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I love Tooting, and the colourful and lively covered market in its centre is quickly becoming one of my favourite spots. Les cornichons nino ferrer lyrics The discovery of this delightful steak restaurant in its midst has certainly done nothing but hasten my growing affection for the Tooting Broadway area. Les cornichons nino ferrer The Venue and Atmosphere

Tucked away in a far corner of Tooting’s indoor market, Bordelaise is not hugely visible to passers-by, but once you turn down the covered passageways and make your way past the stalls filled with fruit and spices, jewellery and cloth, you will come to Bordelaise. Cornichons baby sour gherkins On a blustery March evening, the warm lights and cozy atmosphere were a welcome relief from the weather outside.

Substitute for cornichon pickles Inside, the relatively small space helps to create that intimate, cosy vibe that we were hankering for and the dark wood furnishings, crimson walls and cafe-style curtains echo a small French bistro somewhere in Paris or Bordeaux. What are cornichon pickles The Food and Drinks

Keeping it simple, Bordelaise present their signature Flat Iron Steak (?12) as the go-to steak option on the menu, and they also had a rib-eye on offer that evening (?19). Youtube les cornichons I opted for the Flat Iron steak, which did not disappoint. Des cornichons au chocolat The meat was tender and melt-in-the-mouth, owing to the quality and the perfect cut. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung We of course went for their signature sauce as well, the Bordelaise, which is a rich red wine jus perfectly flavoured with garlic and infused with Provence herbs. The sides were definitely a highlight of the meal and in particular the Caramelised Madeira Shallots (?3.50) were delicious. Cornichon pickle recipe Combine that with the naughty Beef Dripping French Fries (?3) and, to ease our guilt, the Green Bean, Heritage Tomato & Shallot Salad (?7) and you had a match made in heaven.

Don’t leave without dessert, as their Chocolate Fondant (?5.50) is pure chocolatey goodness. French cornichon pickles Summary

Bordelaise is a perfect date spot and similarly great as a relaxed and friendly setting for dinner with friends and family. French pickles cornichons The team are friendly and accommodating and will do their best to make you feel right at home. Cornichons pronunciation I will be definitely be adding it to my little black book of South London hidden gems.

No matter how much I live my French expat life comfortably integrated into London life, still from time to time, especially when the cold sets in, there is nothing quite like going to take refuge in the warm, in a nice little French restaurant. So much so, that when I heard about the opening of Bordelaise, a nice little restaurant ‘a la bonne Franquette’ near me, I didn’t hesitate for a moment before going to explore it.

Bordelaise is the cousin of The Little Taperia, another small well-known restaurant in Tooting, recently voted one of the best in the area in the third edition of the TimeOut Love London Awards. Les cornichons lyrics english translation Situated at the bottom of Broadway Market, one of the two covered markets in Tooting, Bordelaise has carved out for itself a beautiful little location and contributes at the same time to bringing a breath of well deserved revitalisation to this part of the market, which has become a little unloved even if undeservedly so.

I had visited Broadway Market only once before, and I have to say that I was rather surprised. Les cornichons reims france All of a sudden, the previously scruffy and dated market is almost becoming cute.

And then my first impressions of Bordelaise, of which I had seen some pictures on Twitter, without being really sure what it would actually be like, were rather pleasant. What can i substitute for cornichons To my surprise, even though the restaurant may be small and in the middle of a market that is not particularly charming, the French Touch takes immediate effect.

Small wooden tables, patterned tiles, a warm welcome, two champagne glasses are waiting for us! Perfect. Mini pickles cornichons The place undoubtedly add a cozy and pleasant touch to the market. Baby pickles cornichons It’s not Shoreditch yet, but it’s getting close to Brixton Village.

It’s early November, it’s 5 degrees outside and the cold seems to have fallen on London without warning. Les cornichons nino ferrer youtube How can I not resist the call of a good French aperitif? And what an aperitif. Des cornichons au chocolat ubersetzung Pate, cornichon. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung deutsch A la bonne Franquette!

The speciality of the house is Steak-Frites. Des cornichons au chocolat pdf But pay attention, even though the place may well be small and out of the way, one can eat very, very well. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsch The pieces of beef are excellent, as are the side dishes, crisp and crunchy frites with mac and cheese with truffles or other lighter and more varied side dishes. The frame is a nice mix of simple basics and small details that make the difference. Des cornichons au chocolat vertaling Mustard in a small red saucepan, sauces served in copper mini saucepans (I recommend you try the Bordelaise sauce!), and the shallots in a small steel saucepan. Pickled cornichons recipe So cute.

How can I not be tempted by the dessert? A chocolate fondant with a ball of vanilla ice cream and covered with a little caramel salted butter. Freshona pickled cornichons To die for.

Bordelaise, a great place not to be missed if you live in the south of London! Finally, you can never have enough French restaurants in London!

Part of the wave of new openings that’s suddenly made Tooting’s Broadway Market a real destination for food and drink, Bordelaise has proper local pedigree as it’s owned by the team behind award-wining Little Bar and Little Taperia. Nino ferrer les cornichons lyrics The USP here is steak-frites. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsche zusammenfassung Very good value steak-frites. Des cornichons au chocolat stephanie riassunto Choose from a ?10 butler’s (also known as flat iron or feather blade) or ?20 rib-eye, both sourced from the Rare Breed Company. What is chopped cornichons Cooked perfectly to order and served with piping hot, salty, beef-dripping fries for simple satisfaction guaranteed. Cornichons recipes pickling Textbook bearnaise and the signature red wine bordelaise sauce are also on offer, along with a short selection of sides, including truffled macaroni cheese. Cornichon francais anglais Drinks have a French accent, from Ricard and Calvados to reds from the Rhone and Bordeaux, and so too do the chalked-up daily selection of starters, puds and cheese. Cornichon traduction anglais Bordelaise – nous t’aimons.

The restaurant is in an unusual location: inside a working market. Maille cornichons gherkins It’s not big, so it is very intimate. French cornichons in white wine vinegar The day we went, the only people working were the waitress, chef and sous chef.

There are two types of steak on the menu: a rib eye and a flat iron (that they call Butler). How to pickle cornichons uk We tried both and they were both delicious. French cornichon pickles recipe Almost certainly the best steak we’ve ever had. Buy cornichons They were both tasty and tender.

The chef came out to speak to us to talk about where they buy their meat and the cuts they sell.

All in all it was a great experience and we will definitely be going back.

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