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There are few takers of Tunday’s chicken kababs introduced in place of buff kebabs on Thursday. Mango salad dressing recipe orange juice The 120-year-old outlet was forced to tweak its recipe due to non-availability of buffalo meat following government crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses.

It’s time to get drenched in coloured water and devour mouth-watering delicacies. Orange juice concentrate chicken recipe While you’ll be splashing colours at each other this Holi, we give you a list of 6 scrumptious dishes that will add taste to your celebrations.

She has never had any professional training in cooking but Rajeshwari Singh, a Barodian, is all set to break the Guinness World Record in cooking by cooking for 50 hours at one go in the city.

“Want divorce! Ok stop arguing. Orange juice chicken marinade recipe Go and watch Hindi movie ‘Raees’. Sangria recipe white wine orange juice Spend some time together and come back again.” This was the prescription given by an additional judge in the Family Court here to a couple seeking divorce at a hearing on Saturday.

The descendants of Tipu Sultan and Nawab Wajid Ali Shah — the twin legacies that started in Mysore and Lucknow respectively but ended in Kolkata — will take over the sprawling 104 acres of Tollygunge Club on Saturday to participate in Sham-E-Awadh, and evening of dance, music and food in royal tradition. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe from mcdonalds It will be the first one in a series that the club is planning to celebrate the city’s curious mix of indigenous and colonial heritage.

Carrot Burfi is a delectable Indian sweet made during winters. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe with yogurt Made with grated carrots, ghee and dry-fruits, this dessert recipe is loved by people of all age groups. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe While carrots are good for eyes, the dry fruits are energy dense and ghee makes the skin soft during winters. Pineapple coconut smoothie recipe Carrot Burfi holds a special significance during Lohri, which is a harvest festival. Mango strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt Try it.

The world has suddenly turned against comfort food. Mango banana smoothie recipe without yogurt Cholley Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Gulab Jamuns and Tikkis that have comforted the gastronomical environs of Delhi for so long are suddenly being looked upon as culprits capable of causing lethal damage to health.

At a time when the Tamil film industry rarely produces 100- or 200-day hits, producers and directors find it sensible to cash in on the recall value of popular films. Carrot apple ginger juice recipe In Kollywood, this is the season of sequels and we have quite a few of them lined up for the coming days. Passover sponge cake recipe orange juice While Venkat Prabhu’s sports comedy ‘Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings’, a sequel to the sleeper hit ‘Chennai 600028’ (2007), was recently released, ‘VIP-2’, ‘Baahubali-2’ and ‘Robo-2’ await release.

The pattern began with ‘Japanil Kalyanaraman’ (1985) after Kamal Haasan starrer ‘Kalyanaraman’ (1979) turned out to be a tremendous success. Recipes using frozen orange juice concentrate “It was Panchu Arunachalam who came up with the idea. Orange sherbet punch recipe with pineapple juice Back then, we had never thought of doing a sequel, but he insisted that we shoot one in a foreign location. Carrot celery juice recipe Thus was made Japanil Kalyanaraman, but the movie bombed because it lacked the freshness the original version had,” says S P Muthuraman, who directed the sequel.

Muthuraman says unlike the 80s there is no concept of distributors today. Mango carrot juice recipe “Now, it is the director and the producer who handle both the advertising and marketing parts of a film. Punch recipes non alcoholic for baby shower As the burden of extra responsibilities lies on them, it takes a toll on the film and it fails to make a mark,” he adds.

Rather than experimenting on new subjects, producers and directors tap into proven subjects for a new script. Punch recipes non alcoholic ginger ale In Bollywood, however, established actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan are warming up to off-beat storylines. Punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry A recent example is Khan’s ‘Dear Zindagi’ in which he plays the role of a psychologist — quite a shift from the customary romantic hero he plays. Grilled chicken marinade recipe orange juice “He has realised that he has to choose varied roles to sustain in the industry. Carrot cake recipe with orange juice But, can we imagine Kamal Haasan or Rajinikanth doing such a role? They may well wish to, but we do not have gritty directors and producers who are ready to experiment on those lines,” says film critic Subaguna Rajan.

Sequels appear to be a safe option — much like the remakes of the 1980s. Orange julius recipe with orange juice not concentrate “Although the makers of ‘Bahubali’ had a sequel in mind when they conceived the first film, the same was not the case for films like ‘VIP’ and ‘Kumki’. Non alcoholic blue punch recipes for baby shower Director Prabhu Solomon’s ‘Thodari’ bombed at the box office and perhaps that could be one of the reasons why he wants to play along the lines of ‘Kumki’ for a sequel. Party punch recipes non alcoholic baby shower It is a tricky industry and people have to be smart to save what they have earned,” adds Rajan.

Venkat Prabhu, director of ‘Chennai 600028’, says with Netflix and other digital platforms competing with films, the industry has to gear up with new methods to make money. Carrot cake with mango juice recipe “People may want to watch what they have enjoyed earlier. Jamaican mango carrot juice recipe It’s a marketing game to encash on audiences’ needs. Australian punch recipes non alcoholic The film industry badly needs a big hit and why not encash on something that has won over the audience,” says Prabhu.

“The sequel is a reunion of sorts. Carrot beet celery juice recipe When I did the first film, my boys had just stepped into the industry, now they are big stars. Apple carrot celery juice recipe For the sequel I wanted the audience to re-visit the same excitement they felt watching these actors in the first film. Blood orange e juice recipe The USP of the movie is cricket and cricket sells big time. Carrot apple juice recipe I think the industry needs more feel-good movies,” he adds.

Not that all sequels work. Beet carrot apple ginger juice recipe Many have crashed too. Carrot apple juice recipe blender Arjun’s ‘Jaihind 2’ and ‘Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA’ are some examples.

But, filmmakers say that more than cashing in on the popularity of the first installment, the presence of a sensible story is what drives them to work on a sequel.

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