Rolf luetcke – sweet fluorite

This story began a number of years ago, when we had a mineral store.

It started one day, with a little girl. Sugarcane cultivation in india Some long time friends came for a visit.

Sugarcane australia One of their reasons for coming to the town where I lived was a candy store. Is sugarcane good for you People from all over came to this candy store to buy specialty imported candy.

After their visit to the candy store, they stopped by our place for a visit. Sugarcane juice machine price The little girl handed me a bag, gift to us from the candy store.

Inside was something I remembered from my childhood. Is sugarcane juice good for diabetics It was the old style sugar candy that was grown on a string. Sugarcane juice machine price in chennai I am sure most remember this pure sugary treat. Sugarcane juice machine price in coimbatore Only new thing was the added fruit flavor and color. Where to buy sugar cane sticks The one she gave me was grape flavored.

As soon as I saw it a little, devious, light went on in the back of my head.

The candy looked just like a mineral, Fluorite to be exact. Sugar cane seeds for sale It looked so much like a mineral I couldn’t eat it.

I ended up breaking it up into specimen sized pieces, making sure the pieces had no sign of the string that was once holding it together.

Now, I have a bit of a practical joker streak and it kicked in with this pretty material.

I made labels for the pieces and invented a species that does not happen in nature. Sugar cane seeds minecraft I called it a Halite pseudomorph after Fluorite and gave it a Russian locality.

A bit of background here. How do you plant sugarcane in minecraft My wife does not mind my joking around but both she and I would not let someone leave our place without them knowing it was all just a joke.

I had the purple, cubic, fake specimens sitting on the store counter to play with people I knew and some I didn’t.

A good friend came in a couple of days after I had put the first piece out and I showed it to him. Is coconut sugar better than cane sugar He read the label and I told him to taste the piece. Cane sugar glycemic index He raised his eyebrown and I pushed him to give it a lick. Sugar exporters in brazil He did and told me it tasted just like salt. Sugar manufacturing process from sugarcane ppt Now that made my eyebrows go up. Sugar manufacturing process from sugarcane pdf Ah, the power of suggestion. Ethanol production from sugarcane He had read the label and saw Halite and his mind said “salt” and that is what he tasted. Sugar cane farms for sale in kzn I told him to taste it again. Coke with cane sugar He gave me a strange look and I made him taste it again. Sugar cane juice recipe “Hey, it is sweet” he said.

About a week later, just before the Tucson Mineral show, a mineral collector came in and was picking out some things from the store. Sugar cane juicer for sale In walked the friend from the other day, the one who had tasted the new joke piece. Sugar cane juice near me A bit more background here. Sugar cane cutter machine I came here from Germany as a youth and it seems that my handwriting has a distinctive German flair.

As the couple came up to the counter, I was adding up their purchase and heard the husband talk to his wife about the piece of Halite after Fluorite he saw. Sugar cane farm for sale I overheard him talk to his wife about the particular material and he even knew the person who had brought it over from Europe, a German collector, because he recognized the fellows handwriting.

I was really enjoying listening to the couple excitedly talk about this mineral specimen. Sugar cane farmers I gave my friend who knew what it was a glance and saw he had to turn away because he was starting to crack up.

I listened to the husband and wife for a bit longer and when they were done I asked them what the material was. Hawaiian sugar cane spider Oh yes, they started to explain they knew the fellow who had written the label.

That is when I told them what it really was. Is cane sugar paleo After the shocked expression wore off, both of them started to laugh. Sugarcane juice machine for home use The fellow begged me to sell him a piece. Sugarcane juice machine design I gave him one and he said he was planning to have a ball with his friends at the Tucson show.

I think back with fond memories of the fun I had with those sugar candy look alikes. Sugarcane juice machine for sale I still have a couple tucked away. Sugarcane juice machine olx I found that leaving them out in the open fades the food coloring badly.

I thought it was funny how reading a label and thinking salt made my friend taste salt when it was actually sugar. Sugarcane juice benefits in hindi The mind is a powerful thing.

Hi Rolf! It was a good idea to show candies for minerals! So I could show some mint flavored candies for emeralds this way! Or some strawberry flavored candies for rubies and say “The price was 5’000 € per carat!!!” is an outreach project of the Hudson Institute of Mineralogy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

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