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I’ve wanted to make a bucket list for a while… you know what a bucket list is, right? A list of things that you totally want to do sometime before you die? I don’t have a personal bucket list for myself because I just take life as it comes and enjoy every opportunity that it gives me. Best banana bread recipe ever But for recipes- I need a list! There are zillions of recipes out there, I want to try anything and (most) everything), so here’s my bucket list of recipes I want to make sometime in the next 50 or so years! I’ll be sharing them on my site as I make them and crossing them off the ‘ol list as they are tried and true. Banana bread recipe with sour cream And oh… if you have any “bucket list” recipes that you’d like me to make- please share in the comments. Moist and delicious banana bread And if you happen to have a wonderful family favorite recipe for anything that is mentioned below, please email it to me at foodie {at} recipegirl {dot} com and I’ll do my best to make your recipe and share it here on RecipeGirl!

• copycat recipes – Cinnabon/ Cracker Barrel/ Starbucks/ Krispy Kreme

Special thanks to Michelle at Brown Eyed Baker, who has a Bucket List of her own and inspired me to make one too!

Holy, the recipe collection looks fantastic.

Sugar free banana bread I do have a small bucket list for myself and about food, there are millions of things I want to make. Banana bread recipe sour cream As of now, I am cleaning up my draft section ?? looking forward to see things being crossed off

Oh my gosh Lori……what a SUPER idea!!!!!!! I can see these popping up all over the food blogosphere now. Sour cream banana bread LOL!! I love it.

I already have a list here and there, but to combine them….write it all in one place and see tangible effort as you cross them off. How to make a banana bread SO cool. Banana bread with sour cream Thanks again!!

Lori, what a fabulous list! I’ve made many of these recipes, but need to make others you listed, LOL! Um…you’re missing Stollen (unless you’ve made it already) under the bread category…a MUST DO holiday bread! xoxo

I made my list a while ago but didn’t know what to do with things that I had wanted to do since I was a kid and had actually done. Buttermilk banana bread (like make donuts). Betty crocker banana bread Do I add them to the list and then cross them off, or just leave them off the list entirely? I made the list with them on it and then crossed them off (makes me feel like I’d accomplished more LOL)

Lori, I’m staggered there’s so many things left for you to do! I thought you’d cooked everything by now! I spy a few things on there I’ve done already but my bucket list would be WAY longer than this.

Love, love, love! I have a similar ‘list.’ Alas, it is on small note paper or annotated with sticky flags all over my cookbooks. Banana bread with buttermilk I also have a slew on emails or favorites. How to make homemade banana bread Yikes…I really should do this! Thanks for the inspirations!

Homemade popovers are one of the best foods God ever created. Betty crocker banana bread recipe With melted butter and homemade jam, oh man. Best ever banana bread I found 40 clove chicken disappointing. Banana bread 1 banana Amazing since I’m someone who once made a meal with all garlic recipes (even desert, I lived in California at the time where there is a yearly garlic festival with all sorts of recipes for garlic).

And I can’t believe you’ve never made tapioca pudding. Banana bread muffin recipe Again, one of life’s true pleasures (in my opinion, anyway).

Just take one at a time. Chocolate chip banana nut bread One a week, perhaps. Oatmeal banana bread recipe And soon you’ll have to find another bucket to fill. Banana bread low fat Good luck.

I love your list! I really need to create one too. Banana bread with applesauce It’s such a great idea.

So I saw Nanaimo Bars were on your list. Chocolate banana bread I would like to invite you to try the ones I’ve made. Banana bread muffins They are the REAL DEAL. How to cook banana bread Most recipes have you use custard/pudding mix but these are made entirely from scatch and so worth the end result. Banana bread sour cream I encourage you to try them and if you do, please let me know. Banana pineapple bread I’d love to hear what you think of them. 2 loaf banana bread recipe ??

Here’s the link:

Yes please!! You have my permission to use my name/blog any time you try my recipes. Banana bread with chocolate chips I sincerely appreciate it!

As a matter of fact, you have already tried one of my recipes: my Snickerdoodle Bars. Bananas for banana bread I think you got the recipe via My Baking Addiction but she got it from me. Whole wheat banana bread ??

I have started with my own list……my twist? Picking a recipe from every country and giving them a go…..I am going alphabetically. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar It has involved a lot of time in the grocery store looking for ingredients and some research for substitutions. Banana bread cake recipe But we are loving our ‘cultural’ night ??

I used my laptop’s dictionary function and it appears that macaron is just the French spelling for the word macaroon. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk Same recipe, different language. Banana banana bread I need to learn patience, as I’ve been impatiently saying for 30 years! I’ve made several of your bucket list items (I’m a medically retired chef) but some I’ve never even heard of. How do i make banana bread IMHO, the diversity in our country’s food is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Hawaiian banana bread Only in America can you eat globally without leaving the country!

You should add Panelle to your bucket list. Banana blueberry bread recipe It’s an Italian old world recipe that my mother ALWAYS wanted me to make – but I managed to make it only once. Chocolate chip banana bread It took a lot of stirring and many strong arms to stir the pot – but it was absolutely so tasty – it disappeared in less time than it took to make it. Banana bread recept Tho made with garbanzo bean flour it tasted like flaky whitefish patties with lemon. Diabetic banana bread recipe YUM!

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