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I thought it might be interesting to have a thread that we could post our top tips or recipes for slimming world. Broiler chicken definition It could be anything that we have discovered ourselves or that we picked up in class.

Batchelors Savoury rice with veggies.

Free range chicken definition Make up as directed, while they are cooking boil a couple of handfuls of mixed frozen veggies, drain then add to Rice for the final few minutes of cooking. Roaster chicken definition It really bulks out the rice especially if its serving more than 1 person. Organic chicken definition Free on green or extra easy

Heat a large frying pan or wok, spray with fry light, Chop you sping onions and add to wok with curry paste and garlic. Jerk chicken definition Fry for a few minutes then add a drop of water to make it more of a sauce. Broasted chicken definition Add the rice and defrosted mixed veggies mixed with the sauce thoroughly. Spring chicken definition If its sticking or the rice is a bit dry add a little water now and then. Buffalo wild wings chicken dip recipe Add the fish Sauce and soy sauce. Buffalo wild wings blackened chicken recipe After roughly 5 mins push rice to one side add the eggs which have been wisked and seasoned. Buffalo wild wings boneless chicken recipe Scrambole the eggs and when cooked mix through the rice mixture. Buffalo wild wings jerk chicken recipe Serve

Each time I make it its slightly different depending on the what I have to hand and how much sauce ect I add. Broiler fryer chicken definition You could add cooked chicken, prawns, leftover veggies. Fried chicken definition I think the original recipe also had some lime juice squeezed over at the end.

Everything is free on green or extra easy except the Red Thai Curry Paste

Slightly dilute some sugar free fruit squash and pour about into lolly moulds about 1/4 of the way up. Kentucky fried chicken uk menu Freeze. Organic chicken uk Add a muller light yogurt (any flavour) to 3/4 of the way up. Roast chicken uk Freeze then add more squash to top it off then Freeze again.

AS white wine it 6.5syns for 175mil I buy the small bottles(Can’t stop at one with a big bottle) and either share with OH or have whole bottle to my self. Kentucky fried chicken uk I make it got further by using a large glass and putting half wine half slimline tonic water which can make it stretch to at least two drinks.

Make up the pasta and sauce with water, drain tin of tuna, break broccoli into small florets and cook, cut in half and grill cherry tomatoes. Dixie chicken uk Mix together! Very nice warm but almost as nice cold.

When im peckish at night i save my b choice and have 2 slices of nimble toast, with mushrooms, chopped onions fried in one cal, then add laughing cheese and put it on toast it is delicious!!!

I buy the fresh butternut squash and sweet potato from asda, pop it into the oven with chopped onion and garlic and put some hot curry powder over it!! when it starts to soften i add a tin of tomatoes, then some spinach, finally add some chopped coriander and some fromage frais, makes a lovely curry!!

we have been trying a few of the scan bran recipes in our local group. Hunters chicken uk the stuff is not very nice on its own but in recipes it tastes better i tried forrero rocher with scan bran will find the recipe in a bit but it works out at 1 syn per chocolate. Southern fried chicken uk they are very tasty. Chicken cloaca like i say will put it on here as soon as i can find it

I have discovered a new way to have my beans and cheese. Chicken cloaca anatomy Microwave a cooked baked potato for about a minute then stuff with 2 mini babybels and microwave for another minute or until they begin to melt, top with beans. Chicken cloaca function This also works well with chilli.

16-05-09, 13:03 we have been trying a few of the scan bran recipes in our local group. Chicken anatomy chart the stuff is not very nice on its own but in recipes it tastes better i tried forrero rocher with scan bran will find the recipe in a bit but it works out at 1 syn per chocolate. Hunters chicken recipe uk they are very tasty. Kentucky fried chicken ukraine like i say will put it on here as soon as i can find it

Ive started a group on face book for scan bran called ” scan bran apperication society LOL, I only started it as a laugh now we’ve got nearly 300 members. Kentucky fried chicken uk prices one member has put loads and loads of receipes on there, its worth having a look

I’m a newbie to Slimming World and my favorite TOTALLY FREE Extra Easy recipe is Roasted Veg & Couscous(cous cous can be exchange for rice, pasta etc)

Mixed Veg (my fav’s are peppers, courgettes, red onion and a Garlic clove)coated in paprika, mixed herbs, salt & pepper roasted til nice and soft, meanwhile…..

Dissolve one Knorr vegetable stock cube in boiling water and cook the Couscous in it

When everything is ready, mush up the garlic and simply mix everything together……mmmmm, yummy

ive just joined slimming world so will be following this thread for recipes etc. Texas chicken uk anyone got any for meat eaters, i do eat meat and veg in almost every meal as im a huge meat eater. Organic chicken feed uk any meat recipes pls?

Hi I have been doing slimming world for a while now although only really started trying since christmas and I have lost a stone already – woohoo! I made a pasta bake last night and it was very nice if I do say so myself!

Batchelors Pasta N Sauce – I used chicken and mushroom – make with water. Chicken pox definition for kids Chopped up a few turkey rashers and fried in fry light. Kentucky fried chicken menu uk prices Mixed them bothe together and poured over a few whisked eggs and topped with low fat cheddar and popped in the oven for a while. Chicken cloacal prolapse If doing extra easy and using the cheese as a healthy extra works out at about 1 syn i think which is for the Pasta N Sauce but some flavors are free

Hi all, im doing slimming world, lost 11lbs so far in 8 weeks. Chicken diagram My goal is to be slim and gorgeous by May when we go to Dubai! (the slim part is going well, not so sure about the gorgeous!)

Anyway, glad this thread has been started, i need motivation and inspiration!

My faves: Flatten out a chicken breast, spread with pesto (syn it-you only need a bit) top with grated cheese (HE) and griddle, you can have this on a green day if you use the chicken as a HE and have loads of SW chips with it!

Green day, cook loads of SW chips and have chip butties using the bread as a HE and syn the ketchup

Homemade coleslaw, sliced cabbage, spring onions, grated carrots and lemon juice mixed with a tablespoon of very low fat mayo, great in a huge jacket potato!

Homemade sausages, pork mince, fennel seeds, sage and whatever else you fancy chucking in!, roll into sausage shapes, spray with frylight and oven bake.

Falafel, mashed chickpeas, grated carrot, chilli, garlic, coriander, ground cumin and 2 eggs. Chicken infection Form into patties and oven bake. Chicken infection symptoms Great smothered with minty yoghurt sauce and loads of chips!

Hi I’m new to slimming world, am I ok to have a chicken kebab and not eat pitta?? Trying not to have to many syns to start with but also if I choose not to have healthy b every day will I loose more or does the body kind of need it ? Thank u

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