Smoke ‘n pig bbq trailer is heating up in delta township how to make chicken gizzards and hearts

Gabe jones, the "swine master," had no idea what to expect as he set up shop at the corner of martin luther king jr. Boulevard and jolly road on a friday in may of 2016.

"On sunday, I ordered two more smokers from amazon so we could stay in stock the next week," said his father and co-owner bryan torok. "We would be open for four hours, and the food would be gone."

The truck serves ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and turkey ribs, all cooked on a smoker big enough to hold 30 full racks of ribs, along with loaded macaroni and cheese, pulled pork tacos and pulled pork nachos.

"I was working like 60 hours a week and couldn’t spend a lot of time with her," he said. "I left and went to work at the lansing center for a little bit, just so I could have more control over my hours."

Then, one day, jones was laying on his parent’s floor and mentioned that he wanted to start his own business.Jones said he was tired of working for someone else. He asked if they could try the BBQ business.

"I never thought it would get this big, this fast," jones said. "I worked common ground for a long time, took all of my tip money and bought one of those bullet smokers. I watched BBQ pitmasters. I started trying things online, kept doing it and doing it.

"I would give my family and friends food to try. They told me I really need to do something with it. I kind of went from that to trying it out on the corner and then, boom!"

Jess turner, of grand rapids, was in lansing visiting relatives on a tuesday in mid-march when she saw the "big red trailer with the pig on it."

"The sauce on this stuff is amazing. I need to get on the road, but I’m gonna sit in my car and eat this first. And I got some ribs to take home. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be back."

"Nobody is crazy enough to take the time to make collard greens," he said. "A lot of work goes into them.Jones said it’s a special recipe from georgia, deep down south, from gabe’s grandma. That’s where that came from."

The loaded mac and cheese was a concoction of ries’. It’s macaroni and cheese with pulled pork on top and BBQ sauce on it. Walter pops came up with the pulled pork tacos.

"To smoke the ribs, it takes about four hours," he said. Then two-and-a-half hours on the rib tips, give or take, 13 hours on the brisket and 16 hours for the pulled pork."

"I did not realize until we started, how many people do not eat pork," jones said. "There were a lot of people that turned away because we didn’t have brisket, we didn’t have turkey. They eat chicken but they’d rather have fried chicken. Or something else not smoked.

"So I started doing brisket and then I got down to detroit for a festival and found out about turkey ribs, and we started buying and doing those."

In 2017, jones took first place at the michigan renaissance festival for best pork ribs and first place for best beef ribs.Jones said at the kalamazoo ribfest, they took second place for peoples choice and third place in the sponsors choice competition. And, they took best in show at royal oak arts beats eats.

Inside the trailer on that tuesday earlier this month, the smokers were going. Meat was being put taken off and replaced by more. Charles "chuck" pops and manager steve fountain were wearing smoke ‘N pig BBQ T-shirts with a slogan coined by a customer.

"A customer on the south side came and got the ribs and he sat in his car and ate them," jones said. "He came back and said ‘I don’t even need teeth to eat this.’ so, we kind of went along with it, and it’s on the back of some of the T-shirts. He got a free shirt out of it."

"I’m not trying to skimp out on things and trying to make more money," he said. "Obviously I’m out here to make money, I’m not out here to give stuff away for free.