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This image was quite rudely stolen from Emma Christensen, who photographed the original recipe much more beautifully than I could have.

Before I was diagnosed with the diabetus, one of my two favorite foods in the world was pancakes. Sweet vodka drink recipes (The other was french fries.

Sweet vermouth drink recipes No, it is not a secret how I got the diabetus.) I had all of the breakfast places in town ranked, not by service, or by price, but by pancake. Gin and vermouth drink recipes So, when I suddenly found myself unable to enjoy them anymore, that part of my brain went into hiding, lest it cause depression, wailing, or just general grumpiness.

Flash-forward to Lena telling me about a recipe she had discovered, of one banana and two eggs, smooshed up and mixed together, and made into actual pancakes. Dry vermouth drink recipes I tried it first thing the next morning, and it was revelatory. Whiskey and vermouth recipe It really had the beginnings of actual pancakes.

But, as is my habit, I began to monkey around with the recipe. Martini recipe gin dirty Below is what I settled on, and while they are not the best pancakes I have ever eaten, those would kill me now, and these are damn good. Martini ingredients gin They are in fact, more than good enough to bring that part of my brain back out of its exile, skipping and dancing merrily into the light.

• 1 scoop of Protein Powder (Be careful to find one with appropriate ingredients. Recipe martini gin These are not typically diabetic-safe. Recipe gingerbread martini I use RAW Fit, and it is also great for smoothies.)

• 1 Pinch of Baking Powder (Not mandatory, but it makes them fluffier.)

Also good with chopped pecans, because, duh. Cocktail made from gin and dry vermouth They’re pancakes. Wino vermouth martini bianco 1l Destructions:

• Mix everything together except the spray and cook it like pancakes. Whiskey sweet vermouth recipes You don’t need me to explain how to do that, do you?

• Put in your face-hole. Cocktail made from whiskey vermouth and angostura bitters I like a little butter, but if you don’t have the diabetus, you might want some syrup.

Lena and I went to Publix this morning, and I tried the yogurt garbanzo salad they had there at the deli counter. Whiskey bitters recipe It was good… but I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it. Bourbon dry vermouth drinks However, it did make me want something like it, so I stocked up on a few items and came home to make… Continue Reading Filed Under: Health, Recipes, Salad, Side dish, Vegetarian

You can mix these and float them in some warm water close to your desk or dot on your clothes. Whiskey sweet vermouth and bitters Mind focus 3 drops juniper oil 3 drops rosemary oil 3 drops clary sage or sage oil Mental alertness 6 drops of eucalyptus 2 drops of peppermint 5 drops of basic Memory and concentration 1… Continue Reading Filed Under: Essential Oils, Health, Medicine, Recipes

Being the 4th of July, I wanted deviled eggs. Fee brothers whiskey barrel aged bitters recipes I seem to recall deviled eggs always being around on holidays. Cocktail whisky angostura bitters The only thing wrong with them is I wish there was a good way to use up the boiled whites so I could use twice the amount of yellows for each one. Whisky bitters recipe But, I guess… Continue Reading Filed Under: Recipes, Side dish, Snacks

This recipe must begin with an apology. Whiskey bitters cocktail recipe My dear, departed Granddad made the best stroganoff ever… until now. Cocktail made with gin and vermouth My poor sister will likely never forgive me for this, but I gotta be true. Bourbon dry vermouth cocktail Sorry, Sisterita. Whiskey dry vermouth cocktail The upside is that this recipe is super-easy to make, and pretty forgiving of substitutions, so have some fun with… Continue Reading Filed Under: Meal, Meat, Pasta, Recipes

I was taught by my friend Murshida Va two breathing exercises that have been a great help to me in times of stress or anxiety. Gin vermouth martini recipes They are wonderful for relaxing or meditation. Gin vermouth cocktail recipes Still Point Breathing Sit somewhere comfortable Take a deep breath through your nose. Gin and dry vermouth cocktails Fill your lungs from the bottom. Best dry vermouth for dirty vodka martini DEEP full belly breaths.… Continue Reading Filed Under: Health

I have become a BIG proponent of essential oils since I tried some for getting rid of headaches and migraines. Best dry vodka martini recipe So, far it has about a 95% success rate for me. Dry vermouth martini recipes So, when I realized that I have reached a new level of allergy hell this year I started thinking that maybe essential oils could… Continue Reading Filed Under: Essential Oils, Health, Recipes

My hair has this concoction in it right now. Gin martini with vermouth It claims to remove build up from products, clogged pores, and dandruff. Gin martini with sweet vermouth Well, I am an ardent champion of the no-shampoo group, so I won’t have any products to wash out. Gin martini without vermouth I don’t have any dandruff. Classic cocktails with a twist Not sure if I have any clogged pores. Classic cocktails every bartender should know But, I… Continue Reading Filed Under: Hair Care, Health, Recipes

If you have a Vitamix this is dead simple. Classic cocktails Otherwise you might want to use skinned hazelnuts and a food processor. Classic cocktails list Ingredients 1 1/4 cups roasted hazelnuts (skins on are fine if you have a Vitamix) 2 Tablespoons of mild oil 11 ounces of chocolate of choice (we like 85% dark) Pinch of salt Drizzle… Continue Reading Filed Under: Dessert, Recipes, Snacks

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