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In college I used to treat myself to these mouthwatering raspberry oatmeal muffins that the coffee shop in the library sold. Banana bread recipe with oil I usually try to avoid such coffee shop treats, knowing that they’re full of sugar and fat, but these muffins were too good to pass up. Perfect banana bread recipe After graduating from college and moving from Massachusetts to Chicago I didn’t have access to either the coffee shop or these muffins. Fat free banana bread Eventually I had to try my hand at creating a recipe to replace them.

The recipe I ended up with is nothing like the ones I got in college. Bisquick banana bread recipe This muffin is actually a rather healthy muffin–they contain no refined sugar, there is no oil, and I use only whole grains. Bread machine banana bread The sweetness of the muffin comes from the juice that the oats are soaked in, the fruit pulp that is used in place of oil and egg, and of course the raspberries themselves. One banana bread recipe Of course this means that my recipe is nothing like your traditional muffin, but you can eat these essentially guilt free (which is always a plus!). Banana bread easy moist I hesitate to call the muffins a dessert, unless your sweet tooth is on a very low setting, but I imagine with a glaze of some kind these could make a good stand in.

1 cup smashed bananas–about 2 bananas (or you can use apple sauce)

2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (or whatever combination of white/whole wheat flour you choose)

2 cups raspberries (I used frozen, fresh would also work, but probably need less time baking)

3. Banana bread recipe best moist Mix in the salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

6. Bisquick banana bread Fill muffin tins, about 3/4 full (a little extra is okay), and bake until lightly browned, about 20 minutes.

On another, completely unrelated note: here is a taste of my recent trip to Spain with my little sister! It’s like a Where’s Waldo game–can you find me?

I do believe this batter is best suited to muffins, I tried to make it in a loaf pan once, and it took forever to bake and even then parts were still a bit gooey. Banana bread ingredients It’s a thick batter and because there is no oil (or egg) which recipes normally depend on for leavening.

I have since stuck to making the muffins. Best banana bread recipe ever If you try the cake let me know how it turns out, but I have a feeling you’d run into similar problems that I had with the loaf pan (though possibly not as bad because cakes are less deep than loaves).

Thanks for the feedback. Banana bread recipe with sour cream I think we can conclude that it is best to make muffins with this particular recipe. Moist and delicious banana bread Possibly adding some oil and a flax “egg” or two would make it better for baking as a cake. Sugar free banana bread The problem is it’s a thick batter that doesn’t rely on traditional leaveners so baking evenly in a larger shape becomes problematic.

I’m sorry the cake didn’t work out for you! Try these again in muffin form. Banana bread recipe sour cream As you can see from the picture showing the inside of the muffin, these bake beautifully as muffins!

Instant vs. Sour cream banana bread rolled oats shouldn’t make a huge difference, though the cinnamon and sugar might have changed the taste a bit.

Hi! I couldn’t believe that I found such handsome muffins made without added sugar, fat, or egg! I made them with a mix of 1 cup halved blackberries and 1 cup chopped fresh seasonal peaches. How to make a banana bread They turned out super well, and I highly recommend this combo! The recipe makes a lot of batter; I made 24 medium muffins, and poured the remainder into a 9? pie plate. Banana bread with sour cream Re: baking time for a layer of muffin batter … the muffins took about 25 minutes and the pie round took about 40 minutes. Buttermilk banana bread Only the area directly touching the fruit pieces was still moist at that point. Betty crocker banana bread These muffins don’t seem to burn, so feel free to keep them in if you’re unsure and check with a toothpick every 2-3 minutes. Banana bread with buttermilk Definitely a keeper!

I wouldn’t recommend it, the juice is where the sweetness comes from in the muffin. How to make homemade banana bread If you use another liquid you’ll want to add a sweetener (like sugar) of some kind and since I’ve never made it that way I can’t say what amount you’d need.

I made these today with my boyfriend and we loved them! They are super easy to make and clean up was a breeze! They taste great and I added some powder sugar on top because I am taking them to a christmas eve party and this made them look festive! I am totally going to try another fruit next time!

I had a similar problem: I used spelt flour in stead of regular flour and (fairly sweet) apple juice in stead of orange juice. Betty crocker banana bread recipe I’m from Holland, so I only used 3 tsp baking powder (we don’t really use baking soda here). Best ever banana bread Maybe that’s why they didn’t rise though?

The taste was delicious by the way, so thanks for the recipe! I do want to try baking them again and actually make them rise this time though… Suggestions are welcome!

Those muffins were the perfect treat on the way to an Italian class I had in the library. Banana bread 1 banana I made these today for my girlfriend and she is now a convert to what she formerly thought was a “weird” flavor combo. Banana bread muffin recipe Though definitely different from the original, they are a nice little taste of mohome- thanks for posting!

I plan on making these for my son to take to preschool on his snack day. Chocolate chip banana nut bread I am so tired of hearing about the “pudding” and “cookies” and there sugary crap that parents bring in! About how many does this recipe make?

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