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If you thought waking up the whole family to the sound of an air horn at dawn on Christmas Day and forcing everyone to unwrap the presents in their pajamas before 7 a.m. Les cornichons nino ferrer was a weird enough holiday tradition, think again. Cornichons baby sour gherkins On planet Earth, there are people ready to go long distances to win the prize for the craziest, freakiest and most absurd Christmas ritual.

A frightening goat man that takes to the streets chasing naughty children, spreading panic at the sound of a cowbell. Substitute for cornichon pickles To escape the scary Krampus, traditionally a servant of St. What are cornichon pickles Nicholas, avoid the Italian regions of Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venenzia Giulia, Austria and Southern Germany at Christmas time. Youtube les cornichons Just joking.

As the name itself suggests, that of the Catalan Caga Tio is a rather odd tradition: a tree trunk filled with candy starting from December 8 is eventually beaten with sticks by kids until it “evacuates” the yummy little treasure.

It would appear that in Venezuela, on Christmas morning, people go to the Mass on skates, the streets having been previously closed to allow the faithful to go safely. Des cornichons au chocolat The tradition began in the Fifties as a festive street party, and apparently even today you are bound to bump into one of these traditional patinatas somewhere around the country (be careful, though, because Caracas has recently topped the list of the most dangerous cities in the world).

According to the Norwegians, Christmas Eve is the night of evil spirits and witches, hunting homes and terrorizing their residents. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung Therefore, it is considered advisable to hide all the brooms to prevent the spirits from riding them around the house – the great excuse ever to skip housework at Christmas.

Why fill the tree with expensive ornaments when you can entrust the decoration to an industrious spider and rely on the natural beauty of a spiderweb? In Ukraine, the legend of the poor woman who, too broke to buy garlands, had her tree decorated overnight by a gigantic cobweb, is so popular that people still buy fake cobwebs and plastic spiders as well-wishing Christmas decorations.

In the United States, the Christmas tree hides a tiny decoration in the form of a gherkin among its branches. Cornichon pickle recipe Who manages to find it on Christmas morning receives a promise of good fortune for the following year – although children usually prefer an additional present gift.

The nutritional properties of insects and their designation as “food of the future” for us humans have been widely confirmed, and so maybe it’s about time our little friends began to tremble. French cornichon pickles Meanwhile, South Africans will continue to celebrate Christmas munching on handfuls of delicious fried caterpillars.

The English are crazy, especially in north-eastern England, where it has become a tradition to plunge into the North Sea in fancy dresses on Boxing Day. French pickles cornichons In their defense, this is all for charity: the associations that organize these icy swims do it in order to raise funds for noble causes.

If you should ever find yourself sitting at a Christmas table in Portugal, be advised that there will probably be some extra places reserved for guests that will hopefully be no-shows. Cornichons pronunciation As it happens, the souls of the deceased are usually invited for lunch on Christmas day – and once that brief moment of horror is over, you’ll realize it’s actually quite a nice and thoughtful tradition.

In Philadelphia and New Orleans, Christmas has apparently become a great opportunity to honor the fine British tradition known as ‘pub crawl’. Les cornichons lyrics english translation The annual ‘Running of the Santas’ is the perfect occasion for joining a crowd of party animals running from bar to bar disguised as Santas, elves, reindeers or any other Christmas cliche. Les cornichons reims france Hangover guaranteed.

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