Sending cakes and cookies to deployed soldiers

Thanks to all of you, here are some great ideas for sending cakes and cookies to your deployed sons and daughters for those special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

You can send cakes and cookies through an online company or do it yourself! Following is a list of great suggestions from who else but the fabulous Army Moms (and others) who LOVE to make their deployed children feel special! Thank you everyone who contributed to this list!

• Some assembly required birthday cakes! Well I mailed 6 cakes to my son in late september last year while he was in Iraq. Banana bread with coconut flour i baked them in the aluminum pans that have lids. Banana bread with wheat flour after baking a cooling i wrapped the pan in saran wrap, put the lid on and taped it. Banana bread with rice flour i then included tubs of icing, sprinkles and candles along with birthday plates and napkins.

Best banana cake recipe nz i called it my “some assembly required birthday cakes”. Banana bread using pancake mix they all arrived intact and he said they ate them!

• I bought a pound cake at the grocery – found it in the deli area in a foil pan. How to make banana pancakes with pancake mix Included a can of frosting and other birthday accessories. Banana bread with baking powder instead of baking soda Included a can of frosting and other birthday accessories. Banana bread made with almond flour It arrived in Afghanistan during hot weather in good shape.

• Old tins are good to ship baked goods in. Three ingredient banana bread Some of our boxes took one to three weeks to arrive.

• Buy some tootsie rolls and make him a tootsie roll cake. Sweet potato banana bread Wrap the cake in saran wrap and place candles around the cake. Buttermilk banana bread martha stewart Not only will the cake get there in one piece, but your son will be able to share the tootsie rolls with others and light the candles.

• I always make them a cake out of twinkies and put plates, balloons, napkins and confettii in the center. Gluten free sugar free banana bread I tape the twinkies end to end in a round shape put birthday ribbon on the out side I put the choclate cupcakes on the top and fill in the whole. Moist banana muffin recipe That way it is fresh and is a nice treat for all the guys in the unit.


1 cake mix – whatever kind (I like to buy the different holiday ones that Pillsbury does)

4 wide-mouthed Mason Jars (Wal-Mart seems to have the cheapest price for 12)

Mix the cake mix and pre heat oven as directed. Banana bread taste of home Spray the 4 jars with the Pam spray and set on a cookie sheet. Gluten free dairy free banana bread You want to fill the jars only 1/3 full of cake batter. Banana muffin recipe uk Bake for directed time, I have a cake tester I use to make sure they are done. Chocolate banana bread muffins As soon as you take them out of the oven, carefully screw the tops on. Freezing bananas for banana bread If the cake has risen above the top, carefully slice off excess so cake is even with the top. Chocolate chip banana bread sour cream As the cakes cool, you will hear the tops pop as they seal themselves.

The cakes are said to last in the jars as is for 6 months and can be frozen for 12 months.You can send icing with it!

You can also make breads like Banana Nut or Zucchini in the jars doing the same thing.

• Cheryl and Company – Offering cookies, brownies and FREE shipping to APO/FPO addresses.

• – Send Birthday Cakes to Soldiers Home & Abroad!

• – sends free birthday cakes to deployed soldiers

Have some ideas or recommendations? Leave a comment. Banana bran muffin recipe Thank you!

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I just sent my son 9 jars of Banana Nut bread, I made the recipe out the the Betty Crocker cook book and sprayed the inside of the jars with cooking spray. Banana muffin recipe singapore Filled them just under half full. Banana bread with yellow cake mix I have also done this with Brownie mix and am getting ready to try Blueberry Muffins. Banana bread with no eggs He said the Brownies and Banana Nut bread was awesome. Banana bread with pancake mix The trick is not to fill the jars too full.

Read that cakes and breads in jars need to cool before sealing and then be kept refridgerated to be safe. Banana peanut butter recipes To do otherwise can lead to bacteria growth causing botulism. How ripe do bananas need to be for banana bread Um, not good people. Banana bread recipe without flour I’m taking the “ordering cakes” route for my hubby.

To the person that was worried about botulism. Moist chocolate chip banana bread Not to worry! I have canned for 40 years and I have never had a problem. Banana bread receta facil IF, the cake is sealed WHILE HOT FROM THE OVEN AND, the lids pop inward when cool (if not, don’t save but, eat soon) As long as they are sealed they will be fine for weeks or months. Banana bread recipe with whole wheat flour DO NOT BREAK THE SEAL AFTER SEALING UNTIL READY TO EAT! ALSO, you can use a glaze instead of sending Icing. How do you make banana nut bread FOR GLAZE: 1 cup sugar, 1 stick of butter and 1/4 cup water. What makes banana bread moist Bring to boil. Easy banana cake recipe plain flour Simmer for 1 minute or, until all sugar is dissolved. Gluten free banana bread coconut flour Add 1t. Banana bread recipe australia vanilla stir, and pour a 1/4 cup SLOWLY over each little HOT cake in a jar (the cake needs to be at least 1/2 inch down from top lip of jar to make room for the glaze) then seal right away. Easy banana loaf recipe This glaze can also be used on quick breads like banana, cranberry nut etc… Also, any edible product can cause illness if, mishandled even, ordered cakes.

I agree with Sunny SideUP, any food, even prepared fresh in your kitchen can cause food poisoning. Banana bread vs banana cake In our society now we are so paranoid when the risk is so small. Best banana muffin recipe We live in such a litigious society that so many people are afraid to get sued. Banana walnut cake recipe Start with clean utensils, fresh ingredients and follow directions.

How many people leave pizza out on the counter over night for morning breakfast and never get sick. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless Yet, the warning is to refrigerate. Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor Let’s get real.

FANTASTIC!!! Just heard the pops of my first batch of Cakes in a Jar! I used the small 8 oz jars for individual size servings and they turned out great. Easy banana cake recipe I filled the jars 1/3 full and baked them for 23 minutes. Starbucks banana loaf recipe I baked the jars in a 13 x 9 cake pan (rather than on a cookie sheet) so they would be more secure as I moved them in and out of the oven. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch Adding some canned frosting, candles and party supplies to the box and and my portable party will be on its way!

I am freezing my cupcakes in a jar to be shipped to two guys in my family in AF, mainly because I read instructions which were probably better suited to domestic v international shipping. Starbucks banana bread recipe I’m inclined to go ahead and ship them anyway with a cold pack and good bubble wrap and see how they come out given it’s January, and once they’re there, they won’t likely be left uneaten for long. Banana nut cake recipe Has anyone got recent experience with how long it’s been taking to get a package from the US to AF?

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