Sesame shrimp (30 minute meal!)

This quick and simple shrimp and broccoli dinner recipe was compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., and its advertiser. Healthy shrimp fried brown rice recipes All opinions are mine alone. Cajun shrimp and rice recipe The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older …because it involves wine. Healthy shrimp fried rice recipe Which is awesome. Shrimp rice casserole recipe #40PerfectPairings #CollectiveBias

Tasty little nibbles of easy popcorn shrimp, tossed in a savory simple sesame sauce, and served over perfect oven roasted broccoli. Shrimp and rice recipes With a glass of wine (that part is especially important). Shrimp fried rice recipe japanese Ready in 30 minutes, this recipe is the weeknight dinner solution.

Oh heyyy! Yeah, I have been busy busy this month, holy cow. Shrimp fried rice recipe chinese After taking a year off from sponsored blog work to focus on Ironman training, I started working with brands again.

Low fat shrimp fried rice recipe Because food doesn’t buy itself. Shrimp fried rice recipe And I really like to cook.

Which brings us to this little recipe because I am working with TWO products here. Shrimp fried rice recipe thai SeaPak® Popcorn Shrimp and Black Box Pino Grigio wine. Shrimp fried rice recipe food network This is probably the handiest recipe I have created in a while too. Chinese shrimp fried rice recipe with bean sprouts Thirty minutes. Chinese shrimp fried rice recipe video That is all you need, and you have a loved up dinner for your loved ones. Shrimp fried rice recipe video Without any stress. Shrimp fried rice recipe wok Without any fuss.

So first, the SeaPak Shrimp (cuz I have to talk about these products of course ??). Thai pineapple shrimp fried rice recipe I used SeaPak popcorn shrimp before in my Shrimp Po’ Boy Pizza, which is a fantastic recipe. Thai basil shrimp fried rice recipe Love that one with that spicy remoulade. Shrimp fried rice recipe paula deen So, with that prior experience, I wanted to use them again. Chicken and shrimp fried rice recipe SeaPak has a bunch of options for convenient seafood recipes like mine. In fact, they are putting out a new recipe booklet featuring 40 meal solutions and pairings to give us dinner ideas and a wine to go with. ?? Recipes tried and tested for decades. Quick easy shrimp fried rice recipe You can grab the book through the link I include below or through your Walmart grocery pick-up because it will be in a grab bag for first time online grocery shoppers between March 1st and the first half of April. Simple shrimp and rice noodles recipe And if you happen to be in Walmart March 3, look for SeaPak samples!

Then second, the wine. Shrimp fried brown rice recipe easy Black Box Pino Grigio. Shrimp scampi rice recipes easy I have shared my love for this wine before with my Grilled Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. Panang shrimp curry recipe easy Oh how do I love this wine. Seafood fried rice recipe chinese I used to keep boxed wine in my fridge when I was in grad school, in my 20s, in the 90s, but that stuff was swill. Shrimp avocado brown rice recipe Black Box is yummy. Shrimp stir fry with rice noodles recipe Period. Shrimp stir fry with rice recipe Winning 50 Gold Medals and 29 Wine Enthusiast Best Buys attest to that. Rice and shrimp recipes healthy But more importantly, it is 3-liters of wine with a spout. Simple rice noodle and shrimp recipe Yeah. Rice noodle and shrimp recipe …then add to the math that Black Box is 40% less expensive than buying four bottles of comparable premium wine AND the whole thing is recyclable.

Get dinner on the table, enjoy a glass of wine, and save the planet. Brown rice and shrimp recipe All at the same time. Healthy brown rice and shrimp recipe Boom.

Alright alright, my recipe …What we are doing here is making a basic, Chinese brown sauce, but then sesame-fying it a notch with the chili paste, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. Vermicelli and shrimp recipe This recipe is so easy to prepare too – we are basically just combining ingredients, then boiling a bit to thicken. Brown rice shrimp avocado recipe The shrimp take care of themselves in the oven, then they just get tossed in the sauce. Goya yellow rice and shrimp recipe And then I threw in the broccoli for good measure.

And NOTE: This recipe also makes for a nice, all-around Asian stir-fry sauce that can be made ahead of time too. Baked shrimp and rice recipes Up to a week in advance guys. Chicken recipes with rice and tomatoes Yup. ??

And also just for the record, I am making no claims that this is anything copycat or just like “take-out” or traditional sticky-anything. Pasta and shrimp recipes easy This sauce is quite light actually, not overly heavy or sweet. Chicken and shrimp recipes easy Which is why I love it so. Chicken and rice recipes for dinner It is its own thing and makes a beautiful light saucing on the popcorn shrimp. Chicken and rice soup recipes from scratch And it is ready so quickly, you won’t even know what to do with all that spare time …yeah, I am totally kidding there. Red beans rice and shrimp recipes You’ll figure it out. ??

So that’s it folks! Here is a stress-free weeknight shrimp dinner, with a glass of wine to go with. Chicken and rice recipes easy So just chillll, relax, and enjoy this easy meal ready in minutes.

• 1/2 tsp roasted red chili paste (in the Asian foods grocery section)

• For each bag of broccoli, fashion a foil pouch with the broccoli, generous drizzle of olive oil, and a couple pinches each kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, sealing seams well to keep in the steam while cooking. Chicken and rice recipes easy for dinner Add the pouches to the 450F oven for 15 minutes.

• Layer the shrimp on a bake sheet pan. Chinese shrimp and rice recipes Add to the oven when the broccoli hits the 15 minute mark, then cook both 10 minutes to cook the shrimp and finish cooking the broccoli. Simple rice and shrimp recipes Remove both from the oven.

• While the broccoli and shrimp are cooking, prepare the sauce. Chicken breast and rice recipes easy Combine the vegetable stock, wine, chili paste, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce, and pepper in a bowl. Skillet chicken and rice recipes easy Set aside.

• Heat a wok on high heat to screaming hot. Baked chicken and rice recipes easy Add the tablespoon vegetable oil and swirl to coat the sides of the pan. Baked chicken breast and rice recipes easy Add the garlic and ginger and saute 30 seconds until fragrant and golden. Easy chicken and rice recipes for dinner Add the vegetable stock mixture and bring to a boil. Chicken and wild rice recipes easy Add the dissolved cornstarch and boil ~5 minutes until thickened enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon. Chicken and wild rice recipes baked Remove from the heat.

• Toss the cooked shrimp in the sauce. Chicken and rice recipes healthy Serve over the broccoli. Chicken and brown rice recipes healthy Top with toasted sesame seeds. Baked chicken and rice recipes healthy Yields 5-6 servings.

Note: I cook broccoli like this weekly. Chicken and rice dinner recipes When I do, to serve the 5 in my household (me, hubs, 2 teens, and a youngling), one bag of broccoli is usually enough. Easy chicken and rice dinner recipes Barely. Easy chicken and rice recipes healthy Which is why I doubled it here. Chicken and jasmine rice recipes The 30 oz box of shrimp makes plenty but I find the smaller available packages of SeaPak® Popcorn Shrimp (12oz and 18oz) to not be enough for the five of us since my boys never stick to serving sizes, if you know what I mean which I’m sure you do. Ground beef and jasmine rice recipes So just judge how much shrimp and broccoli to prepare according to your needs is my point. Chicken breast and jasmine rice recipes Zero worries.

Another note: This sauce itself can be prepared up to a week in advance. Chicken and rice dish recipes So make it on a Sunday, then just reheat and toss in the cooked shrimp on a weeknight. Chicken and rice hot dish recipes How much do you love me now?? ??

Pop on over and grab a SeaPak® coupon and check out the recipe book for ideas. Easy chicken and white rice recipes Also, you can follow SeaPak® and Black Box on Twitter.

And leave me a comment! Otherwise, I’m just talking to myself here. Shrimp and rice recipes easy What is your go-to, crazy easy weeknight dinner?

Welcome! I’m Erica …wife, mother, and scientist, passionate about triathlons and pizza. Rice and shrimp recipes Join me on my quest to enjoy all things food – both healthy and indulgent. Easy shrimp and rice recipes After all, life is about balance right?

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