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My heating circulating unit fits on the end of an elongated clear plastic container. Cinnamon sticky buns recipe biscuits It mates with both corners on the end, but that can be modified to fit a corner of any rectangular enclosure. Sticky cinnamon bun starbucks recipe The circulation is strong enough to see herb pulsation in the bag, but also tended to suck the bags into the intake orifice. Sticky cinnamon rolls recipe I ended up clipping the bags to the container with those big double handle paper clips.

Everything take 10x time on the first effort. Cinnamon roll frosting recipe without cream cheese I kept an eye on it all day, and now am confident to leave it un-watched, even overnight. Best cinnamon bun filling recipe I took off the insulation, to be able to watch it better, and with just a slab of styrofoam covering it, it needed no water addition over 8 hrs. Easy cinnamon roll filling recipe The unit pretty much seals its end, and the syro covered the rest. Cinnamon bread recipe without yeast Its going to be a piece of cake!

BTW do you bake, other than living in the steamy south which is more a braise than bake. Easy cinnamon roll recipe without yeast I have been hankering to get into sourdough, but on thing at a time. Sweet roll dough recipe for bread machine I saw the bread special on PBS, and was hooked, on the idea. The best cinnamon bun recipe ever If you try to live on flour you die, but if you let the yeastie boys loose on it you get protein and other goodies from their tiny bodies. Easy cinnamon roll recipe no yeast Though the Christian would disagree, you can live on bread alone!

I don’t bake as much as I used to but yes. Cinnamon roll dough recipe for bread machine More often than not I use a bread machine to mix and knead the dough then take it out and bake it in the oven. Cinnamon roll frosting cream cheese I’m also fond of the simple no-knead recipes where you mix the flour, salt, water, and a tiny amount of yeast and let it sit overnight to ferment. Mini cinnamon rolls no yeast I was unimpressed with sourdough. Cinnamon bun recipe bread maker Too much work, too much waste. Cinnamon roll recipe bread machine All that feeding and discarding became a nuisance. Cinnamon roll recipe bread machine dough But I got some interesting bread out of it. Cinnamon roll recipe from scratch no yeast Some of the fluffiest loaves I’ve ever baked. Swedish cinnamon buns recipe uk As a science experiment you might find it fun and rewarding, as an avocation, like me, you’ll probably tire of it and go back to simpler methods. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch without yeast But by all means give it a shot…uh…if you already know how to bake bread. Cinnamon roll glaze no cream cheese If you aren’t a baker yet learn the basics first before jumping into the world of sourdough.

What brand sous vide pod are you using? I kind of assumed Anova, I use the Gourmia brand. Cinnamon roll icing recipe easy Your description has confused me a little.

OK, you made me look it up. Easy cinnamon roll recipe with cream cheese frosting I live in that vast wasteland between the two coasts and it takes a while for new things to get here.

So, you seal food in a plastic bag and give it a water bath … Cinnamon roll icing recipe with powdered sugar basically? Do they have non BPA (and non other toxic chemicals) bags? That part worries me a bit. Cinnamon roll topping recipe Wonder if you could use a canning jar.

OK, you made me look it up. Cinnabon cinnamon roll icing recipe I live in that vast wasteland between the two coasts and it takes a while for new things to get here.

So, you seal food in a plastic bag and give it a water bath … Cinnamon bun recipe with cream cheese icing basically? Do they have non BPA (and non other toxic chemicals) bags? That part worries me a bit. Frozen bread cinnamon roll recipe Wonder if you could use a canning jar.

Yes, that is exactly what it “boils” down to. Cinnamon roll icing recipe brown sugar There are other slow cooking methods crocpots and braising, but for me the major advantage is demonstrated in the following graph.

Those concerned with poultry food safety spend much of their time poking chicken chunks with quick response thermometers to make sure that internal temperature reaches the magic 165F.

To reach that internal temp the outer portions are frequently overcooked, think skinless un-marinated chicken breasts on the BBQ grill. Homemade cinnamon rolls recipe with cream cheese icing Thick steaks have the similar problem, if you want the center rare but the rest edible.

Sous vide allows you to reach a safe temp without over cooking the rest. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe no yeast Bacteria of interest are certainly killed quickly at 165, but are just as dead at lower temps in the table, just for longer time periods.

The bags are food grade and polyethylene, and do not need mold release chemicals or plastizers like pthalates. Cinnamon roll frosting without cream cheese I have a roll of mylar with polyethyene sheet that you can just fold so poly sides are together, and then seal with an iron or heat sealer.

Hadnt considered canning jars, but sure they would work but they should be topped up. Cinnamon bun icing cream cheese If only partially filled leaving air, it would be equivalent to a mini crocpot. Cinnamon roll icing without cream cheese Low temp canning procedures are approved for some things like pickles that are high acid, but not meat.

Convenience is also a big factor particularly in restaurants, (or guest diners) as steaks and chicken can be sterilized by sous vide and stored closed if not opened, breaking sterility, and seared quickly when needed for serving.

Yes. Cinnamon roll glaze without cream cheese Regular ziplock bags work perfectly and are BPA free. Cinnamon roll glaze cream cheese The rolls of bag material sold for vacuum sealing units are also BPA free. Cinnamon roll pancake recipe with cream cheese glaze The polycarbonate food storage container I cook in is not BPA free but the water never comes into contact with the food.

Tat’s graph didn’t load but I’ve seen it and it explains that longer times at lower temps kill pathogens just as well as that 165 degree number we were all familiar with. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe without powdered sugar 165 is an instant kill number but with ordinary cooking methods the outside of the food must be grossly over cooked for before the internal temp ever reaches 165.

Hence the dried out chicken breasts we are all accustomed to. Cinnamon roll bread recipe without yeast The sous vide method gently brings all the meat to the desired temperature and holds it there for a specified period of time. Cinnamon swirl bread recipe no yeast Since the temperature is precisely regulated even if you leave it in the water bath for much longer than the prescribed time it still doesn’t overcook. Cinnamon rolls recipe south africa An engineer from the Polyscience corporation, which makes the machines for laboratories to grow icky things under precisely controlled conditions, took the idea to food scientists and chefs to see if it was possible to cook food this way. Easy cinnamon roll dough recipe It has been a smashing success and restaurants everywhere are using it now. Cinnamon roll recipe without yeast or butter It didn’t take it long to move into the home cooking sphere.

This is not some sort of food fad any more than the microwave was.

But microwaves are AWFUL. Cinnamon roll recipe without buttermilk Hot spots, cold spots, uneven temps and questionable times depending on the power of the microwave. Cinnamon bread recipe no yeast A frozen, raw chicken breast will get half overcooked while the other half is still frozen. Cinnamon bread recipe yeast Nowadays I precook all the chicken breasts I buy the day I buy them, then freeze them in the bag they were cooked in. Cinnamon raisin bread recipe without yeast You can do the same with steaks, burgers, or any other meat. Homemade caramel pecan cinnamon roll recipe When it’s time to cook dinner I fill the sous vide tank with hot water, and set it to heating. Homemade cinnamon roll icing recipe It only takes a few minutes to reach 140 degrees. Easy cinnamon bun recipe homemade Drop whatever frozen precooked meat you choose and drop it in the tank. Homemade cinnamon roll waffle recipe In ten minutes you’re good to go.

You can store any leftover vegetables, soups, stews, etouffes, or anything else in a ziplock or vacuum sealed container bag and bring it up to serving temp in minutes.

Canning jars? Yes! There are a lot of recipes for cooking things sous vide in jars. Cinnamon roll recipe without yeast or buttermilk Starbucks has recently added Sous Vide Egg Bites to their menu. Cinnamon roll recipe no yeast or milk Easy breezy to do at home in 4 ounce jars. Cinnamon roll recipe no yeast or baking powder I don’t care much for them though. Simple cinnamon roll recipe Too dense. Simple cinnamon roll recipe no yeast I like my eggs fried or scrambled English style. Homemade cinnamon roll icing with powdered sugar Custard desserts are also done in canning jars. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe with powdered sugar Flans or Pots de Creme are easy and delicious.

The big deal about sous vide cooking is that you get perfectly cooked food every time with very little effort. Giant cinnamon bun recipe You can get set up to do it for about $125 including the immersion pod, the polycarbonate container and the lid for it which you cut out with a pair of scissors for the pod to fit in.

I probably repeated some of what Tat said but I just sort of set my fingers typing and whatever comes out is nearly beyond my control.

Thanks, guys. Giant cinnamon roll recipe This is really interesting and I could be the first on my block …

I feel it is my solemn responsibility to warn you about the obsessive disorder that can arise from the experience related to the total immersion baptism of sous vide! It is similar to other well recognized repetitive disorders that you may recognize, for example weedeater and powerwasher madness. Giant cinnamon roll cake recipe Suddenly everything needs either the attention of the weedeater, or a good powerwashing. Cinnamon buns bread machine Takes the fleas right off the cats, though they tend to vanish for a while.

Any way, I blame all this on Greger, who fanned the flames of my smouldering interest into a full blown sous vide madness. Cinnamon roll recipe with yeast The final stages of this have produced a new and very crippling condition the sous vide earworm that is devilishly purrsistent. Cinnamon roll recipe easy no yeast I caught it from Greger and I hesitate to pass it on, but maybe it wont be as chronic in someone who wasnt around during its hayday, circa 1967-8.

OOOPS! No not the pork butt video (now bathing in the sous vide bath)

This one! My frenzied mind transposed sous vide into Sweet Pea, and so it remains going round and round and round. Cinnamon roll recipe easy Very Catchy isnt it. Low fat cinnamon rolls recipe easy Try not to think about it, you have been warned. Cinnamon roll recipe easy to make Here are the lyrics to help you forget it!

I find this site one of the most helpful as it shows and describes the various meats with various times and temps. Best cinnamon roll recipe with cream cheese frosting Oh Sue Vee

I had a pork butt dissected as above and them 1″ portions were sliced and considered as pork steaks or chops. Cinnamon roll recipe with cream cheese icing The 60C sounded a bit rare to me and the 65 a little too done. How to make cinnamon roll frosting without cream cheese I split the difference at 63C. Cinnamon bun glaze without cream cheese and after 3.5 hours the pork was white through and through, and very tender and juicy, with just a bit of bite. Cinnamon bun icing no cream cheese I like my meat to resist a little with a predesignated safe word, uhh I mean safe temp! The gristle was gelatinous, but the pork was not yet pull-able. Cinnamon bun icing without cream cheese On sampling I thought it under-seasoned, due to hasty marinade, so I added 4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary, and absolutely no Jack of Hearts, [video:youtube][/video] and a couple of tbsb of olive oil and resealed the bag and resumed the sous vide. Easy cinnamon roll recipe pillsbury Stay tuned.

And I thought I was an obsessive cook…Tat’s gone right off the deep end of the water bath.

I saw in the OH Sue Vee Porkchop link a recipe for Canadian bacon. Easy delicious cinnamon roll recipe I buy it from time to time and I really want to like it. Easy cinnamon roll recipe using canned biscuits But it’s tough and dry and regular ham seems a bit more better with my eggs in the morning. Moist cinnamon roll recipe But apparently if you cook it overnight(in the package it came in) at 145 degrees it transforms into something tender and delicious.

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