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I can’t take credit for inventing this recipe but I will take credit for sharing it. Best bundt cake recipes from scratch A while back I went to one of my favorite local Italian restaurants. The best cake recipes from scratch My friend Joe happens to be the owner of this fine establishment. Italian sponge cake recipes from scratch I hadn’t seen him in a while so I asked the waitress to ask him to come over to my table so I could say hello.

Italian cream cheese cake recipes from scratch He came over, we hugged and caught up on life. Best non alcoholic summer drink recipes We both work a lot of hours and other than our kids attending college, not a whole lot had changed since the last time we met. Spanish non alcoholic drink recipes After finishing my dinner the waitress brought over a complimentary slice of pie. Best pound cake recipes from scratch The first thing that popped into my head was Oh My Goodness…I just ate enough for two people, where am I going to put this? I mustered up every ounce of energy I had and took a bite of this Cannoli Cream Pie sent down from the Gods. Free recipes for chicken enchiladas It was rich and creamy and sweet and smooth and Oh My God DELICIOUS!

Joe came back over to my table and I told him he didn’t have to do that but I’m glad he did. German bread recipes for bread machine He smiled and told me that a lot of his customers tell him “They love his cannoli cream and wish they could have it all the time.” Then he rattled off the recipe without even thinking about it and I REMEMBERED EVERY DETAIL.

With that said I would like to Thank you Joe for making life a little bit better. Spanish chocolate cake recipes After tasting this Cannoli Cream pie I hope you agree.

• Open a bottle of your favorite red wine and pour it into a decanter.

• Now pour a glass for yourself and anyone that might be helping you.

• You can use a pre-made store bought pie crust or you can make your own. Wheat free bread recipes for bread machines In this recipe I used a store bought Graham Cracker Pie crust. Gluten free recipes chicken and rice Take the plastic cover off the pie crust.

• Place 8 ounces of chopped chocolate bars into a microwave safe measuring cup. Japanese drink recipes for kids Microwave, uncovered, on high for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or until chocolate is soft enough to stir. Free cake recipes with pictures Add the vegetable oil and stir until the oil is no longer visible.

• Using a pastry brush or barbeque brush to coat the inside of the pie crust. French cake recipes with pictures Be sure to get the sides also. Italian recipes with pictures In addition to adding flavor, the chocolate will keep the pie crust from getting soggy.

• Place pie in freezer for 8 to 10 minutes until chocolate is dry.

• While the chocolate is drying place the sliced almonds on a cookie sheet and toast until light brown. Mexican recipes with pictures Toasting of the almonds brings out more of the flavor. Ole mexican foods recipes Be careful when toasting the sliced almonds because if you turn your back for a minute they can burn. Traditional mexican foods recipes I use a toaster oven and peek in on them often. Indian cuisine recipes with pictures Also have an oven mitt and plate handy.

• As soon as the sliced almonds start to turn brown, remove them from the oven and carefully dump them on a plate. Chinese cuisine recipes with pictures If left on the cookie sheet they will continue to toast and might even burn.

• By the time the almonds are out of the oven the chocolate on the pie crust should be dry. Mexican recipes cookies Remove the pie crust from the freezer and place on working surface.

• Gently spread the cannoli cream into the pie crust until it looks even.

• Place a star pastry tube into the pastry bag then add Cool Whip into the bag. Mexican recipes cookbook Top the cannoli cream any way you like. Mexican dinner recipes for two Chances are if you have a pastry bag and star tube you know how to use it. Italian dinner party recipes If you don’t have a pastry bag or star tube you can top the cannoli cream with Cool Whip using a spoon and spreading it evenly. Chinese dinner party recipes Don’t be too critical on how it looks because the taste will more than make up for any imperfections.

• Drizzle some left over chocolate on the pie and there you have it!

Well – true to form, as I was checking out your profile page my eyes settled on the wine…..and then found the recipe for this CANNOLI PIE!!! I love writing and the outdoors but also spend many hours baking, cooking and anything else to do with food. Mexican dinner party recipes My favorite dessert are Cannoli’s.

I have printed this out and will be attempting to create it. Best dinner recipes with chicken I guess when I’m finished I’ll have to eat it. Mexican dinner recipes with ground beef It’s a tough job but someone has to step up to the “plate.”

I will do my best to follow the all-important wine sipping instructions scattered throughout the recipe. Best dinner recipes easy It’s such a coincidence as most of my recipes call for this extremely important ingredient as well.

I actually looked up a recipe for Cannoli cream, ran out to the store and bought the stuff for the cream and your pie.. Indian dinner recipes easy I’ve made it and it’s chilling in the fridge… Best dinner recipes healthy will let you know soon how it turned out!

The pie was awesome! Instead of doing the toasted almonds, I just used mini chocolate chips and sprinkled them around on the top. Indian recipes potatoes I couldn’t find the sliced almonds at the store, though I know they surely have them. Italian recipes potatoes The store is still new to me so I’m still learning where everything is. Mexican recipes potatoes Also, I think I used too much chocolate on the crust… Indian recipes potatoes and peas it was a bit hard to cut after it cooled for a while but other than that, the pie was delicious.. Italian recipes desserts my husband LOVED it! I told him, now this is an Italian dessert so it may be a bit different… Mexican recipes desserts but it was great. Healthy peruvian recipes I’m planning on making another one soon, maybe for Thanksgiving 🙂 Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Well, whether you take the plastic wrapper off the prepared crust or not, won’t make much difference in the taste will it? Sorry, I can’t abide those prepared crusts, graham cracker or pastry. Quick mexican vegetarian recipes Making your own from scratch is so easy and they’re a thousand times better, but otherwise your recipe sounds intriguing. Authentic mexican vegetarian recipes If Jamie Brock tried it and blessed it, then I’m for it too, and willing to give it a try — with my own homemade crust of course. Healthy mexican vegetarian recipes 😉 Jamie is surly one of the most creative people on this planet.

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