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Description: Arcobaleno, a beautiful word, means rainbow in Italian. Curry paste recipe indian This word has inspired us to create the slogan of our restaurant as “The Color of Taste”.The Color of Taste is representing to our variety of authentic Italian recipes that we serve through our warm, comfortable, and lovely atmosphere. Homemade curry recipe indian We are proudly using our original recipes even though we have moved from an original location, Babelon, located in front of Chiang Mai University.An antique wooden house in the large garden was transformed into Arcobaleno, the lovely Italian restaurant with plenty of parking spaces. Basic indian curry sauce recipe This place is decorated with the inspiration of clean, comfortable, and relaxed impression that you will perceive as very much feeling like eating at your lovely home. Chicken curry sauce recipe chinese In addition, you will be able to enjoy your meal either inside the building or outside, surrounded with a peaceful garden. Chicken curry recipe coconut milk tomato paste The yellow wall inside the restaurant has been decorated with the pictures of our big Chef Renato Magni, who is the head of this family own restaurant. Indian red curry paste recipe He has invented his own Italian food recipes for more than thirty years together with his Italian cuisine experience in many countries around the world.The sample menu features a page of signature dishes; beef and salmon carpaccio, along with Riso pilaf primavera, Italian’ rice with fresh or Risotto Nero, Italian’ rice the squid ink. Curry paste coconut milk chicken recipe The second page is all kind of appetizer such as Crab meat Au Gartin, the most popular dish. Red curry paste coconut milk recipe Gambiri alla Salas di Creama, shrimo and mushroom combination in wine sauce, which is serve with smooth and creamy mashed potatoes. Easy yellow curry paste recipe The mixed salad is only sixty baht, or we would recommend you to try our always delicious Capreses Salad, a tomato salad with parmesan cheese and olive oil served with homemade Italian dressing. Quick curry paste recipe The third page contains soup and vegetarian dishes, all kind of soup is only sixty baht, and we are also serving specialty menus for our vegetarian offerings. Easy green curry paste recipe The Gnocchi mal fatti, gnocchi is mixed with spinach ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses, is served with a choice of cream sauce or tomato/herb sauce. Easy red curry paste recipe Our vegetarian pastas are priced at 130-160 baht. Easy curry paste recipe indian Our main meat dishes are included choices of chicken, duck, beef, veal, pork, fish, and frog. Recipe for curry sauce for chips The grilled pork chops, served with a mushroom, wine sauce, and fresh steamed vegetables, is one of our specialties that you should not miss it.Our must-try homemade ice cream is served at thirty five baht per serving. Curry paste recipe jamie oliver We do have variety of choices you can choose such as Black Prune ice cream, Ginger with honey, and all kind of fruits ice cream, depended on the fruit season. Thai coconut green curry recipe Tiramisu cake, which is serve with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Recipes with red curry paste The secret of our deliciousness is the fresh seasoning and the use of our organic raw Italian materials such as tomato, basil, rosemary, and parsley. Vegetarian recipes using red curry paste These materials are grown by us in our plentiful backyard. Recipes with red curry paste and coconut milk This explanation is why our food is very fresh, organic, and delicious as well as we are differentiated from others. Recipes using red curry paste If you love and think of Italian food, we always welcome you to Arcobaleno, “The Color of Taste”.Arcobaleno Italian Restaurant open daily at 11:00AM-2:00PM for lunch, and 5:30PM-10:00PM for dinner. Recipes with red curry paste and chicken Plenty of parking spaces!

Our group of 7 regularly returns to Arcobaleno, a family-run Italian restaurant that’s a perennial favorite with locals and long-term expats in the know. Recipe for thai red curry paste Tonight we enjoyed: caprese salad, caesar salad, eggplant parmigiana, spicy calamari fritti, “cordon bleu maison”, grilled mackerel steak, sole florentine, and I had a divine pork chop with mushroom & red wine sauce.

Easy mild curry sauce recipe Desserts: Many of the luscious tiramisu, and a strawberries with whipped cream. Thai green curry chicken recipe coconut milk A luxury of this place: easy access, ample parking. Thai green curry recipe without coconut milk Good service always. Thai green curry paste coconut milk recipe Comfortable decor.

Five of us went and everyone ordered something different. Thai beef green curry recipe coconut milk It was all brought out at once, which is quite unusual in Thailand. Thai green curry recipe coconut milk My food (spinach manicotti) must have been finished first and just set on a counter until the rest of the dishes were completed because it was barely warmer than room temp when I got it. Simple curry sauce recipe with curry powder The spinach was fresh and tasty, but it would have been better hot. Red curry sauce recipe thai Everyone liked their food. Chinese takeaway curry sauce recipe uk There is no “atmosphere” in this restaurant.

We had a party of 5 and dined at 6:45 on a Monday evening. Chip shop curry sauce recipe uk I’d forgotten to make reservations but there was plenty of seating. Madras curry paste recipe uk They have a large parking lot which is helpful if you are driving. Curry paste recipe uk Service was top notch. Homemade curry recipes uk I didn’t realize they would bring bread (the rolls I’d read about which were very nice, crusty outside soft inside) so I’d ordered the garlic bread. Salmon red curry coconut sauce recipe It’s heavy on real garlic. Thai curry coconut milk recipe We ordered the ragattoni 4 cheese–very rich but tasty, lasagna, canneloni florentine, spaghetti bolognese and the chicken with mustard brandy wine sauce. Thai curry without coconut milk recipes All were excellent. Tandoori chicken curry sauce recipe Scoop of ice cream for dessert! Prices for our order ranged between $6-9 USD.

Nine years ago we discovered this restaurant and have been back every year since. Chicken katsu curry sauce recipe The food is consistently good. Chicken curry ingredients recipes My favorite is the eggplant Parmesan. Chicken curry homemade recipe It’s hard to think about venturing away. Simple curry paste recipe The pastas are superb. Simple curry sauce recipe using curry powder They must be making the sauces when you order because they are so fresh. Red curry paste recipes using We literally think about this place when we are back home in the states. Red curry paste recipe chicken You won’t be disappointed.

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