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France, germany and the U.S. Joined britain in denouncing russia over an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter on british soil that used a terrifyingly powerful, military-grade nerve agent, novichok.

The move came a day after britain formally accused russia of attempted murder, in an emergency session of the U.N. Security council, above. (the british royal family’s symbolic slap of boycotting the world cup this summer in russia was dismissed by a russian official as “not so important.”)

U.S. Authorities accused moscow of engineering a series of escalating cyberattacks that could have enabled it to shut off american and european nuclear power plants and water and electric systems.

And the trump administration took its toughest action yet against russia — over a different issue, issuing new sanctions on russian groups and individuals for election interference and other “malicious” cyberattacks.

That’s venezuela. A chain of political, economic, food and medical crises have set off the largest exodus of refugees in the history of the americas.

For months, our reporter recorded interviews over encrypted channels with leopoldo lópez, above, an opposition leader under house arrest. After our article published, his house was raided and his security chief detained. He anticipates being returned to prison.

Listen to some of the interviews with mr. Lopez, with our reporter’s commentary, in part one and part two of a special episode of “the daily” podcast.

• china ’s spreading wealth and influence is prompting pushback on national security concerns around the world, not just in the U.S. Australia, europe and canada have also increasing scrutiny of beijing’s investments. And the U.S. Is preparing sweeping actions to penalize china for stealing U.S. Intellectual property.

• ye jianming was a hard-charging chinese energy tycoon whose company surprised the world last year with a $9 billion purchase. Now he seems to be the latest member of the corporate elite to fall from president xi jinping’s graces.

• amazon japan’s tokyo offices were raided by the country’s fair-trade watchdog, on suspicion of antitrust violations related to having suppliers take on some costs of retailer discounts.

• north korea’s foreign minister, ri yong-ho, flew to sweden, amid speculation that the country could be a venue for planning potential talks between president trump and kim jong-un. [ the new york times]

• “A celebration of indecency”: that’s how a semiofficial iranian news agency described a recent girls’ dance recital in tehran. It may have cost the city’s mayor his job. [ the new york times]

• rescuing qatari royals who were taken hostage in iraq cost the tiny emirate $360 million, our reporter found. The payments fueled the middle east’s spiraling civil wars. [ the new york times magazine]

• the eastern quoll, a spotted cat-sized marsupial, was reintroduced into the wilds of mainland australia this week or the first time since the species was decimated by foxes about half a century ago. [ BBC] smarter living

St. Patrick’s day, which is saturday, is all the more enjoyable for a number of intriguing myths and misconceptions — and not just about leprechauns.

Scientists say there were never any snakes in ireland, for one thing, which contradicts the tale of st. Patrick driving them into the sea. It’s not even airtight to maintain, as scholars do, that the snake story is an allegory for st.Patrick’s eradication of pagan religions. (christianity may have already arrived.)

The real patrick, who became a patron saint of ireland, wasn’t even irish: he was believed to have been a roman born in england who was enslaved by irish marauders. He escaped after six years and returned to ireland to spread christianity.

Corned beef, a mainstay of st. Patrick’s day in the U.S., was introduced by irish immigrants who bought it from jewish neighbors in new york city. And there’s the color: it was once st. Patrick’s blue. (green dates to 18th century irish independence movements.)

And for a celebration of irish culture, st. Patrick’s day is remarkably global. In sydney, where the opera house is tinted green each year, the celebrations date to 1810. In singapore, as the irish times writes, “the singapore river transforms into a sea of green as part of its own two-day street festival.”

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