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Curry is life to me. Low fat curry paste recipe Seriously! I was a child when I tasted my first curry and it was a memorable moment. Low fat indian curry sauce recipe A moment of culinary awakening. Low fat chinese curry sauce recipe I immediately loved the unique blend of spices and sought out curry of any kind anywhere I could find it. Recipe for thai red chicken curry with curry paste Fast forward to several decades later and curry is still my BFF.

Luckily my family loves it just as much as I do. Recipes using thai red curry paste My husband and I have worked our way through every Indian and Thai restaurant in every city we’ve lived. Red curry paste recipe thai (Those are our two favorite kinds of curry–there are plenty more out there too.) My slow cooker is a big part of my weekly curry intake.

This recipe for Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken Curry is a great one whether you’re new to Thai curries or you’re a seasoned pro.

The benefit of slow cooking a curry is that the longer cooking time allows the flavors to really penetrate the veggies and protein you use. Thai red curry sauce recipe easy This recipe calls for chicken thighs, but I’ve also made a version with tofu as a vegetarian option.

Thai red curry paste recipe chicken And many other times, I’ve used it for veggies alone too.

Chicken thighs can tolerate a longer cooking time without becoming too tough or dry. Creamy curry pasta sauce recipe Cooking them in a flavorful sauce doesn’t hurt either, of course. Creamy coconut curry sauce recipe Our favorite veggies to add to curries are carrots and either broccoli or cauliflower.

Broccoli, as you might suspect, doesn’t always fare so well in the slow cooker. Easy thai green curry recipe with paste To maintain the best flavor and texture, it needs to be added at the very end of cooking time. Thai curry paste recipe red But the carrots become meltingly tender and delicious.

This sauce is a take on a classic Thai peanut curry. Buffalo wild wings thai curry sauce copycat recipe I tend to steer towards red or yellow curry paste for this recipe. Hot curry paste recipe I cook the paste briefly before adding it to the slow cooker. Thai kitchen red curry paste chicken recipe The rest of the sauce is comprised of coconut milk, peanut butter, tamari (or soy sauce), and palm sugar.

If you’ve never tried palm sugar, or if you can’t find it, any sweetener you like can be substituted. Thai red curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor Brown sugar or coconut sugar are going to be the most similar to the palm sugar.

In my opinion, a good Thai curry has the perfect balance of sweet, salty, hot, and depending on the type of curry, a little tang or tart component. Thai red curry paste recipe bbc Because this curry recipe uses peanut butter and is a little sweeter than other Thai curries, I don’t add lime juice, tamarind paste, or rice vinegar to the sauce. Easy thai red curry paste recipe I do like to add a little extra ginger and garlic though.

Everything except for the broccoli goes into the slow cooker. Thai red curry paste recipe authentic You can set it to cook longer on low heat, or for a quicker version, use the high setting. Thai red curry paste recipe vegetarian Depending on how long it cooks, the chicken may even become so tender it shreds. Thai green curry paste recipe Not a bad thing by any means–just not as pretty.

As I said before, add the broccoli very last. Thai green curry paste recipe nigel slater If you’re picky about you prefer your broccoli cooked, you can also lightly steam it, then stir it into the chicken and sauce right before serving. Thai green curry paste recipes using But the 30 minutes (on high) or 60 minutes (on low) in the slow cooker yields pretty good results, I’ve found.

We typically serve Thai curries over brown Jasmine rice. Thai green curry paste recipe authentic But you can certainly serve it on top of rice noodles, quinoa, or another type of rice. Thai green curry paste recipe vegetarian A good sprinkle of green onions add a little freshness, and you definitely can’t go wrong with some chopped peanuts. Thai green curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor And if you’re like me, you need some extra red pepper flakes too!

• Heat the oil in a large skillet set over medium-high heat. Thai green curry paste recipe jamie oliver Add the onion. Thai green curry paste recipe chicken Cook, stirring often, for 5-6 minutes, or until it starts to become translucent. Authentic thai chicken curry recipe coconut milk Add the garlic and ginger. Thai chicken curry recipe coconut milk potatoes Continue cooking for another 1-2 minutes, until fragrant. Thai yellow curry paste recipe vegetarian Remove from heat and set aside.

• Place the diced chicken thighs, carrots, and onion mixture into a 4-6 quart slow cooker.

• In a bowl, stir together coconut milk, peanut butter, curry paste, tamari, and coconut sugar. Red thai curry paste recipe bbc Pour the mixture over the chicken and veggies. Tesco red thai curry paste recipe Gently stir to combine. Red thai curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor Cook on LOW for 6 hours or HIGH for 3 hours.

• After the 3-6 hour mark, depending on the setting used, open slow cooker. Thai green curry paste recipe gordon ramsay Spoon off any extra oil or rendered fat, if desired. Thai green curry paste recipe easy Add the broccoli florets. Chicken red curry recipe thai Gently stir. Chicken with red curry paste recipes Replace lid and cook for another 30 minutes on HIGH or 60 minutes on LOW, or until the broccoli is just cooked through and tender.

• Serve the curry over hot, cooked rice or quinoa, and top with a sprinkling of green onions and peanuts.

If sauce is too thick after cooking, add a tiny bit of water to thin the sauce.

Substitute cashew or almond butter for peanut butter, if needed.

Two 14-ounce packages of firm or extra-firm tofu can be used in place of the chicken. Authentic thai yellow curry paste recipe Cube tofu and lightly fry in a pan before placing in slow cooker. Thai yellow curry paste recipe Reduce cooking time by 1-2 hours, or tofu may crumble into the sauce.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can also be substituted for the chicken thighs.

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