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Translated from Spanish to mean “in the style of the shepherd,” al pastor pork is traditionally spit-grilled. Apple crumb cake recipe food network This easy-to-make version has the same great flavor and tender meat without the mess of a rotisserie. Apple crumble cake recipe uk For added zing, plan ahead and marinate pork overnight. Apple crumb cake recipes with fresh apples Makes 12 tacos.

This rub adds an unexpected, sophisticated flavor to your favorite grilled meats. Apple crumb cake recipe easy Cacao nibs offer a slightly nutty, earthy taste with subtle hints of chocolate. Apple crumb pie topping Marinate tri-tip overnight for full flavor. Apple crumb pie topping with oatmeal Serves 4-6.

This slow-roasted Chinese-Hawaiian pulled pork is marinated in a sweet, garlicky sauce that turns into a sticky, flavorful glaze. Easy apple pie crust recipe from scratch Seasoned with Chinese five spice, ginger, pineapple juice and Sriracha, Char Siu (or “fork roast”) makes fantastic sliders and is easy to prepare ahead and reheat.

One of our tasters paused, mid-bite, and said, “That’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.” Here’s why: Maple Bacon Butter melted over savory and lightly sweetened quick bread with extra kick from tart cherries and crunchy pecans. Easy homemade apple pie recipe from scratch Wonderful served for brunch. Apple pie ingredients from scratch Leftovers make an excellent addition to stuffing.

A hearty meal that feeds many, this Italian classic with a chicken-basil-sausage twist is flavored with herbs, creamy cheeses and marinara. Best easy apple pie recipe from scratch Leafy greens, dressed with simple vinaigrette, are perfect alongside this mouth-watering dish.

Mild and magnificent, the poblano chili pepper is one of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico. Easy apple pie filling recipe from scratch It’s size and color makes it perfect for stuffing. Apple pie recipe using brown sugar This show-stopping entree is loaded with tender chicken, veggies and spices. Apple pie recipe brown sugar cinnamon Serve this amazing dish with Spanish rice.

Traditionally made with apricots and plums, these tarts have a place in Polish tradition. Apple pie recipe without brown sugar This version includes sweet-tart cranberries that complement a brown sugar-shortbread crust; a nut topping adds a pleasant crunch. Apple pie recipe brown sugar crumb topping Easy to prepare and oh-so good, they make an excellent snack or end to any meal. Healthy apple pie filling recipe easy ( Yields 12 tarts)

This deliciously exotic dish exudes familiar holiday spices to create an easy and amazingly aromatic feast. Apple crisp recipe with pie filling and oatmeal Serve with warm buttered bread and a side salad, if desired, for a hassle-free holiday meal. Easy apple pie recipe with puff pastry Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza created this tasty holiday alternative.

Usher in autumn with the lovely combination of sweet honey and tart Granny Smith apples in this delectable dessert.

Smoked mozzarella, spinach, roasted red pepper and tasty marinara bring color and Italian flavor to this feel-good entree. Easy cooked apple pie filling recipe For a complete meal, serve this “give-me-seconds” main course with herbed and buttered gnocchi, roasted potatoes or pasta, and warm bread.

Peak-of-the-season fruit is baked into a crispy and aromatic shell for a rustic, free-formed tart. Easy apple pie recipe shortcrust pastry An enticing end to any meal, it can be served by itself or a la mode.

Peak-of-the-season peaches, rose water and ground coriander perfume this pretty coffee cake, featuring farina for a moist and unexpected texture. Easy apple pie recipe with homemade crust Easy to prepare and best served warm, it can be enjoyed any time of day!

Special tools: stand mixer, rubber spatula, 9×2” pie or cake pan

Celebrate the start of grilling season with these tasty ribs that get a punch of flavor from a sweet peach glaze. Easy apple pie recipe from scratch Pair with our recipe for Roasted Herbed Potato Salad, and then add an iced tea or your favorite cold brew for a memorable meal. Apple pie recipe easy quick Serves 4-6.

Awaken overnight guests from their slumber with the aroma of scratch-made pumpkin muffins, loaded with good-for-you fiber, potassium and vitamins. Easy golden delicious apple pie recipe Tender, moist and delectable, these healthy, whole-wheat muffins are a great way to show you care. Cinnamon apple pie recipe easy Go to our website’s recipe section for a delicious Cinnamon Ginger Butter recipe to top them off. Cinnamon apple tart recipe Makes 6 jumbo muffins.

Are you or someone one you know counting down the days until raspberry season? Satisfy the craving early with this light and moist raspberry cake. Apple crumb pie recipe betty crocker We recommend using frozen, locally grown raspberries for close-to-home quality and taste.

In French, “galette” is a term used to describe various types of flat, round or freeform crusty cakes. Homemade apple pie recipe without shortening Traditionally filled with eggs, vegetables or fruit, our recipe includes chicken, mushrooms and potatoes for a meal unto itself. Homemade apple pie recipe easy Yields 6 servings.

Perfect on a warm summer day, this tantalizing tart combines two of our favorite summer flavors, lemon and raspberry. Homemade apple pie recipe with premade crust Enjoy this beautiful-yet-simple dessert with a tall glass of raspberry iced tea and a sprig of mint for a truly refreshing treat.

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