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For over a decade, THE steak destination for those “in the know”. What is salisbury steak made out of Famous for affordable Premium Dry-Aged cuts, aged and butchered in-house, and hard-to-find Specialty Butcher cuts.

Conveniently located 5 minutes from the Key Bridge at the Courthouse Metro, we are experts at accommodating Groups of 8-55.

A bustling local gem, Ray’s and it’s sister restaurant Ray’s Hell-Burger proudly serve our neighbors, Diplomats, Generals and Presidents alike, earning an esteemed 27 on Zagat’s and a top place in the Washingtonian Top 100 Best Restaurants every year since 2003.

METRO Access Is The Courthouse Metro Station On the Orange Line.

Banquet, Beer, BYO Wine, Corkage Fee, Full Bar, Private Room, Wine

Served with Endless Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach.

What cut of meat for philly cheese steak All of Our Steaks are Available Blackened, Diablo-Style, or with Cracked Black Pepper Crust. What is the best steak marinade for grilling Add-Ons – Aged Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Brandy Mushroom Cream, Bearnaise $2

For the True Connoisseur, Aged in House for 45 Days, Peerless Texture and Flavor. What is the best steak cut for grilling Dry Aging Produces a Nutty, Gamey Complexity and Intense Concentration of Flavors. Cuts of beef flank steak Limited Availability, Ask About Our Nightly Specialty Cuts

The food was spot-on for my second trip to Ray’s. What cut of beef does flat iron steak come from It’s definitely a meat lover’s paradise, and our steaks were cooked to perfection and my aged blue cheese sauce was amazing. What is chicken fried steak made of My only complaint is that we felt a bit rushed. What is cube steak made out of My friend and I hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so we immediately began chatting instead of perusing the menu. What is chicken fried steak made out of Our waiter kept coming by asking for our order even though we had already ordered a bottle of wine. What is country fried steak made out of We finally gave in, and focused on the menu, but before we finished our salads, our steaks and the sides were brought to the table. Philly cheese steak salem oregon Once we finished the salads, we had to switch out our plates and then the salad plates sat their for a while. Philly cheese steak seasoning blend Since we were dining on a Tuesday, not sure what the rush was.

I was really looking forward to eating at Ray’s the Steaks, I had heard such good things about it. Philly cheese steak seasoning mix But it was a big disappointment. Meat house marinade steak tips recipe I had heard that their atmosphere wasn’t much to talk about, but good lord, it was like they just went into an open space, threw down some tables and starting serving food. The meat house marinated steak tips recipe There is no atmosphere, it is cold, uncomfortable and unwelcoming. What cut of meat is country fried steak But I knew the steaks would be good, I mean everyone was raving about it. What cut of meat is tri tip steak No, the steak was no better than what I can cook on my own grill, and maybe not even that good. Recipe steak tartare gordon ramsay We ordered it medium, and it came as rare. What kind of meat do you use for cheesesteaks It was medicore at best. What can i make with steak for dinner The “endless” sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach were less than medicore, they tasted like something served at a public high school. What cut of meat is cube steak I was so disappointed, if you are hearing any hype about this place, don’t believe it. What cut of meat is hanger steak You would be better off going to just about any other steak place than this.

After many years hearing raves about “Ray’s,” it was our turn to try the experience. Philly cheese steak meat suppliers We don’t understand why this is such a hot place to dine. Quality meats steakhouse new york city There are plenty of better and more comfortable steak houses at about the same price point.

Entering the restaurant, we were thrown into a scrum of people trying to get the attention of the host, who was multi-tasking with a phone lodged between his ear and shoulder, his eyes perusing the Open Table screen and his free hand signaling “just one minute” to whoever was lucky enough to get his eye. Quality meats steakhouse new york We worked our way forward and were shown to our table in a room without any wall or table decorations. Meat for cheesesteak sandwiches It was as if we were being shown into a conference room at a local Ramada Hotel — that is the ambience. Best meat for cheesesteak sandwiches Not even a fake votive candle!

The adjoining tables had large groups and the ordering/serving process for those tables was chaotic.

Our server finally got to us, and we were told the special steak, an 18 oz. Chunky steak pie recipe slow cooker Porterhouse, was $45 and that there would be a $5 charge to share. Chunky steak pie recipe jamie oliver The poor benighted vegetarian in our group had a choice of a grilled mushroom and grilled vegetable entree — the tasteless go to vegetarian entree when one dines out, or sides.

He opted for the mac and cheese, which was just OK. What kind of meat to make philly cheese steak The carnivores snuck him some mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, the sides that come with every meat entree. Pepper steak pie recipe easy The sides are “bottomless,” meaning you can order more. Pepper steak pie recipe south africa The first round came to the table cold.

The steak was cooked to order and was flavorful, but was too fatty and gristly for the price of the steak. Pepper steak pie recipe jamie oliver I have had far better steaks at Mortons, The Palm, Mastro, etc.

We don’t understand why so many people are drawn to Ray’s. Pepper steak pie recipe with puff pastry We won’t be going back.

Fabulous steaks-very large portions so we always share. Cooking temp steak medium rare Crab bisque is the absolute best I’ve ever had. What to serve with ham steak recipes Salads are always good–greens are always fresh-also large enough to share. Rump steak pie recipe The food and service are always top shelf. Stk steakhouse meatpacking district The ambiance is not always as perfect. Stk steakhouse meatpacking district nyc On this occasion, during my $120 dinner for 2, I stared at cardboard wine boxes. Steakhouse meatpacking district new york The walk to the restrooms involved more untidiness and there were more cardboard boxes in the restroom which could use some renovation. Beef steak with mushroom sauce chef zakir Lastly, at this price point, I would have expected to have been offered some place other than my chair to hang my overcoat.

I’ve eaten at Ray’s many times and what I’ve described is typical. Beef steak with mushroom sauce filipino style I’ll go back because the food and service is so good. Resepi beef steak mushroom sauce Too bad their management doesn’t see these little things that would take them from great to THE BEST

Excellent, as always. Beef tenderloin steak sauce recipes Don’t expect fancy decor of much ambiance. Beef steak pepper sauce recipe You are going for the fantastic steaks. Beef steak sauce recipe in urdu And for the included sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Beef steak gravy sauce recipe And they do not disappoint.

This has been our go-to place for steak for years. Beef steak mushroom sauce recipe Highly recommend!

One hint is that even though it is not mentioned on the new menu you can still ask for the appetizer sampler plate. What cut of meat do steak tips come from You get a taste of the bisque, one shrimp and one scallop – all are divine – yum! And that’s all the appetizer necessary before the luscious steak! I always get the filet but my husband tries different cuts.

If you are a steak afficianado and I mean really picky about a restaurant that serves exceptional cuts of beef perfectly prepared?This is the restaurant for you. Beef steak sauce easy No nonsense delivery – simple, plain decor . How to make beef steak sauce Sort of like Sullivans only without the ambience and better steaks. Beef pepper steak sauce Excellent sides and and a couple of non-steak items on the menu that are very good. Best recipe for philly cheese steak sandwich Lots of sides – also well prepared. Australian steak pie recipe Very expensive – you are paying for an exceptional steak and they deliver.

This is the place when you crave steak. Easy recipe for philly cheese steak sandwiches The menu offers a few other options, but really, they are beside the point. Recipe for steak sandwich We shared the Chateaubriand for two. What cut of meat for steak tartare It was perfect — nicely aged, tender beef broiled with a seared outer crust and pink interior. How to season flank steak for tacos Ray’s serves this steak already sliced; this allows them to price the Chateaubriand quite reasonably, since you don’t have to pay for an entire slab of meat; even so, we had enough left over to take some home. How to season skirt steak for tacos Steaks are accompanied with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes, but several other sides can also be ordered. How to season steak for tacos We were pleased to note that our take-home box included nice portions of extra spinach and potatoes.

The wine list concentrates on reds, naturally, and has offerings ranging upwards of several hundred dollars for the better-known estates, but there are some modestly-priced selections. What to make with pepper steak The beer list (bottles only) is limited but interesting, including some great microbrews and classic Belgian and German beers.

The biggest negative about Ray’s is the decor, or rather, lack of decor. What meat do you use for philly cheese steak It’s a plain, unadorned, rathed cold space lacking any real style. How to grill skirt steak for tacos That’s part of the owner’s personal aesthetic, so don’t look for changes anytime soon. How to cook steak for tacos The focus is on the steak, not the ambience, so it’s not the spot for a romantic tryst, but the high ceilings and strategically-placed room dividers help keep the noise level low, so converstaion was effortless.

This has always been one of my favorite restaurants. Recipe for philly cheese steak sandwiches from rachael ray You can’t get a better steak anywhere else and I also love the creamed spinach. Meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches The chocolate mousse reminds me of when we made Julia Child’s recipe at home. What meat to make philly cheese steaks I am so glad that the hanger steak is now a part of the regular menu as I used to have to call ahead and order it. Steak pie recipe puff pastry jamie oliver The wine isn’t overly long, but well selected.

Service was fairly slow and they forgot a salad at our table and two salads at the table behind us. Meat to use for philly steak sandwich Ours show up with our entrees and at the table behind us even after the couple said “don’t bother”, the salads came out about 2/3rds the way through their entrees. Steak pie recipe jamie oliver Our entrees were fair, it was not the worse steak, but it was not very good. Best steak pie recipe jamie oliver 12 ounce strip with a fair amount of gristle and fat to account for probably 2 of the ounces. Steak pie recipe easy Then it was over cooked. Steak restaurant meatpacking district I rated it higher than I should because I have been there several times before several years ago and it was good. Chunky pepper steak pie recipes Not so anymore, but maybe it was a bad night

First off, it took me awhile to realize the play on words with the name of the restaurant…Raise the stakes. Homemade pepper steak pie recipes I’m a huge fan of Bone-on-Ribeye steaks so when I was told of the “special” which somehow was the most expensive item on the menu I took it. Beef tenderloin steaks with red wine mushroom sauce My sister selected the Chateaubriand. Resep steak mushroom sauce We both chose Medium Rare and mine was cooked perfectly while hers was a bit more on the rare side. Steakhouse meatpacking district nyc With that being said, hers was probably the better selection. Steak temperature cooking chart Less cost and more tender/tasty in my opinion. Steak pepper sauce recipe easy 2 unlimited sides come with the meal (mashed potatoes and creamed spinach) which were great but ask for the garlic mashed potatoes…they were awesome and I didn’t realize that was an option until we were asked if we wanted a second helping of sides (great service- we were asked several times if we wanted our sides refreshed). Steak pepper sauce recipe jamie oliver One oddity is when the server first greeted us we were not asked for a drink order so we were left sitting for a bit before he came back and asked for a drink order. Steak gravy sauce recipe When he came back and asked for the drinks we said we were ready to order food as well, but we’re told we needed to wait. Chicken steak sauce recipe in urdu At the end, when they took payment for the meal, it took forever to get my credit card back and finalize the bill, glad we weren’t in a hurry. Fillet steak red wine sauce recipe Not major things and glad not to be rushed, just odd to me as they were busy and I would figure they want the table open sooner rather than later. Meat to use for philly cheese steak Finally, don’t go here for special ambiance, it doesn’t exist. What kind of meat to use for philly cheese steak Just some walls, windows and mirrors. Steak cooking temperature medium rare To be honest, I’m OK with that if they have chosen to invest more into the food and not glitzy decor. Steak creamy mushroom sauce While not inexpensive, this restaurant represents a great value for what you get. Beef steak with creamy mushroom sauce recipe A similar meal in my former residence of NYC would be twice the price.

This place stays in business in spite of themselves. Beef steak nutrition The food continues to be good, but everything else is bad. Beef steak nutrition 100g The decor, service, and operations were bad the night we went for dinner.

Decor: there’s a pirate flag above the kitchen entrance. How to cook beef steak with oyster sauce Do i need to go further?

Service: 10 minutes to be recognized after we sat down and no apologies by the waiter for anything until we told him we were leaving.

This wasn’t isolated to our table. How to cook beef steak sauce Tables all around us had screwed up orders, overdone steaks, and long long waits. How to make beef steak with mushroom sauce When I told the waiter we were leaving (after an hour) the steaks finally showed. Recipe for steak sandwich jamie oliver We got them to-go to relieve our babysitter. Recipe for steak sandwich sauce The steaks tasted great at home but something needs to change there. Steak sauce red wine This is systemic.

Our 2nd time at this location and pretty disappointed. Steak mushroom sauce recipe jamie oliver The food was great, but the service was not good. Steak mushroom sauce recipe Also there was a party of about 30 people in the room where we were seated which made the noise level practically unbearable. Steak pie recipe south africa I did not receive the filet mignon that I ordered and we had to ask for the side dishes we ordered. Making philly cheese steak sandwiches Also had to flag down the waiter to request another round of drinks. Homemade philly cheese steak sandwich recipe Add the fact that they have very limited bar service and it was just not a good experience. Recipe for original philly cheese steak sandwich Will probably visit again, hoping that there won’t be any large parties and that the service will be better, but not guaranteed.

Service has been extremely poor lately. How to prepare skirt steak for tacos Servers seem to have a holier than thou attitude. How to prepare flank steak for tacos A friend tells me that Ray’s is going through their second bankruptcy – not good. Best ever philly cheese steak sandwich recipe Too many other great steak houses in town; I’m not going to patronize this poorly managed Prima Donna any longer.

Hands down best place for any kind of steak! Butcher is on hand to cut you any cut you want. Recipe for philly cheese steak sandwich They do over char the dry aged steak a lot so if you don’t like the charred flavor ask your server ahead of time to not char the steak.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Steak white sauce recipe Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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