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What to do with the windfall of tomatoes? This year I was able to dehydrate the extras in anticipation of the long winter without tomatoes. Two banana bread recipe I never buy store tomatoes at all as they have no taste, are mealy and are not organic. Amazing banana bread This year I grew a lot of tomatoes, especially the mini plum tomatoes and I have too many to eat raw. Banana bread recipe from scratch I also make tomato sauce with some, but since I now have a dehydrator, I thought I would dry them.

If you cannot tolerate tomatoes you may want to check out my No Tomato Sauce recipe and video. Banana bread recipe 4 bananas Dehydrated Tomatoes

• If you are using large tomatoes cut them into quarters, leaving out the stem

• Add 1 gram of pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to a bowl of water

• This helps preserve the color (this step is optional if you do not want to add anything)

• Remove the tomatoes from the water and place on the dehydrator trays

• Alternatively you could dry them in the oven on 150 degrees for 4 – 6 hours

Store in refrigerator soaking in extra virgin olive oil (these will stay for only a week or two this way)

• Simply soak in extra virgin olive oil and eat as a side dish

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Am I excited to find this! I just got a book about cooking through dehydration and I have been slowly reading it and it is fascinating. How do you make banana bread I don’t think, I get it, yet but I am slowly being inspired.

You brought it to life for me when you linked it to My Meatless Mondays. Best recipe banana bread I can’t thank you enough. Ultimate banana bread recipe Reply

Thanks for the recipe! This is a great way to spread out the tomatoe season. Award winning banana bread My father is a tomatoe aficionado. Easy bake banana bread That is the polite term of a man who obsesses during the winter months on his tomatoe seeds. How to banana bread Who has a binder in which he organizes his seeds with pictures and descriptions which you must go over with him every weekend that you see him until about March. 1 banana bread recipe Then he spends all of spring planting his tomatoes and babying them. Banana bread butter Around May, he realizes that he planted to many plants so he gives half of them away to other people most of which my sisters and I get the brunt of! (I have 30 plants in my garden.) He has 70 of his beloved tomatoe plants in his garden this year which is down from over 100 last year because he didn’t want my mom to say that he was “obsessive.” This weekend one of the posts for his complex tomatoe suspension system for ultimate garden space utilization fell down due to a storm. Sweet banana bread recipe I received a panicked call from my mother that my father needed help in the garden. Banana bread recipes moist world’s best Despite the blood, sweat, tears and the ungodly amount of mosquito bites, we were able to reassemble the structure. Easy delicious banana bread This time he added steel reinforcements to the ends. Delicious banana bread recipe We only had two good sized premature tomatoe infants fall off the structure. Recipe moist banana bread Luckily, he was able to save his two casualties. Banana bread batter Last year, he grew a 5 pound tomatoe. Banana bread pudding He was so unbelievably proud of himself. Ingredients for banana bread You wouldn’t believe how many pictures he has of that tomatoe. Two banana bread I think it pained him when it was time to eat it. Banana bread recipe healthy Sometimes, we wonder if he loves his plants more than his family. Cooking banana bread LOL! Anyhow, I am really excited to give my father another recipe that he can use with the “fruits of his labor!” Reply

I probably can get a couple of his pictures of the baby…..err…um….tomato for you. Unique banana bread recipe LOL. How to bake banana bread Actually, it looks like he might have a couple 5 pounders this year but we’ll see. Top rated banana bread recipe Our tomatoes are just about ready to ripen here in Michigan. Banana oatmeal bread It sounds like you are a little bit ahead of us. Chocolate banana bread recipe I am slightly jealous. Recipe for healthy banana bread I can’t wait for the first tomato!

We choose to look at my Dad’s tomato obsession with a sense of humor otherwise I think we would cry. Soft banana bread recipe It is a lot of work that extends to the rest of the family. Simple moist banana bread recipe Although, the work generally pays off in the end.

P.S. 2 banana bread I like Mary’s idea of grinding the dried tomatoes for soups and sauces! Reply

I dehydrate my tomatoes at 105 degrees to help preserve the enzymes in them.

Another great use for them is to grind up the dried tomatoes into a powder which can be used later to make tomato soup or sauce or to add some body and flavor to soups like minestrone.

If dried sufficiently they will keep a long time. Easy banana walnut bread I think I just used up some I did a few years ago.

I planted 8 tomato plants this year and have high hopes for having a supply all winter between drying, canning and slow ripening the green ones when the frost comes. Banana bread recipe 3 bananas Reply

Oh I am so glad that I read this post!! We are harvesting quite a few tomatoes now and this sounds like an awesome way to preserve them/ I am blessed to have a dehydrator so I am going to be doing this like tomorrow!! Reply

I have too many deer to grow any veggies but when I live in West Texas, I grew my own and I agree, there is nothing better than home grown tomatoes. Gourmet banana bread I used to have so many come off at once that I made all sorts of tomato sauce and salsas etc. Banana date bread I never knew how to dehydrate. Organic banana bread Why do they go bad faster in oil than just in an air tight container? Reply

What a wonderful way to preserve tomatoes! I can think of millions recipes that would be lovely to have the addition of these tomatoes.

My blog turns 1 today and I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog as a way to say thank you for your supports in the past year. Banana bread pudding recipe Please come over to check it out if you’re interested. Best banana walnut bread recipe Reply

Great instructions. Banana bread recipe with oil I never dehydrated my tomatoes, but I have a garden full this year so I will give it a try. Perfect banana bread recipe I know million recipes I could use them in during the winter.

If you are going to buy a dehydrator, Excaliber is the gold standard. Fat free banana bread That being said, they are expensive. Bisquick banana bread recipe There are other new brands available, but I only have used Excalibur (have 3).

However, the company has a website and you can get re-conditioned dehydrators at about 1/2 price of new ones.

Also, look on Craigs List, or at yard sales. Bread machine banana bread I bought an old Excalibur for $25. One banana bread recipe It is not pretty-a yucky yellow plastic color- but still works just fine.

The sheets, like Silpat, are also expensive, but necessary to prevent drippings from juicy recipes. Banana bread easy moist BUT, you can find them much less expensively on Amazon, or you can just use Parchment paper on the mesh trays. Banana bread recipe best moist Reply

You can chop the tomatoes up into small pieces, dehydrate them until they are crisp, them put in a mini-food processor, or regular size, and pulverize into tomato powder.

You can then store them in a glass container, add a sealed packet of Silica Gel – you can buy these, or save the ones that come in food products – and the powder keeps well. Bisquick banana bread You probably would not want to freeze this. Banana bread ingredients Reply

When I dehydrate tomatoes, they never get “crisp” – only the texture of a sun dried tomato. Best banana bread recipe ever So, I cannot seem to grind them into anything more than a paste and the machine groans at that.

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