Soft, fluffy and healthy homemade whole wheat pita bread

This whole wheat pita bread recipe is super simple and easy to prepare. Bread machine sweet roll dough Make this soft, fluffy and healthy pita bread at home whenever you want.

I really love wheat-based flat bread much more than rice dishes.

Gluten free bread machine recipes all purpose flour But, most of the bread found in grocery stores are generally prepared using 100% All Purpose Flour which is not that great for health. Olive oil rosemary bread machine recipe Moreover, these breads are loaded with way too many chemicals in order to increase their shelf life. West bend bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls The next time when you visit the bakery section of your local grocery store, take a good look at the labels on the bread packages. Sunbeam bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls You’ll get an idea what I am talking about here.

Hence, I figured it is better to prepare them at home. Oster bread machine recipes cinnamon rolls I make pizza base, naan bread, dinner rolls etc. Best bread maker pizza dough recipe at home using whole wheat flour. Olive bread machine recipe And now it is a time to add this pita bread recipe into the list. Bread machine sweet potato rolls If you’ve got yourself an electronic dough maker, it’ll be even easier to make any kind of bread at home. Best gluten free bread machine 2013 I do not own one yet (I am trying to get Tushar on board with me on this :P) and I have found that making bread at home is not complicated at all. Give it try and you’ll love fresh homemade bread much more than the store bought one.

Do you know and wonder what is the difference between a pita and naan bread. Best gluten free bread machine mixes If you look at the ingredients that go in a naan bread recipe, you’d find no difference at all with those of pita bread. Best breadmaker for gluten free baking Let me try to help you differentiate between the two: from what I have understood, naan bread is not allowed to puff and it is usually baked at very high temperatures (e.g. Best bread machine gluten free bread recipe broil mode in an oven).

Traditionally, in India, they use a tandoor oven which is like a furnace. Best gluten free bread machine reviews Naan cooks so quickly in the tandoor that it does not get enough time to puff. Best gluten free bread maker reviews However, a pita bread is baked at a lower temperature over a longer period of time. Best breadmaker for gluten free bread australia As you can see, although they have the same raw ingredients, it is the difference in time and cooking temperature which make them so much different in taste and texture. Best bread machine with gluten free setting This is what I understood as the difference between the two. 80 bread machine best ever recipes If you know a better answer I would love to know from you through your comments below.

You will need very few ingredients for this recipe: wheat flour, yeast, a little sugar to activate the yeast, salt to taste and of course water. Best bread maker recipe ever I used instant rapid rise yeast to reduce proofing time. Best bread machine pizza dough recipe ever Just combine all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and knead the dough using warm water. 300 best bread machine recipes book Once the dough has risen, roll them into small flat rounds and bake until golden brown in color.

Pita breads are perfect to pair with homemade hummus and Mediterranean salads. Best bread maker recipe book You can also make falafel sandwiches or pita chips using them.

• Also, it is low in fat and contains olive oil which consists of healthy fats

• It does not contain preservatives and chemicals as opposed to store-bought ones

Add 1 tbsp olive oil and using hand knead the dough. Kalamata olive bread recipe Add dry flour if necessary to avoid sticking the dough to the bowl. Potato flour bread recipe gluten free Continue kneading for about 6-7 min till it forms a homogeneous and soft dough

• Keep a close watch on the pitas while broiling to avoid excess browning

• Store remaining pitas in an airtight container in a refrigerator for 2-3 days. Honey whole wheat bread machine recipe Microwave them before using the next day

• Serve pita bread with roasted red pepper hummus or any kind of hummus that you love.

We are Swati and Tushar, our passion for food and cooking has now led us to share some healthy, tasty recipes and the benefits of eating certain ingredients with the goal of inspiring you to eat well and live well.

Making bread without dairy and eggs might be possible. Best bread machine pizza dough recipe I do not use butter or eggs for making it, though. White whole wheat bread machine recipe However, I never tried baking powder or soda instead of yeast. White whole wheat flour bread machine recipe Therefore, I can’t say anything with certainty.

This is my second attempt at Whole Wheat Pita Bread. Best gluten free bread machine recipe I made it once before with a different recipe that didn’t work out. Sweet bread machine recipes Your recipe is much better but I still can’t get the Pita to buff up. Bread machine recipes honey wheat It did in a spot on one and 1/4 of another but not the way pita is supposed to be. Bread machine recipes honey whole wheat They were a bit on the harder side as well, not soft. Bread maker recipes honey wheat Then I reviewed the recipe and noticed I was supposed to add sugar. Gluten free bread maker recipes all purpose flour It doesn’t talk about sugar or honey in your recipe. Olive bread maker recipe Should I have added it with the dry ingredients and what if I added honey instead, when do I add it? I am wondering if I kneaded it to much that made it too tough. Easy kalamata olive bread recipe I didn’t add salt because it didn’t specify how much so I assumed it was just for taste and since I don’t add salt to anything because of my low sodium diet, I left it out. Olive bread recipe bread machine The bread turned out more like Naan bread than it did Pita but leaning towards the consistency of a cracker. Olive oil bread machine recipe The taste was good though.

I am really really sorry that the recipe did not work out well for you. Olive loaf bread machine recipe Thank you for your feedback. Garlic cheese rolls bread machine recipe I see why it is so. Recipe rosemary olive oil bread I completely forgot to add yeast in the ingredients lists. Bread machine rolls allrecipes Yeast causes the dough to puff. Vegan bread machine recipes cookbook Also, this recipe is perfectly fine without salt. Vegan bread machine recipes whole wheat Per your comment, I see the absence of yeast is the reason for the recipe failing at your end.

I apologize again for not being clear while writing the instructions for sugar/honey and completely omitting yeast. Vegan bread machine recipes I have updated the recipe now. Rosemary olive oil bread crock pot I have made this pita bread several times with the exact recipe and it turned out perfectly soft and fluffy every time. Rosemary olive oil bread macaroni grill Thank you again for writing to us or else we would not have known the flaws in the write-up.

I made them again this past weekend. Healthy vegan bread machine recipes They did puff up this time but they stay puffed up. Easy vegan bread machine recipes If you store them you definitely have to microwave them because they are not soft unless you do it. Fresh bread machine recipes I was looking more for a soft pita that I could use with heating them up each time I want to use it similar to the ones I can get in the store. Recipe for rosemary focaccia bread I guess that may not be achievable.

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