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Thanks all, couldn’t find any skirt steak on two stops this afternoon, so we did shrimp fajita’s instead, I’ll have to find skirt steak to try out some of these great ideas.

You will typically find less of them on the shelf than other steaks. Steak marinade bbq Less yield but a good alternative is flank steak. Recipe steak marinade Not as much fat as skirt and is why my wife and kids both like flank better and I like skirt.

It’s the Flank with the Hanger steak and some fat attached…

They salt it, and toss it over the coals till crusty on the outside and tender and juicy inside…

Salt only on the Skirts too (entrana) —- with Chimmichurri on the side…

I saw an episode of “Top Chef” a couple of weeks ago, when the chefs were asked to cook a Mexican street food, suitable for a high end restaurant. Steak sauce marinade One of the biggest failures was some sort of taco using “skirt steak”. Easy steak marinade for grilling Rick Bayless was judging. Marinade for grilled steak The chef’s skirt steak was judged one of the worst because she didn’t know that you have to cook skirt steak from medium to well done. Marinade for bbq steak I’ll never forget the look on Rick Bayless face when he couldn’t bite through the medium rare skirt steak. Bbq marinade for steak He told her that you have to cook it through, or you can’t bite through it. Quick marinade for steak I’d tend to believe Bayless over some of those who are suggesting you cook it medium rare.

Actually…. World’s best steak marinade he is not correct. Steak marinade quick I think he takes the Central / Southern Mexico approach of using very flavorful but tougher forms of beef (i.e., Free Range Sebu over less mobile Angus etc.,)… Fillet steak marinade and in Mexico they have a way of cookign this tougher meats to a very tender, but fully cooked way using gentle heat… Marinade for fillet steak and a quick marinade.

However in the Sonora, Chihuahua & Coahuila traditions… Grilled steak marinade recipe the beef of choice is Angus… Steak marinade grill its less flavorful… A good marinade for steak but can be seared rare without being too tough for enjoyment. A good steak marinade I have done this myself many times using Whole Foods.. Beef steak marinade recipe NZ beef… Steak bbq marinade BUT NO MARINADE just a dry rub.

This is totally false. Simple steak marinade recipes Skirt does not have to be cooked medium to well. Easy steak marinade recipe Totally false. Quick and easy steak marinade Anytime you or Mr Bayless wanna come over for some, you are welcome to do so. Marinade for top sirloin steak Next time I’m at Topo, and run into him, I’ll have to bring this up. Steak marinade ideas I find a lot of ppl confuse skirt with flank for some reason.

Well, this recipe involves a marinade, which tenderizes the meat quite a bit and wouldn’t have been possible within the context of a quickfire.

I don’t have a horse in this race at all, I’m just trying to think of reasons why he might have said what he said. Healthy steak marinade And perhaps the editing killed some meaningful context, too. Rump steak marinade As chefs go, he’s usually pretty meticulous about that kind of thing, in my experience. Soy sauce marinade for steak I’d be surprised to see him contradict himself like that.

I certainly don’t cook my skirt steak well done, but I’m not making tacos out of it, either.

I can guaratee with 100% accuracy the skirt steak med rare is one of the most tender cuts of meat in a taco. Best steak marinade for grilling Rare too. Amazing steak marinade Anyone who wants to come to a store with me, and buy a choice outer skirt, not marinate it, and throw it on the grill, chop it, and throw it in a taco, and and verify this, you pick the day. A1 steak sauce marinade Skirt is awesome grilled rare/med rare, dry rubbed. Quick steak marinade recipes It’s a fatty cut of beef with very little connective tissue. 30 minute steak marinade THAT is the fact. Beef tenderloin steak marinade Unless there is some regional difference with what is deemed skirt, then I really have to believe that the people who are disputing this fact are sadly misinformed, or looking to bait people into arguments. Best steak marinade recipe Whatever. Simple sirloin steak marinade I’ll keep enjoying what the grocery stores around here sell as skirt steak medium rare. Fast marinade for steak You can enjoy whatever it is you are eating.

Again… 1 hour steak marinade I think Bayless may have been thinking about this in the context of certain beef. Best marinade for sirloin steak If you take the Central / Souther Mexican approach to beef… Fast steak marinade very well traveled animals, fed grass, alfafa, vegetable peels etc…. Thin steak marinade results in extremely flavorful (if you have been to Mexico you know what I am talking about) meat… Quick marinade steak but the flipside is that its tough… Easy steak marinade soy sauce however, Mexicans use technique (pounding, marinades, cooking style) to make them tender.

I have definitely purchased Skirt Steak from the Supermarkets etc., that was tough at Medium-Rare… 24 hour steak marinade of course…. Minute steak marinade but every Skirt from a Mexican market (in the U.S.) has been much more tender… Marinade for steak tips and I think that has to with a little bit of mechanical massaging (you will notice they are thinner & have a more uniform thickness from edge to edge than at Mainstream establishments).

My skirt steak, two posts below this one, is the only one cooked before this issue came up, with photos. Steak marinade soy sauce garlic The steak was not tenderized, or marinated, or sliced thin across the grain. Marinade for tough steak It was rolled, pinned, and charcoal grilled. Soy sauce marinade steak Tender, juicy, and medium rare, leaning to rare.

There is a sister steak in my freezer, from the same farmer, raised on grass, finished on grain, and I will cook that one to order, if we can agree on that, next week, with photos, after I get your directive…

Give me your recipe before Sunday, and we’ll discuss what to do…

insanity! the only way to cook skirt steak is to season it simply with s&p, sear it on screaming high heat for a minute or two per side, let it sit 10 min, cut across the grain and, devour every morsel with little corn tortillas warmed in a skillet, fresh pico de gallo, fresh avocado, lime and cilantro, and some julienned jalapeno if you can handle it.

You guys are way over-thinking this. Sirloin tip steak marinade The point was that you can’t put chunks of medium rare steak in a TACO because you end up tugging on a piece of meat. Steak marinade recipe easy Small pieces cooked medium is the way to go in this context. The best steak marinade When’s the last time you had a carne asada taco with red steak?

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