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Potato Frittata? What’s not to love? Frittata is a simple Italian Egg based dish, similar to Omelette or crustless quiche. what temp to cook turkey bacon in oven It is incredibly versatile, satisfying and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. what temperature to cook bacon wrapped scallops in oven It is really easy to … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian Smoked Turkey Stew is a pepper based Stew recipe made with Smoked Turkey as its main protein. how to cook bacon in an electric oven I seldom cook Smoked Turkey as I find them a tad bit salty and I’m yet to find a way to rid … Continue Reading—->

Skillet Potatoes are simply Potatoes and Bacon cooked to perfection in a skillet as opposed to cooking in an oven.

how to cook bacon in an oven I particularly love this dish cos it is very filling; it can be eaten as a full meal without requiring any … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian Stewed Beans is a Nigerian Beans recipe made with Honey or Black Eyed Beans. roasting bacon joint in the oven Stewed Beans is quite similar to the popular Beans Pottage, the main difference being the addition of ground fresh pepper. recipe bacon in the oven I personally prefer Stewed Beans … Continue Reading—->

This Roast Potatoes recipe is all you need to up your Roast Potatoes game. recipe cooking bacon in the oven With this recipe, your bound to end up with sweet and fluffy Potatoes yet with a delightful crisp and crunchy exterior. cook butterball turkey bacon in oven Ingredients: 6-8 Roasting Potatoes … Continue Reading—->

Stir Fry Noodles! What’s not to love? If you know me well, you’ll know I love Pasta/Noodles dishes. how long to cook turkey bacon in the oven I’m always out to find new recipes, especially the Asian inspired recipes. how do you prepare bacon in the oven I’ve got a recipe for Beef Stir Fry Noodles on … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian Pepper Sauce is an incredibly versatile pepper sauce made with Sweet Bell Peppers. how do you cook bacon wrapped scallops in the oven This sauce is so versatile, it can be paired with numerous dishes like Boiled rice, Boiled or fried Yam and Plantain, Potatoes, Pasta and even Bread. how to cook bacon in a convection oven … Continue Reading—->

Nigerian suya is a very popular Nigerian street food snack. how to bake bacon in a convection oven It is simply skewered meats covered with a spicy peanut spice mix and roasted to perfection. how long to cook bacon in a convection oven Beef or Chicken can be used for Nigerian Suya. how to cook bacon in the oven using parchment paper I already have a recipe … Continue Reading—->

Vegetable Omelette is the first of our Breakfast Series recipes. how to cook bacon in the oven without parchment paper I realise I haven’t been posting enough breakfast recipes and hope to turn that around in the coming weeks, so, stay tuned. what temperature can you cook bacon in the oven Vegetable Omelette is one easy yet satisfying dish … Continue Reading—->

Beef Stir Fry is one of my favourite Stir Fry recipes. how do you cook turkey bacon in oven This recipe is an Asian in inspired recipe, so like most Asian style recipes, we will be using Soy sauce and Sesame oil, though Sesame Oil is optional. how to cook back bacon in oven We … Continue Reading—->

Liver and Kidney Sauce is simply Liver and Kidney cooked in a light Caramelised Onions sauce. how to cook peameal bacon in oven I was craving Kidney and Liver the other day, so decided to indulge myself by making this fast and easy recipe. how to roast peameal bacon in oven You do not … Continue Reading—->

Lamb chops are easily the easiest red meat to cook. how to cook bacon in oven without splattering I prefer Lamb to other red meats because they are healthier than most. how to cook bacon in oven on parchment paper This recipe is very simple and straightforward so you shouldn’t have any trouble perfecting it. how to cook bacon in oven no preheat I had … Continue Reading—->

Meat pie is one Nigerian snack I love, love, love! I’m forever experimenting with fillings. how to cook bacon in oven without parchment paper So far, I’ve posted Beef mince filled pies and shredded chicken filled pie recipes. how to cook bacon in oven crispy Had an unusual order for Pork meat filled meat pies at … Continue Reading—->

Assorted Fish Sauce is simply a fried pepper based sauce I love to pair with Boiled or fried yam. how long do you cook turkey bacon in oven This sauce is incredibly tasty yet easy to whip up. how to cook bacon in a toaster oven For this recipe, you can use just about any type of … Continue Reading—->

Vegetable Stir Fry is one of the fastest dishes to whip up when you really feel like cooking but fancy a fast and easy healthy meal. how to bake bacon in a gas oven The main ingredient in this recipe is the Teriyaki Sauce. recipe for fixing bacon in the oven Teriyaki Sauce is a sweet/salty … Continue Reading—->

So, I spent Boxing Day with my lovely friend, Anu. recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus in the oven She had called to inform me she would be making Asun and I was sooooo game! Anu makes the best Asun, no jokes. recipe for bacon wrapped shrimp in the oven Thankfully, I had my camera with me, … Continue Reading—->

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