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HARRISBURG (AP) — Former Penn State president Graham Spanier was convicted Friday of hushing up suspected child sex abuse in 2001 by Jerry Sandusky, whose arrest a decade later blew up into a major scandal for the university and led to the firing of beloved football coach Joe Paterno.

Shenango High graduate Erika Quahliero adds her support to that of fans at a Louisville Cardinals football game. Bulgarian guitar As a member of the school’s elite Ladybirds dance team, Erika will be heading with the school’s basketball squad to Indianapolis this weekend.

Shenango High graduate Erika Quahliero adds her support to that of fans at a Louisville Cardinals football game.

Bulgarian food uk online As a member of the school’s elite Ladybirds dance team, Erika will be heading with the school’s basketball squad to Indianapolis this weekend.

For most University of Louisville students, this is spring break.

The 2013 Shenango High graduate is a member of Louisville’s elite dance team, the Ladybirds, who will be accompanying the 10th-ranked Cardinals to Indianapolis on Friday for their opening-round game of the NCAA Tournament.

The Ladybirds, though, also are gearing up for a national competition of their own. Bulgarian food uk They’ve won 15 such crowns, including two last year, and Spring Break is generally when they step up from one to two practice sessions a day to prepare for next month’s event.

“Most of the time, it’s just a start time and a question mark, we don’t really know how long they’ll be,” Quahliero said of the Hell Week practice sessions. Bulgarian food store online “Usually, they’ll be around three or four hours. Bulgarian food store barking Last year, we weren’t in the tournament, so we were able to practice a lot more and didn’t have to travel.

“This year, 16 of us went to New York (for last weekend’s Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament) and now there’s Indy. Bulgarian food store We’re supposed to have Hell Week all week, but it will interrupt what we’re doing for nationals because we have to get game day routines ready in addition to that.”

Quahliero, a senior marketing major, is wrapping up her second year as a Ladybird after spending her first two years along the banks of the Ohio River as a Cardinal cheerleader. Bulgarian food shop london But the squad doesn’t take just anybody. Bulgarian food shop karlovo Generally, Quahliero said, around 200 young women show up for annual spring tryouts, and those who make it must be ready for a grueling schedule.

“The first semester — football season — is usually like our easy-going time,” Quahliero said. Bulgarian food shop in london “It’s the beginning of the year, we practice a few times a week, then the football games on weekends, so that’s really our time to have a social life.

“After Christmas, it doesn’t slow down. Bulgarian food shop Not a lot of other dance teams do every men’s basketball team, but we do every home men’s basketball game and we also do women’s games. Bulgarian food seattle During the regular season, we are at the arena like three or four times a week, plus practices, plus dealing with classes, so it’s nonstop usually.”

Quahliero’s route to Louisville was not one she had anticipated.

According to her mother, Stacy, Erika got into gymnastics and cheerleading at age 6, and began competitive cheerleading at 11. Bulgarian food san francisco Starting out at Natalie’s Cheer and Tumble in New Castle, she progressed to the Pittsburgh Superstars in Cranberry, where her mother took her three nights a week to practice. Bulgarian food safety agency They also traveled to competitions around the U.S.

“When it came time to apply for college, I figured why not shoot for the top?” Stacy Quahliero said. Bulgarian food recipes “The University of Louisville is home of the top cheer and dance program in the country with the most NCAA national titles. Bulgarian food prices The honor of making the Louisville cheer and dance teams is equivalent to making the Duke basketball team.”

Erika, though, was hesitant at first, because she didn’t want to go far away from home for school, and “I knew it was very elite, and I never thought I’d make it.”

But make it she did, and after a little extra persuading from Mom to help her realize the opportunity she’d be passing up, Erika headed for Kentucky.

“Her freshman year was grueling — she literally called every night crying, begging to come home,” Stacy said.” I would not allow it and encouraged her to stay busy. Bulgarian food pictures This was extremely difficult for all of us.

“After her freshman year, she thanked me for making her stay and agreed she would have definitely regretted coming home.”

After two years of cheerleading, Erika set her sights on the iconic Ladybirds, partly for the new experience and partly “because cheerleading is really hard on your body, and I wanted to get away from that.”

Between preparing for nationals and what she hopes is a deep run by the basketball team into the NCAA Tournament, Erika won’t be relaxing as a dancer, either, anytime soon. Bulgarian food online usa But that’s OK with her.

“I’m just trying to go out with a bang and make every moment count because I know this is my last year, and it’s not going to last forever,” she said. Bulgarian food online store usa “I’m kind of like in a bubble here. Bulgarian food online store It’s not something everyone gets to do every day, and I’m just realizing that it’s coming to an end.

“It’s bittersweet. Bulgarian food online I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands, but it’s fun. Bulgarian food nyc It’s hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.”

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