Priority item: "meijer concentrated original bleach" used as sanitizer. This is not approved. It is not labeled for food service/restaurant use. Use approved sanitizers.Action taken bleach must not have an odor additive and must have the following information on the label: the percent of sodium hypochlorite, an EPA registration number (usually by the UPC) and instructions for food service, food-contact and restaurant use, not just home and laundry use. Provide approved bleach.