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FRIED chicken works as a snack or a meal, finger food or sit-down dinner – and Adelaide is serving it up it every way imaginable, so we can feel cock-a-hoop.

Here’s the best of the city and ’burbs, from classic Southern-style to chicken with a Taiwanese twist.

As always with best-of lists there’ll be places we missed, places that feel just outside of the top 10 and a few pullet surprises, so join the conversation and tell us about the places you think deserve a guernsey here.

Gilbert St owner Luke Saturno loves his wings so much he’s set up a members-only secret Facebook page for poultry partisans to chitchat about chicken wings and be first to know about Gilbert St’s special offerings such as Chilli Napolitana wings, Japanese wasabi wings or tomato salsa and guacamole wings. Spicy ahi poke recipe mayo But even the basic wings are a cut above – Thursday night is Buffalo wings night with five flavours to choose from and only $10 for a 1kg bowl. Spicy mayo recipe for tacos

Fierce Port Adelaide Stun Sydney With Hardrunning Win At The Scg

Mmmmm, who can go past hot fried chicken wings with a choice of sauces: hot or so bloody hot it leaves your lips burning? Balance out the grease and give your lips a break with a nourishing quinoa salad and a craft brew. Spicy mayo ahi poke recipe Chef Jonathan Walsh serves up generous portions. Spicy tuna poke recipe mayo This Peel St nook is one of the city’s best looking diners, no wonder Bread & Bone is elbow-to-elbow dining here on weekends. Spicy mayo mussels recipe Bread & Bone in Peel St.

$1 a wing on Thursdays. Spicy mayo recipe without sriracha That’s something to crow about! EFC (Electra Fried Chicken) is crispy, sticky, sweet and spicy boneless chicken you can buy with that beer-change shrapnel in your pocket. Spicy ahi poke recipe with mayo It comes served with rice-vinegar-and-egg-based kewpie mayo, the best-selling mayonnaise in Japan. Spicy mayo recipe for fish tacos (Random fact: The Kewpie company uses an incredible 8 percent of Japan’s total egg production). Recipe for spicy mayo for sushi Electra House on King William St. Recipe spicy mayo for sushi Photo: Simon Cross

Hao da is Mandarin for big – giant, in fact – and it’s the inspiration for the phonetically friendly Hot-Star, name of this star of Taiwanese chickenery. Spicy mayo recipe for fish Hot-Star serves up BIG serves of hot, fresh bird: its name in Taiwanese translates as “big and giant, fried-chicken breasts”. Japanese spicy mayo sauce recipe Hot-Star was the first Taiwan fried-chicken store to become a chain – thanks to offering a big serve of bird (“larger than palm-size”, as they say) without skimping on quality. Best spicy mayo recipe sushi A special way of coating, developed at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market, keeps the meat tender inside and crispy outside. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken burgers And as their somewhat lengthy slogan states, Big Star meals have “no preservatives, no additives, not frozen chicken. Kfc spicy mayonnaise recipe Fried to order, always cooked fresh. Baked mussels with spicy mayo recipe We use 100% Chicken Breast, Not Processed!” Got it? Get it! Hot-Star Fried Chicken: Taiwanese style and “larger than palm sized”

If you’ve been scratching around for a two-course all-chicken meal, Burgastronomy will have you strutting like a rooster. Spicy chipotle mayo sauce recipe The North Adelaide diner kick-starts your chook chow-down with Southern Fried Chicken in a bowl followed by a choice of two chicken burgers – the basic bird, or with bacon and a chipotle punch – medium or hot. Low and Slow side dishes: grits, blue cheese sauce, potato salad, beans, and more with hot wings and beef brisket. Spicy mayo recipe sriracha Picture: Dean Martin

Time was when fans of Low & Slow’s chicken wings would have to dart across town in search of chef Angus Kiley’s barbecue truck. Real japanese spicy mayo recipe But thanks to Renew Adelaide, Kiley has flown his little coop and is now in a brick and mortar in Port Adelaide, and packing in fans of slow-cooked meats. Spicy sushi sauce mayo recipe While his Southern-style red meats deserve to be tasted, Low & Slow’s hot chicken wings in blue cheese sauce rate very highly on the yum-ometer. Spicy mayo sauce recipe japanese Low and Slow American BBQ in Port Adelaide. Spicy mayo sauce recipes Photo: Michael Marschall

If you’re looking for proper gochujang chicken, fly down to Korean-run suburban take-away star Chicken Coop. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken sandwich Koreans call it this God Chicken, and the merest nibble reveals why. Chipotle mayo sauce recipe The boneless bird packs heat thanks to a glazing of gochujang (fermented soybean and rice chili paste) and the not-so-salty, sesame-coated crust has a pleasing crunch. Smashburger chipotle mayo recipe Massitkke deuseyo! Also try, Mamachau, 2 Pirie St, city, 8410 5958 NOLA Southern Fried Chicken, fried green tomatoes and smoked boar meatballs. Spicy mayo dipping sauce recipe Photo: Mike Burton

The fried chicken has a cult following at NOLA thanks to chef Justin Penman’s inspired take on New Orleans’ Creole and Cajun soul food. Chili mayo sauce recipe Situated in an old stable in the heart of the East End, NOLA’s rotating menu features a wide range of New Orleans’ classics, including its juicy, tender chicken, crispy fried with a hint of spice served with NOLA’s sauce of the day or on a savoury waffle with a dob of gravy. Chipotle mayo dip recipe Eat as a snack or add dishes for a complete meal. Sweet chili mayo sauce recipe Fried chicken at NOLA

Wasai has the distinction of being both a favourite with Adelaide’s Japanese community and one of the most affordable Japanese diners in town. How to make spicy mayo for sweet potato fries And its chicken karaage is a pullet surprise. How to make spicy mayo for burgers Karaage is fried chicken and not: Japanese-style fried chicken is marinated in vinegar sauce (or mirin or sake) dusted with katakuriko (potato starch) instead of flour before deep frying. How to make spicy mayo without sriracha The result is melt-in-your-mouth fried chicken with about half the calories of American-style fried chicken. How to make spicy mayo at home Wasai offers the basic chicken as a starter or Tori Mayonnaise – chicken topped with spicy garlic and chives mayo and served with vegetables. How to make spicy mayo for sandwiches Wasai Japanese Kitchen, just off Gouger St

185 Bains Rd & Panalatinga Rd, Woodcroft, 8325 1555,

“Love chicken? Have friends who love chicken? Woodcroft’s Southern Share Platter boasts Southern fried chicken, mac & cheese balls, buffalo wings and sweet potato fries, with three sauces. Chipotle mayo dipping sauce recipe Woodcroft’s buttermilk-marinated chicken tenderloins are fried till crunchy, spiced and served with ranch dipping sauce. Easy chipotle mayo sauce recipe While they cook take a look at this beautiful space, given a Louisiana-style makeover by Abeo Design and Studio Nine Architects. Spicy mayonnaise recipe for sandwiches The hotel now oozes effortless comfort and won the AHA’s Best Redeveloped Hotel Award for 2016. How to make spicy mayonnaise for sushi rolls Southern fried chicken at the Woodcroft Hotel

22:00 PM Simon Wilkinson A MEXICAN restaurant in the city puts paid to expectations of basic cantinas with style cues contracted to the country that inspired it.

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