Sheriff gives glimpse at outreach, department news crock pot mexican chicken soup recipes

The funds going to special olympics came in part from a tip-a-cop program where members of local law enforcement worked as servers in area restaurants as waiters and waitresses, with tips going to the charity.

Project first step, a local partnership combining law enforcement with local health department members and rehabilitation facilities, helps to put people addicted to opioids and other drugs into programs to get help.

In equipment for the department, burris said the office obtained a mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, valued at $600,000, for only $6,000.

Burris said the initial thought for having the vehicle was that “hopefully we’ll never have to use it,” but the department ended up using it twice last year with subjects who were barricaded.Sheriff’s office

Along with police from badin and locust, around five or six members of the sheriff’s office participated in shop with A cop, with children from low-income families who can not afford to distribute christmas presents.

“they do it with a warm heart because they love their county,” burris said. “we are reaching out to our community … When you see our citizens light up, receiving things they normally would not, it’s very heart-felt.”

In 2014, the sheriff’s office started a cadet program for individuals ages 13-20 to attend monthly programs and learn about different aspects of law enforcement, including vehicle stops, fingerprinting, crime scene investigations and more.

When the program started four years ago, only three graduated. This past december, 17 participants graduated the program and were honored at an awards banquet.Burris said noting

Along with raising money for charity and hosting programs, burris said the sheriff’s office has participated in a number of public events such as parades. The sheriff was in eight parades in 2017.

“it means a lot to folks when we show up,” burris said, noting the reactions on the faces of young and old alike. “we are investing in our communities.”

In an effort to spread the word on the dangers of drunk driving to teenagers, burris said members of his office were involved in two mock crashes at different high schools around the time of the annual proms for each.

Burris also spoke at the graduation ceremonies of three D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance education) programs for around 600 stanly children. Along with the messages against alcohol, drugs and tobacco, the programs also had an anti-bullying section.Sheriff’s office

At halloween, the sheriff’s office started a trunk-or-treat event allowing kids to enjoy trick-or-treating in a safe place. The candy was either donated through local churches or bought out of a miscellaneous account which “didn’t cost the county a dime,” burris said.

Reaching out to members of faith in the community, the sheriff’s office hosted a law enforcement day of prayer at the stanly county agri-civic center in 2016 and last year.

More than 400 members of various churches also came to an event to learn more about church security. Since that event, deputies have also conducted checks of the security of more than 20 churches in the past five months. Recommendations for how to improve a church’s security are also listed on the department’s website, www.Stanlysheriff.Us.Burris said noting

“our citizens want a proactive sheriff’s office and they look for us for leadership,” burris said, acknowledging the work the office does would not be possible without the efforts of the county manager, andy lucas, and the board of commissioners.

The sheriff’s office has also worked to raise grant money for the department. In the past three years, the office has obtained more than $166,000 in grants. Included in the total is $20,000 for new weapons and duty gear, with nearly $15,000 for ballistic vests for patrol deputies.

According to burris, with this system, along with the efforts of sgt. George miller, “who is the lead on this equipment,” one pedophile was located two months ago in mecklenburg county having “hundreds and hundreds” of illegal pornographic images on the suspect’s computer.Burris said noting

“because of the equipment through this grant, we were able to push this information on up the chain and got him on that,” burris said. “people think things don’t happen in stanly county. We don’t have that problem here, but we’re helping our surrounding counties so it doesn’t end up here.”

Burris reiterated his belief in license checks, saying they have netted in the past year arrests on wanted felons, stolen vehicles and weapons and drugs and drug paraphernalia.

For those checks, the office receives points through the governor’s crime commission and the governor’s highway safety program. Last year, the office earned $6,200, a radar and four sensors used to judge blood alcohol levels, along with 25 DWI testing kits.

Combined with the 2016 total, burris reported the department has obtained $15,400 in grants “that we are using to get drunk drivers off the road.”

burris said noting

In an effort to save money, burris had moved some in-service training for staff to online training, saves around $13,000 when done while on duty.

Comparing to the previous four-year period (2010-14), burris said the figures he obtained showed the department raised $22,980 in grant money, compared to the $166,000 in three years.

“if that’s not a complete turnaround, I don’t know what is,” burris said. “it’s because we have awesome people in positions doing great things.”

Security checks, where deputies check homes, businessess, churches and other places, went up by more than 2,000 from the previous year, totalling 4,746.

Drug citations went up from 57 to 102 last year, while deputies transported people on 505 occasions, also an increase from 2016, on top of other duties for the deputies, burris said.Sheriff’s office

One number burris noted was in terms of maintaining security at the courthouse, saying deputies on duty there stopped 1,277 knives from coming into the facility.

Work has also increased for the county’s criminal investigative division, burris said, noting the department initiated more than 64 non-homicide death investigations in 2017.

As part of CID’s duties, the department increased the amount of recovered stolen property from $91,000 in 2016 to $217,000 to its rightful owners.

Streamlining the methods of processing inmates also took place last year. Instead of having to be entered into computers three different times, that has been reduced to one time, he said.

The number of inmates processed at the jail rose to 5,999 in 2017, an average of 16 per day.Sheriff’s office the local jail also created more than 131,000 meals for inmates in both stanly and anson counties.

Burris also called the current roster of deputies as being the most diverse in the program’s history. While having the youngest staff, the sheriff said the staff has the most female members as well as females in supervisory positions.

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