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This Seared Paprika Salmon with Rosemary Grapes is ready in about 10 minutes, and is perfect for weeknight dinners, date nights, or as the seafood centerpiece at a dinner party.

This past winter, I had a love affair with hot smoked paprika. Best fish taco recipe Ever since, I’ve been sprinkling it on fish obsessively. Fish recipes food network So far, my favorite fish and paprika combination is salmon covered in the earthy red spice, and seared to perfection.

Cooking light fish tacos This easy and delicious dinner is ‘fancy-schmancy’ enough for dinner parties or date night, but is so quick to prepare and addictively flavorful that I make it for weeknight dinners too! This Seared Paprika Salmon is heavily dusted with paprika, quickly seared, and then topped with a delicious grape chutney.

It’s no secret that I’m landlocked– I live in Central Appalachia (near the Kentucky Bourbon Trail), and fresh fish is normally not available. Baked fish fillet recipes with sauce Some of you live near the ocean, have easy access to fresh fish, can probably talk to fishmongers, and are confident that you know where your fish came from. Baked fish fillet recipes What about the rest of us?

Obviously, I eat a lot of fish even though I don’t live near the sea. Swai fish recipes food network That means, as you probably already guessed, that I’m almost always cooking fish that has, at some point, been frozen.* Fish that’s been frozen can be just as delicious as fresh fish. Baked fish recipes lemon Don’t let being landlocked stop you from cooking fish! What should you look for? With salmon, I like to look for fish that doesn’t have artificial red coloring added, from a company that gives me as much information about the fish as possible (such as Orca Bay, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods).** Making Seared Paprika Salmon with Rosemary Grapes

To make this easy seafood dinner, you need two salmon fillets, a little Spanish smoked paprika, a pinch of salt, some red grapes, a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and a little olive oil. Fish curry recipe indian style Start by rubbing the fish with paprika and salt, and then sear it, skin-side down, until the fish has cooked about 3/4 of the way through. Indian fish curry recipe sanjeev kapoor (You’ll be able to see the translucent flesh turn opaque as it cooks.) Next, flip the salmon over, and sear it for about 30 seconds.

Take the fish out of the pan, and cover it to keep it warm. Baked fish recipe indian Lower the heat to medium, add the grapes, rosemary and a little more oil, and let the grapes sear for a couple minutes. Fish curry recipe indian While they cook, smash them down and burst them a little to release the juices. Baked fish fillet recipe jamie oliver Serve the salmon with the grapes, and dig in while it’s all still hot! TIPS FOR SEARING FISH

• If possible, let the fish come to room temperature before searing. Recipe of fish curry by sanjeev kapoor Remove fish from the fridge about 20 minutes before you need to cook it, or at the very least take it out of the fridge before you start prepping all your ingredients.

• If your fish sticks when you try to flip it, wait and let it cook a little longer.

• Add the fish, skin-side down, and then don’t touch the fish until it’s time to flip– nudging it in the pan will cause the fish to tear.

*Note: If you, dear reader, are landlocked too, and think you’re buying fresh fish at your local supermarket– ASK THEM, don’t assume it’s fresh. Sweet and sour fish fillet recipe chinese style Fairly often, that fish has been frozen, and then thawed in their counter for an unspecified amount of time. Surmai fish curry recipe in marathi I prefer to buy my fish while it’s still frozen, so that I know exactly how long it’s been thawed.

**A Note on Wild vs Farmed Salmon: The general consensus seems to be that Pacific Wild Salmon is a healthier fish than most (or any) farmed Atlantic Salmon, but that both are good choices to include in your diet. Fish fry recipe in hindi video Some companies, however– such as Whole Foods— are making real efforts to make their farmed salmon as healthy as wild salmon.

Wow, that looks yum! I’m a smoked paprika addict but never tried it with salmon. Fish fry recipe in hindi nisha madhulika Did you know fish that has been frozen is safer? In the UK fish for sushi has to have been frozen for at least a week.

I am just totally digging this recipe, Sarah! I loved smoked paprika too and salmon is a favourite of mine. North indian fish curry recipe in hindi What a wicked combination paired with the grapes!! This sounds and looks so good to me!! Going to have to give this one a try soon ?? Happy Monday to ya!

That paprika glaze on the salmon looks to die for! I’m big into smoked paprika too and that sweet grape chutney would be great with the really bold smokiness. Pomfret fish curry recipe sanjeev kapoor Frozen fresh is great, whether it’s store bought or freshly caught by yourself and then frozen for later. Baked whole fish recipes jamie oliver I’m learning that with shrimp here. Baked whole fish recipes I can get fresh fish pretty easily but the fish guy at my market said most shrimp consumed here is actually caught in other countries, frozen, and then sits unthawed on display. Baked whole fish recipes in foil He said it’s better to just go buy the packaged shrimp unless you live right near the ocean.

What a great looking recipe. Recipes for fish fillets I love the sweetness the grapes would add without sugar and the bit of savory from the rosemary. Fried cod fish recipes I’ll have to try the smoked paprika. Recipe for tuna fish cakes I’ve never seasoned salmon like that. Recipe for cod fish cakes I’m landlocked too (Nebraska) and often find the frozen fresh is much better than a couple of places that claim they fly it in fresh. Recipe for thai fish cakes Your tips are perfect. Recipe for fish taco sauce Thank you!

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