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I worked on some hyperbolic crochet all weekend. Chicken tikka masala curry recipe Takes ages to make one piece, especially since I am not the zippy experienced granny crochet expert! And, as I was enjoying the process of working my fingers sore and watching a marathon of youtube Brit telly, the following thoughts came to mind. Indian chicken masala curry recipe Continue reading > Posted in animals, cognition, coping, creativity, dogs, empathy, hypersensitivity, perception, sensory experience, stress | Tagged art, artist, chaos, creativity, crochet, detail focus, disappointment, exhibition, folly, friendship, fun, hyperbolic crochet, hypersensitivity, jealousy, John Cage, love, music, performance, play, pleasure, practice, repetition, Sarah Brightman, stupidity, work, yarn | Leave a reply char siew pork salad

Well, I am still eating my way through that pork belly char siew bake, remember? And the $1 giant iceberg lettuce too.

I actually dislike iceberg lettuce, but nowadays, I just eat what is cheap and whatever my sensory neurons are able to stomach without churning and screaming.

How to make chicken tikka masala curry Iceberg lettuce is ok, and even at normal price, it is cheap. Is chicken easy to digest But I definitely couldn’t go on a chicken gizzard or chicken liver diet, just because it is cheap (and it is!), so there are some limitations to my desperation.

This salad was quite good – I dressed it with the usual mixture of flaxseed oil, soy sauce and wasabe (it’s either wasabe or mustard for me). Simple chicken marinades for baking I have run out of rice, pasta and noodles, so I decided I ought to have a carb-free dinner anyway. Chicken easy dinner recipes Plenty of char siew bake and lettuce left, it isn’t time to hit the shops just yet.

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I baked a char siew pork belly variation today. Chicken plucker drill attachment Nothing fancy, I marinaded with Yeo’s char siew sauce and soya sauce. Chicken plucker fingers Sliced garlic was stuffed into the crevices, and one teaspoon of sesame oil dribbled over the fat. Chicken plucker machine It doesn’t taste like the ‘true’ char siew pork, of course, but there are hints of the traditional dish in each bite! Miam! This will be lunch and dinner for the next few days. Chicken plucker video I don’t mind. Chicken plucker I like my own cooking, most of the time anyway, and I like repetition. Chicken plucker plans Oh, and Lucy came into the kitchen for a good sniff too! Posted in Autism, coping, creativity, dogs, food, hypersensitivity, perception, sensory experience | Tagged char siew, pork belly, repetition, sesame oil, variation | 2 Replies chicken fixation

Two chickens for the price of one. Chicken plucker youtube How could I resist? But that, of course, means I will be eating chicken, chicken, and more chicken, for the next few days. Chicken plucker parts Jolly good thing I love chicken!

There are many things one can do with chicken. Chicken pluckers for sale But one can get physically and mentally tired doing too many things in a small tiny kitchen with a big black dog sprawled across most of the floor space – it’s like a juggling act! I love cooking, but this adventure quite exhausted me, though ever the Aspie, I persevered, egged on by a sort of obsessive drive.

Chicken breasts and drumsticks marinated with Hainanese Chicken Rice marinade and baked with garlic and carrots.

It’s all now neatly packed and stashed away in fridge and freezer, ready to be worked through systematically.

Last night, I had noodles with Chinese kale and chicken saute.

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The packet of mince beef I bought yesterday turned rancid by the time I opened it today. Homemade chicken masala powder recipe I did put it in the fridge and set to really cold, but I guess I should’ve put it in the freezer instead. Chicken crock pot easy meals There goes $3 and 500g of food which would’ve lasted me a few days.

Well, I still have that bacon. Chicken breast easy meals So shall have to play around with it for awhile yet.

A big dinner tonight. Chicken tikka masala slow cooker recipe Exhausted from the afternoon’s activity. Chicken and rice easy casserole Moved some material to my art studio. Chicken masala recipe in marathi language Brought Lucy with me. Chicken masala recipe easy That made it a bit physically awkward, having to hold the leash and make sure Lucy is safe, while the other hand pulls a heavy shopping trolley along. Chicken masala recipe kerala style The art studio is about 1.5km away from home. Chicken masala recipe italian Then I had coffee with a postgraduate colleague. Chicken masala recipe indian Chatted for about an hour, before heading home. Chicken marsala tyler florence I was too tired to pull the trolley home, even though it would’ve been empty, so I left it at the art studio. Chicken marsala crock pot recipe Lucy was tired out too, she came home and flopped into bed immediately!

Sensory overload has triggered a fatigue fever and chills. Chicken marsala casserole Not uncommon an occurrence for me, and some other Aspies with hypersensitivity. Chicken marsala sauce I feel drained. Chicken marsala slow cooker recipe But it was a very pleasant coffee and chat, mind you. Chicken marsala recipe olive garden We talked about our work, and I love learning about other people’s work and also chatting about mine. Chicken marsala recipe So it isn’t that I hate socialising, I just hate the sensory overload that is inevitably connected with socialising. Chicken marsala emeril Nice of him to pay for my coffee, though.

Here are my most recent three bacon variations. Chicken marsala olive garden Last night’s meal was Penne with bacon and spinach, a side treat of carrot soup, and some chocolate. Chicken tikka masala in slow cooker I felt like a big breakfast this morning, so I cooked an ‘over easy’ egg, fried some bacon, and added a portion of cooked carrots and spinach. Eye of the chicken Enjoyed the breakfast immensely! I ate it with a side serving of toast and marmalade, and choco-coffee with soy milk. Easy chicken tikka masala curry recipe Dinner tonight was bacon and beanspouts with a touch of yellow bean and raw garlic.

Here we go again. Indian chicken tikka masala curry recipe More mince beef patties. Chicken tikka masala recipe crock pot This time, I got it right at last, no more overcooking, no more dryness, just yummy juicy beef! Finished the last one tonight. Chicken tikka masala calories restaurant Left the best to last, I like the spinach beef patties best.

Why B flat? Well, there are times when my senses form strong associations, though they are not always the same or consistent, so this is not synaesthesia, in case anyone wonders. Chicken tikka masala calories This time, the beef sort of ‘felt’ like B flat major. Chicken tikka masala recipe indian Think Mozart Violin Sonata in B flat, K378.

So, I made one batch of beef balls and another batch of spinach patties. Chicken marsala recipe with mushrooms I used a muffin try for the spinach patties. Chicken marsala recipe rachael ray Turned out just right, on higher heat 220C and for only 10-15 minutes. Chicken marsala recipe martha stewart But I did remember to preheat the ovenette, so the temperature was just right by the time I popped the trays in.

Beef balls in Penne pasta with spinach and mustard soy sauce dressing.

I love the tangy piquant and tart taste of English mustard, and I am a soy sauce junkie, so I mixed a dollop of the mustard with soy sauce, stirred till the mustard dissolved, and poured over the dish.

Just a simple mixture of spinach, mince beef, corn starch and soy sauce marinate.

Here is the Penne pasta again! This time, it’s spinach patty with more spinach and cream cheese stirred in. Chicken marsala recipe carrabba’s Not Kosher, but yummy anyway. Chicken marsala recipe food network Actually, mixing dairy with meat really does give me a tummy ache, I guess it is bad for digestion. Chicken marsala recipe emeril lagasse I did feel some stabs of indigestion, bad girl, but it tasted great!

And then of course, there is sweet potato! But don’t forget the Hello Kitty shaped agar jelly!

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Listening to Mozart Violin Concertos again right now. Chicken marsala recipe easy Not particularly grand recordings, it’s Takako Nishizaki and Wolf Harden, but good enough to calm the slightly frayed nerves. Chicken marsala recipe slow cooker There is something very comforting about secure, predictable tonality, and the seemingly ‘favourite’ keys for many a human ear – Bflat, F and C majors!

So, what is this frazzle about then? A Friday morning after… My grand Thursday cook out! Over the Top… as usual.

I realised, when the Coles delivery guy came with my groceries, that I had mistakenly ordered 600g of mince beef instead of 250g. Chicken marsala casserole paula deen Well that is a LOT of mince for one petite Aspie chick to devour, and as anyone knows, mince does not keep. Chicken marsala casserole rachael ray So, what do I do? I had to cook up the entire lot of it. Chicken marsala casserole recipe It was a bit fatty too, so I couldn’t share too much with Lucy. Chicken breast easy crock pot recipes Don’t want to upset her tummy again now that things are only just showing some improvement with her poo.

Here are the patties I made. Chicken tikka masala in a slow cooker A variety of four – basically similar, it’s all beef, and I was so tired by the evening that I had no more imagination or energy left.

Plain simple soy sauce marinated patties for hamburger meals, Tandoori and garlic patties, cornstarch and soy patties, and spinach mince patties. Chicken marsala sauce in a jar Beef the entire week. Chicken marsala sauce recipe Thank goodness I am Aspie and I love repetition. Chicken marsala sauce without wine This would drive anyone else to tears!

For someone with a supposed cold logical systemising mind, I am rather experimentally intuitive with food and cooking. Chicken marsala sauce packet I prefer to rely on my senses to gauge how much of what goes in and when and how – what the stuff looks like, the smell, texture, taste combinations etc. Chicken marsala sauce easy I read recipes for inspiration, much like I look at other artists’ art, so that I can go off and create my own, not from their formulae but from innate instinctive compulsion.

Repetition and routine are features in autism. Chicken marsala sauce with mushrooms For me, repetition can be very comforting. Chicken marsala emeril lagasse I can eat the same thing over and over and it will take some time before I am tired of it. Chicken marsala emeril recipe Usually, it isn’t because I have grow tired of the food, but more because I have become interested in some other. Chicken marsala olive garden style For now, I am persevering with the cupcakes. Chicken marsala olive garden calories I like themes and variations. Chicken marsala olive garden recipe I like the many combinations and permutations that can arise from just changing one or two small details in an equation. Chicken marsala olive garden nutrition So, here we go. Chicken marsala olive garden menu Another night time cupcake adventure. Chicken tikka masala recipe easy This time, no more microwaving. Chicken garam masala recipe easy I’ve got the ovenette, remember?

Probably used more energy. Chicken tikka masala recipe with coconut milk Had to bake it for longer too. Stuffed chicken marsala recipe olive garden But definitely yummier.

2 tablespoons milk powder (I need to use up the milk powder, somehow, it goes better in my digestion when cooked in food)

thoroughly mix dry ingredients (I didn’t sift the flour, don’t have a sifter, just a fork and vigorous mixing)

Add a little water at a time. Best chicken marsala recipe olive garden 3 tablespoons at the start to get things going, thereafter, I would recommend one tablespoon at a time, while mixing away, until you get a smooth creamy texture

Yummier and yummier! Still a little chewy, perhaps I baked them for too long, or maybe that’s the way it is without egg? Anyhow, it is less chewy than the microwaved version, lighter, and I loved the gooey melty choco bits inside!

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