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If you are looking for a quick and easy side dish recipe that tastes great and is low in Points +, then this Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe will make you squeal with delight! It only requires a few ingredients, but you’ll be surprised at how amazing yummy these potatoes turn out. Super moist banana bread recipe It’s a great, low calorie potato recipe for any dieter. Simple recipe for banana bread I make this dish for my family a LOT and they love it. Recipe banana nut bread Plus, these Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes go really well with a variety of main courses, and is a great option if you need a fast weeknight meal side dish.

This easy Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s a great accompaniment to a variety of meals. How make banana bread The pre-made Ranch Seasoning makes preparation a snap and adds fantastic flavor.

• In a large bowl add potatoes and spray lightly with the cooking spray. Quick banana bread recipe Then, add in the Ranch mix and salt, and toss well to coat each potato piece evenly.

• Spray a baking sheet with non stick cooking spray and spread out potatoes evenly on sheet.

• Bake in oven until potatoes are cooked through, and edges start to turn very dark brown, approximately 20-25 minutes. Recipe for easy banana bread Serve immediately.

PER SERVING: 78 calories; 1g fat; 18g carbohydrates; 1.75g protein; 1.5g fiber

Simplicity at it’s best. 2 banana bread recipe Side dishes should be easy with very little fuss, and this one is just that. A recipe for banana bread It’s one of the main reasons I love roasted potatoes so much. How to make banana nut bread Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and there’s easy clean up too!

There is no such thing as nonfat olive oil cooking spray. Best recipe for banana bread Olive oil cooking spray is 100% fat. How to make easy banana bread The reason why the package labeling states that one serving is 0 grams of fat is because they are legally allowed to state that if the calorie count is less than calories per serving, the total calorie count can be listed as zero. Low calorie banana bread The serving size is so small, so short that most of us would have a hard time actually spraying that little. Basic banana bread Any amount of olive oil cooking spray will add fat to your dish. Banana walnut bread recipe Especially when our spray size does not equal that that small short spray that is considered one serving shown on the package. Old fashioned banana bread Always oil cooking spray is definitely not in nonfat product. Banana bread easy It is 100% fat.

So I put this in my recipe builder on my Weight Watcher app and this is actually 7points a serving if you use 4 as the serving size. Best moist banana bread recipe The serving size needs to be 12 to get two points. Banana loaf bread recipe Please research more before making/posting a recipe.

I LOVE coconut oil and try to use it wherever I can. Light banana bread But it DOES often leave a coconut taste. Best banana bread ever In this particular recipe I haven’t tried it, as I was afraid of that very scenario. Easy moist banana bread recipe What I would suggest is using avocado oil instead. World’s best banana bread recipe It can tolerate high heats, and is a great substitute for coconut oil. Best banana bread recipe moist But if you do try it with the coconut oil, please post back and let us know how it goes!

I make this all the time with coconut oil and it always taste great. Vegan banana bread recipe The stuff I use is flavorless. Banana nut bread recipe easy I highly recommend it.


My family LOVES these potatoes! I make them once a week. Homemade banana bread recipe I use more potatoes than what recipe calls for. Very moist banana bread (Enough to serve 6 instead of 4) that way the ranch is not as overwhelming! And that means we have left overs for breakfast the next day! Bonus!!!

I just wanted to say this is a great way to make an easy side! I’ve made these quite a few times and I keep forgetting to comment. Banana nut bread recipe moist (Even though no one has commented in quite a while. Diabetic banana bread lol) Like another person said, I also had to cook mine longer, about 40 minutes depending on how big you cut your potatoes. Banana bread loaf And instead of spraying with cooking spray I just tossed the potatoes with a little olive oil and the ranch seasoning with a pinch of salt and pepper. Easy to make banana bread This will help with them sticking as well as spraying your baking sheet and/or tin foil. Banana bread moist It also spreads out the ranch seasoning for the people who thought they were too salty. Delicious banana bread 🙂 Make sure to also try with spicy ranch seasoning. Banana bread from scratch Soooo good!

We made these and I thought it was way too much seasoning on each piece of potato. Quick and easy banana bread recipe I found the recipe on the Hidden Valley website and they say to use 2 pounds of potatoes so next time I will use more than 12 ounces.

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