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Last month, YouTube announced automatic video captions that are machine-generated, and now it has announced a new type of automatic captioning that builds upon that — the captioning of sound effects within a video. Best drinks with amaretto The idea here is to give those who are deaf or hard of hearing the ability to perceive the non-spoken parts of a video by writing out the sound effects that happen in between.

A Special Edition of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been made available by Apple in collaboration with PRODUCT RED. Easy drinks with amaretto Today we’ve got the iPhone 7 Plus PRODUCT (RED) Special Edition in-hand to see it up close and personal.

Easy drinks made with tequila This device is identical to any other iPhone 7 Plus, save the exterior backside, buttons, and SIM tray. Simple drinks made with gin That, and a portion of the proceeds will go to PRODUCT RED, of course.

This week the folks behind Nova Launcher, the home-screen replacement app, have released an update that will change the way you use Android. Simple drinks to make with gin It adds a dynamic icon to the corner of every one of the apps it’s compatible with. Simple mixed drinks with gin Each of these icons appear only when a notification appears for each app. Easy drinks with gin Each app’s icon content is based on the sort of notification they’re presenting.

Good news for those of you still chasing a Nintendo Switch: Toys R Us has announced that it will be receiving a fresh batch of consoles tomorrow. Simple drinks to make at home The console has been notoriously hard to find ever since launch, and restocks seem to sell out as quickly as they come in. Simple drinks to make with whiskey That means you’ll probably need to do some waiting tomorrow if you want to snag a Switch.

Tesla’s Model 3 is on track to begin production this year, but Elon Musk can’t help but tease us with a video of the car in action. Easy drinks with whiskey The brief clip shows what Musk says is the first release candidate version of the Model 3, which is set to be the electric automakers most affordable car, making what looks to be a speedy getaway. Simple mixed drinks with whiskey Meanwhile, as usual any glimpse of new Model 3 information has triggered a spate of questions from would-be owners.

If you happen to be heading out for drinks later tonight, be sure to pour one out for our dearly departed Best drinks to mix with vodka Blizzard announced last year that it would be killing its branding after 20 long years, and with the latest update to the desktop launcher, it’s making good on that promise.

An update to news of the Pokemon GO Water Event this week suggests that this may be the one and only time a Shiny Magikarp appears. Healthy drinks to mix with vodka That’s according to our anonymous source with information on the subject – who also mentions that this decision has yet to be finalized. Dry vermouth cocktails It could just as easily be that this Pokemon GO Water Event is just the beginning of something very awesome – Shiny Pokemon GO monsters across the whole planet – we’ll see soon enough! But for now, how do we go about finding a Shiny Magikarp?

If there was any question about the success of Nintendo Switch at launch, it can probably be put to rest. Sweet vermouth cocktails GameStop COO Tony Bartel said that his company is seeing “incredibly strong” demand for Nintendo’s newest console, noting that it’s only a matter of hours before new stock arriving in stores is sold out.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company wants to drill underground to alleviate traffic congestion. Cocktails with vermouth Norway wants to drill through hills for ships. Cocktails with sweet vermouth Yes, big ships carrying cargo, tourists, or fish. Cocktails with dry vermouth And, no, it’s not because Norway has traffic congestion problem. Red vermouth cocktails The Stad Ship Tunnel, as it is being called, is meant to give ships, crew, and passengers a safer, and perhaps more scenic, route avoid the treacherous old route that the Stad peninsula is notorious for.

At the beginning of the year, Dell unveiled a rather imposing monitor. White vermouth cocktails Standing at 31.5 inches, diagonally, of course, the newest member of its UltraSharp line boasted of an 8K resolution never before seen on a consumer computer monitor. Martini vermouth cocktails And, as promised, the Dell UltraSharp 32 8K UP3218K Monitor is now ready for shipping. Vermouth rosso cocktails But also as promised, the monitor is not something most users will probably be able to afford, which could severely limit the reach of this super hi-res computer screen.

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