Social media boon or medium to hurt people’s sentiment – the sangai express homemade meatballs crockpot

A child is more likely to develop positively, if we only know, ‘how to appreciate’, encourage and hail up rather than giving a negative remark of their failure. Likewise society proceeds towards more progressive dimension only when the inner forces, the constituent element of society have positive mind-set, learn to respect and encourage each other rather than disapproving and pulling down one another. Unhealthy criticism, criticism for the sake of criticism, defaming rather than encouraging has become one of the characteristic’s trait of our society. We don’t hail up and try to learn, the endeavour behind the person becoming ‘rich’ rather we have a suspicious mind-set of looking into others wealth. This trait has perhaps penetrated intrinsically into our blood and bones of peoples in our society. We choose unpraised rather than praise.

We prefer more to defame and criticize other than to be encouraging and cheers others.Authenticity sources in such a society, social media is not a boon but an additional equipment that helps to boost up more of this negative traits. Most of the crimes committed in social media goes unpunished and overlooked. It has become a platform to throw offensive comment, harbour hate crimes, hurts peoples sentiment, unhealthy criticism etc. Making threats, bullying, harassing, stalking and face swapping of others image with unwanted erotic materials are some of the crimes committed in the social media. This may fall a greater prey for women considering the fact of intense value-riddeness and stigmatization in our society. So women should be more careful while posting any of their image into public sphere.

We have the rights to express our views and opinion and we indeed have the right to exercise, the liberty of thought but it does not mean that freedom of expression as a fundamental democratic right can go beyond the permissible level and hurts the sentiments of others.Social media when any reports or newspaper articles got published in the print and electronic media houses, there is a section to filter and check the content of the given reports or articles before publishing it. Any element or words that provoked and hurts the sentiments of people are not entitled to published, given the fact of the rules and regulation maintained by the media houses. However, this third form of media has become a tool for the new age that allows people to flow in without any norms and rules that eventually become a comfort zone for people ranging from a criminal mind-set to uncultured person to write and opined whatever they want hurting peoples sentiment beyond limit. There is no such value as respect, empathy and authenticity of the sources which are disseminated in this platform and most importantly considering the legal premises, up to how far the freedom of expression can be exercised.Authenticity sources social media today, has indeed become at ease for people of criminal mind-set and less civic sense to use as a weapon to propagate and spread sentiments of hatred between individuals, groups of people, and section of society ranging from individual issues to socio-cultural and religious sentiments. It has become a fashioned and a popular culture as well as an easy way out for criminals to stigmatised and defamed people. Violence does not necessarily means the physical action carried out by an individual, it do include the negative thoughts, offensive comments and expression harbour by someone to another. Since the rise of various social media platform, violence of such kind are increasingly pre-dominated and perpetrated. There are also many stuffs being disseminated in the social media regardless of the authenticity of the sources where they came from. Social media being a platform used by peoples of all kinds, literate and educated, rational and irrational, children to adults, it has also become an agent for socialization.Social media disseminating ideas which are provoking and hate sentiment are not unusual in the social media. It has become an avenue to victimised, provoked and hurts the sentiment of others and beliefs system. And in a state like manipur, where there are lots of sensitive issues, ethnic diversity and sentiments, social media is a volatile platform, if not used in a civilised manner. Uncareful use of word or one word of hate sentiment and unwanted gossips can erupt into social disruption leading to unnecessary social tension and dysfunction. Victimisation on social media may also possibly develop psychological trauma to the victim out of shame and stigmatization. At the extreme cases, it may also provoked the victims in committing suicide as suicide can be caused out of external social forces and pressure as durkheim admit. Unawareness and the absence of stringent rules/regulation and laws allows perpetrators largely to get away out of it easily.Hurts sentiments considering this fact, the state government must took its attention and come forth with rigid and effective laws regarding the issue. The use of extreme and offensive comment that hurts the sentiments and beliefs system of other and related crimes should be taken required action. New innovation are a means for further growth in progress and development but if the innovation itself became a detrimental cause for negativity than it is like a crow, though flying high, keeps his eyes down at the remnants on the earth.