Schwartz gluten free chilli chicken with chorizo – searching for spice

This gluten free chilli chicken with chorizo is a great midweek meal for all the family. Lasagna using cottage cheese instead of ricotta The recipe is all thanks to Schwartz’s new range of gluten free spice mixes!

A few night ago I was lucky enough to attend the Schwartz gluten free super club. Lasagna recipe without ricotta cheese or cottage cheese Schwartz is the UK’s leading spice brand and this event coincided with the launch of their gluten free range.

The key idea behind the new products is that you don’t want to have to create separate dishes for the person in the family who’s unable to eat gluten.

Lasagna recipe easy no cottage cheese Why should they have to eat differently from the rest of family? And why shouldn’t the choices that are available be just as tasty?

As nutritionist Amanda Hamilton said at the event, families these days need healthy but acceptable shortcuts which is exactly what these recipe mixes offer.

At the Schwartz super club we enjoyed a feast of tasty gluten free recipes made using the mixes. Healthy vegetable lasagna recipe cottage cheese Some of the dishes we enjoyed included: mac ‘n’ cheese with Schwartz gluten free cheese sauce mix; chilli chicken and chorizo with Schwartz gluten free chilli con carne mix; steak with Schwartz gluten free peppercorn sauce; veggie stuffed peppers with Schwartz gluten free spaghetti bolognese mix as well as veggie fajitas with Schwartz gluten free fajitas mix. Crockpot lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese I have to say the food was delicious. Meat lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese It was full of flavour as well as varied and we all went home full!

The great thing about the mixes is that they are versatile. Lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta recipe The fajitas mix, for example, would be great in a soup, a stew or in another Mexican recipe such as enchiladas.

There are currently 8 gluten free mixes including 3 pour over sauces (cheese sauce, creamy peppercorn sauce and beef gravy) and 5 recipe mixes (fajitas, chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognese, chicken casserole and cottage pie). How to layer lasagna with cottage cheese and spinach However, more are in development and each one can be used in different ways.

I enjoyed all the recipes at the super club and after getting home I was keen to recreate one. How to make lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta cheese We love chicken and chorizo so I’d like to share with you the Schwartz gluten free chilli chicken with chorizo recipe. Easy meat lasagna recipe without cottage cheese This recipe uses the Schwartz gluten free chilli con carne recipe mix.

It was such an easy meal to prepare and definitely suitable for busy families on a weeknight. Lasagna recipe with oven ready noodles and cottage cheese I really enjoyed the recipe and it made enough for leftovers the next day so it’s a perfect cook once eat twice meal as well! And you know how much I like those!

You could substitute the chicken for mince or any other vegetables for the red pepper. Easy lasagna recipe without cottage cheese Sweetcorn would be lovely or even aubergine or courgette. Meatless lasagna recipe with cottage cheese After all, on a busy weeknight it’s best to use what you have rather than feel you have to follow a recipe exactly.

I don’t follow a gluten free diet but these days more and more people are opting to go gluten free. Stove top lasagna with cottage cheese Because of this, there is definitely a gap in the market for affordable and tasty gluten free options. Easy lasagna recipe no ricotta or cottage cheese For those with serious gluten allergies, even the smallest amount of gluten can make them ill so it’s great that Schwartz have recognised this. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese ricotta They’ve produced a range that has earned the Coeliac UK Crossed Grain certification. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese This guarantees that production takes place in an environment without gluten contamination.

You can also find out loads more useful information on the Coeliac UK website. Best lasagna recipe cottage cheese So, do take a look if you need more information about diagnosis or living a gluten free life.

This gluten free chilli chicken is a tasty midweek meal that everyone will enjoy!

Fry the onion and chorizo in a large saucepan for about 5 minutes until beginning to brown.

Add the rest of the ingredients plus about 125ml of water. Lasagna recipe without cottage cheese Bring to the boil then simmer for about 10 minutes. Simple lasagna recipe without cottage cheese Give a good stir and continue to simmer for another 5-10 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Let me know if you try this gluten free chilli chicken recipe as I’d love to know what you think.

I am linking it to my own Cook Once Eat Twice food blog linky. Spaghetti squash lasagna recipe cottage cheese Do take a look for more meal planning inspiration! I am also linking to Cook Blog Share at Hijacked by Twins. Easy healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese And to Recipe of the Week at A Mummy Too and Brilliant Blog Posts at Honest Mum.

I’d never have realised you can’t have recipe mixes if you are gluten free. Healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese I agree it is great to be able to serve a recipe to the whole family, and your dish looks delicious! Love chicken chilli.

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