Smoked salmon recipe for slow-smoking salmon on a grill

Not only is smoked Salmon delicious, but it is also good for you. Baked whole salmon recipes simple It’s packed with heart healthy Omega-3 oils that fight cardiovascular disease and improve the health of your heart. Baked wild salmon recipes If your doctor is after you to cut back on the pork and red meat, he’ll be happy to know that you’re adding some healthy fish to your diet.

When it comes to Salmon, you can’t beat Wild Pacific-caught Salmon.

It has more nutrients and essential fish oils than its farm raised cousins, and it just plain taste better.

Best baked salmon recipe Here’s an easy technique for preparing smoked salmon:

You can buy Salmon with the skin on or off. Best baked salmon recipe ever I’ve cooked it both ways and it makes no difference to the final product. Best baked salmon recipe in the world Some people prefer to cook it with the skin on because it helps hold the fish together, and it’s easy to remove when the fish is cooked.

Rinse the fillet thoroughly under cold water and pat dry. Best canned salmon recipes Sometimes there are a few bones left in the fillet, so you’ll want to feel along it and remove them. Best easy salmon recipe A pair of needle nose pliers works great for this. Best ever salmon recipe Now place the salmon in a large baking dish skin side down.

In a medium size bowl mix together the Smoked Salmon Recipe dry brine:

Sprinkle the dry brine over the fillet making sure all of the exposed flesh is covered. Best grilled salmon recipe Place plastic wrap over the dish and place in a refrigerator for 3 hours. Best grilled salmon recipe ever The dry brine will start to pull moisture out of the fish and allow the other flavors to penetrate the meat trapping them inside.

After 3 hours remove the salmon from the refrigerator and rinse the dry brine off under cold water. Best healthy salmon recipe You’ll immediately notice that the texture of the fish has changed. Best oven baked salmon recipe It should be bright pink in color and have a slight firmness to the touch.

Let the salmon sit out in room temperature air for 30 minutes until its tacky to the touch.

While the salmon is sitting, start your grill. Best oven salmon recipe For smoked salmon I like to use a Weber kettle grill set up for indirect cooking. Best recipe for salmon Place about 20-25 unlit coals on each side of the grill. Best salmon burger recipe A small aluminum pan can be placed in the center of the fire rack to help keep the coals in a pile and hold liquid for added moisture. Best salmon cake recipe Use water, apple juice, or your favorite beer in the pan.

In a charcoal chimney start a dozen or so coals, and when they’re good and hot, place them on top of the unlit coals. Best salmon fillet recipe Add a few chunks of wood to the top and place the cooking rack on the grill. Best salmon patty recipe In 10-15 minutes it is ready for the salmon.

When I’m smoking skinless salmon, I use a sheet of aluminum foil folded into a boat.

Tear off a piece large enough to hold the fillet and fold it on the edges. Best salmon recipe I try and create a small lip all of the way around the boat. Best salmon recipe baked Place the fillet on the foil and transfer it to the grill.

Place the lid on the grill and set back and let it do the work. Best salmon recipe ever This method is considered hot smoking salmon; you can also cold smoke it at 170-180 degrees but it will take several hours. Best salmon recipe oven On the Weber it only takes about 30 minutes and it’s done.

You’ll notice that a white liquid is starting to seep out on top. Best salmon steak recipe When it starts to flake, it’s ready to come off the grill.

I’ve used a honey-brown sugar glaze, teriyaki glaze, or any other sauce that’s good on fish. Best smoked salmon recipe I like it plain because the left overs can be used in dips, tossed with pasta or salads, or even added to scrambled eggs. Chicken best recipes It’s a big hit for brunch parties or as an appetizer. Delicious baked salmon recipes However you decide to eat it, I’m sure that you will enjoy smoked salmon prepared this way.

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