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This is going to be the most colorful post till date, commemorating the Hindu festival of color Holi in every form. Thalassery chicken dum biryani recipe Holi is the festival of life and merriment. Chicken biryani recipe in telugu Color plays an important part in Human psychology. Thalassery mutton biryani recipe It has that inherent power to cure many things, and as the season changes the languidness of Winter mellows beautifully into cheerfulness of the colorful Spring, and in India Spring has more warmer tones than in other parts of the world, there is […]

5 Ingredients to Make Your Homemade Bread Healthier Nourishing and comforting, there’s nothing better than a hot loaf of freshly baked bread.

Youtube chicken biryani in telugu But conventional bread isn’t the healthiest item on the menu. How to make chicken biryani in telugu Thankfully, there are ways to make your favorite recipe healthier and without compromising on taste. How to prepare chicken biryani in telugu These five ingredients will add nutrients and flavor to your homemade bread. Prawns biryani recipe 1. Prawns biryani recipe in hindi Flax Seed Meal Flax seeds have been cultivated since 3000 BC, and they make a great healthy addition to any […]

“Truth is bitter but its result is sweet. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi Falsehood appears to be sweet but it is poisonous in effect.” And nature teaches us this maxim through various medium. Prawns biryani in marathi Like the bitter gourd or melon and Neem / Margosa leaves. Hyderabadi prawns biryani recipe Both are known for its bitterness and yet both of them have numerous medicinal properties, have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Hyderabadi prawns biryani This ancient healing fruit is not appreciated by all because of its sharp, pungent and bitter […]

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Recipe of prawns biryani Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ~ Maimonides In Bengali mythology and culture, fish has always been a delicious symbol of fertility, prosperity and abundance and it touches many aspects of ceremonial and ritual life. Prawns biryani hyderabadi style (~ Chitrita Banerjee) While fish is seen as smelly and gross food to many, Bengali marriages are not complete without fishes, there are many rituals where fish is […]

Gota sheddho / casserole of whole lentils and boiled whole vegetables – a tradition reborn again. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi language Cultural diversity gives India a unique flavour and richness. Hyderabadi prawns dum biryani recipe Often with in the same community or region, the differences in culture, traditions, rituals and beliefs are so divergent from each other giving a different entity altogether. Prawns biryani in hindi Like in Bengal, where Ghotis (those originate in West Bengal) and Bangal culture (people of East Bengal before partition of India) are so different from each other that we […]

Bangalore blue grape chutney : Chutney are chutneys. Prawns biryani recipe in telugu Accept as they are. Prawns biryani easy recipe Neither it is a spicy jam nor it is a dip or relishes. Simple prawns biryani In fact chutneys in India are always being prepared fresh and eaten fresh as condiment that beautifully complements the main meal. Prawns biryani in telugu They are not (as claimed ) descended from the Medieval custom or practices of fruit relishes preserved with spices, sugar and vinegar. Prawns biryani in marathi language In fact chutneys are never meant for preserving the fruit or vegetables, for […]

Ranga aloo r rosher pitha / mishti aloo r pithe puli : Festivals are living museum of Nation’s culture and traditions. How to make prawns biryani It is like a window to each other’s culture, rituals and traditions, especially in culturally diversified country like India, where each of the corner of the country celebrate Makar Sankranti in its own way, yet the ritualism and traditions are so different from each other and off course the wide array of food platter. Prawns biryani kerala style Food has an incredible power […]

Intro – The quieter you become the more you can hear, like the sound of whistling Thrush that keeps you accompanied on the winding trails through the jungles of Sahyadri. Prawns biryani recipe kerala Solitude is bliss, the pure “me time” when you want to be left alone to let yourself soaked in the warmth of early morning sunshine, seating at Arthur’s seat and watching as the first rays of sun paints the green valleys in hues of golden yellow, orange and ombre shades […]

Vibrant, Vigorous, Vivacious…. Prawns biryani video Varanasi! Popularly known by its monikers “Kashi” and “Banaras”, Varanasi is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world with a history that goes beyond 3000 years. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam language It is situated on the western riverbank of the Ganges River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh; believed to be an abode of Lord Shiva. Prawns biryani recipe andhra style It is popularly known as “The City of Lights” and “The Spiritual Capital of India”. Prawns biryani vahrehvah It is considered a Holy City by the […]

Top 7 Himalayan treks: Since time immemorial the perpetual snow covered lofty mountains has challenged human lives. Prawns biryani recipe youtube Sage, saint, hermit and vagabonds has found solace in its mighty arms that has spread across throughout the subcontinent. Prawns biryani andhra style The wonder of wonders that has never ceased to amaze man, with its abundant beauty that nature has chosen to bestow on it, diverse flora and fauna and many life forms that it has supported through eons, Himalayas are most sought after and at the same […]

Lal Bagh Flower Show 2014 Flower show return to Lal Bagh this year with astounding display of floral replica of Mysore Palace and the famed Dasara procession. Recipe of prawns biryani in marathi We happened to visit there on 15th of August. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam Not an ideal to visit as the crowd was huge. Sanjeev kapoor prawns biryani recipe The footfalls at the show was beyond the expectations of the organiser and they had to close the main gate number of times. Prawns biryani recipe step by step Maneuvering through the suffocating crowd and handling the camera at the […]

A jungle odyssey can be an incredible experience. How to make prawns biryani in marathi When you travel in the forest you must be sensitive and careful. How to make prawns biryani video You must respect the forest rules and take steps so as not to disturb the animals. Prawns biryani in hyderabad Good jungle etiquette can help you to enjoy the rich fauna without a negative impact on the eco-tourism. How to make prawns biryani kerala style Important travel tips are discussed in this primer. How to prepare prawns biryani in telugu You must not get out of the vehicle to take photographs of the animals. How to make prawns biryani in telugu You must take photographs […]

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ? George Eliot Between summer and winter, there is fall, a transitional phase when each leaves of the tree turns into golden, yellow and red before shedding themselves, paints the landscape in riots of color, before embracing harsh and cold winter nights in their bare branches . Vahrehvah prawns biryani We are expected to be sad because soon the […]

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